Monday, March 25, 2013

Poor little Lucien has clearly lost his way

The Count and little Lobo now have a price to pay

Within our grasp, this trio has very good reason to cry

For when we are finally done with them, surely they will


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lobo Here

Hey, it's Lobo. I'm posting here instead of The Count, surprisingly. However, it's not due to something good. I tried to keep in touch with him over the course of the past few months. He notified me about Donnie's death, Leonora, plus I read about it here as well. I knew about the decision he had to make regarding Leonora's ultimatum. I made an attempt to contact him a week ago.

No response from him. Not his e-mail, cell phone, nothing. I don't know where he's disappeared to, but I'm hoping he didn't consider Leonora's offer.

I'm back in the United States, after my long and tiresome stay in The Black Forest. During the past several months, I managed to save over 50 people from turning into minions of The Threat. However, for each person I managed to save, another 2 were Hollowed. More and more innocent people were being brought there every single day, to be turned into His slaves. I realized that staying there wasn't going to help much anymore. People I had saved months ago were brought back and eventually Hollowed. I'm starting a new bit of research, based on The Count's old findings, to see if there could be a way to permanently end this process. I have one theory of my own, but I'm not ready to test it just yet.

While back here, I'm keeping my eye on Lucien now. He's being followed by two people. One of them is a former colleague of mine from the FBI: Whistler. He somehow managed to survive the burning of the safehouse, but his injuries are definitely severe. He still has bandages wrapped around his arms, a few on his face as well. The other one, I am not familiar with, but I have a strong feeling it's The Count's son, Tobias. I have specific orders from The Count (given to me before his disappearance) to step in and get Lucien to safety if he gets attacked by one of them. At that point, I am also supposed to try and jog his memory of his time in The Path, as well as when he disappeared from there. I know The Count's theory about why Lucien's memory has been altered. With the dreams and encounters he has been having, it all seems to add up. But I have to test something out myself, just to be safe.

I have set up what I like to call a "sleeper agent" of the SIA to assist me. If anything is to happen to me during my theory, this agent will take over for me and get Lucien to safety. Wish me luck, both in my theory and finding The Count, if he hasn't turned on us.

Lobo, Logging Out

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I met up with Leonora on the 19th at Greystone, as she specified. But surprisingly, she wasn't there herself. At least, not in person. I found an arrow show into a tree with a note attached to it (she always was a really good archer). The note read as follows:

"Cartaphilus, my love. I was unable to attend the meeting I had set for us. My Master had an important task for me to complete and it was imperative I took care of that before handling you. As for the deal I was prepared to offer you, here it is: kill your protege, Lucien. Do not allow him to regain his memories, and the Master shall let you live, for now. Refuse, and we will kill him for you, as well as destroy you and your research. You have one month to decide.

Leonora, my former lover, wife, and mother to our son. She was never evil like this.

We met in 1878 in London. Very pretty woman with long brown hair, green eyes. Tall too, which I didn't see that often in women at that point. Needless to say, we fell in love almost instantly. Only woman I ever had these feelings for. After 6 years of courting her, I proposed to her and she said yes. We married on Christmas Day of 1884. It wasn't long after that she told me she was pregnant. September of 1885, our son Tobias was born.

We remained in London until 1891. During that time, as most of you know from history, there were the unexplained murders committed by one Jack The Ripper. These weren't just simple murders committed by one man for his own personal reasons. He was actually a minion of The Threat. Those that were killed were those who had discovered The Threat, purely by accident. I pursued the killer as much as I could, hoping that perhaps I could stop him and gain more information on The Threat. Unfortunately, doing this kept me away from Leonora and Tobias. I ended up leaving them behind in London as I followed The Ripper overseas to the United States. He continued to murder more people across the country, until eventually I caught up to him. When I did, he was in a fragile state of mind. He was fighting The Threat's control over him, and with my company to keep him away, he regained his sense of self. But at that point, it was too late. He couldn't make up for all the lives he had taken. I accompanied him back to England where he turned himself in. He was later found dead of "natural causes," but I know it was because The Threat finally silenced him before he could reveal the truth.

I returned to London, but found no trace of either my wife or my son. The few people there who remembered them had no idea what became of them. I thought I had lost them. I didn't know what to do then, other than return to the United States and continue my investigations of The Threat there.

I never thought that an important part of my past such as that would come back to haunt me. Now I have to face my past, and find a way to make peace with it.

-The Count

Monday, May 14, 2012

Troubles For Us All

Delays on my posting here, but due to incidents outside my power.

The Threat has been following me. He never did this before, but perhaps it's because He has been having success as of late. I caught up on some of the bloggers tonight. We have lost quite a few of them lately. The Threat and his minions have had luck on their side moreso than in the past year, so maybe they think they can finally get rid of me. However, I repeat, they THINK they can.

Just because I'm over 2000 years old, doesn't mean I'm going to be eliminated so easily.

One of my safehouses was destroyed last week, because two of his minions found and infiltrated it. One was male, and the other was female. When they spoke, I recognized the voices as being two of the three voices in videos from OutOfTheLie after Lucien's ex fiancee was killed. The female stood back and let the male attack me. There were two things I noticed about him that really made me curious. The first was the tattoo he had on his forehead. It looked very similar to what everybody refers to as the Operator Symbol, but it also looked like it was crossed with the Greek letter for Omega. The second thing I noticed, which I'm sure he didn't mean for me to see, was the badge hanging from his side.


Fisk sent him. From the video, he was searching for Lucien. Maybe he thought he could find Lucien's location through me. Being an FBI agent, I was surprised that he didn't pull out a gun or any type of firearm. Instead, he pulled out two katanas. Sword-fighting, I haven't done that in over 200 years. I managed to disarm him of one of the swords, but I struggled in the fight against him. Still got the stab wounds in my stomach to prove it. I managed to knock him unconscious, and took a quick look at his badge to get a name: Whistler.

I then turned my attention to the female, who simply continued standing there and observing.

"And what about you? Dare to try your hand against an immortal?" I asked. She took off the mask that she had been wearing and replied with that familiar voice by saying, "You wouldn't dare strike your wife and mother of your child, would you?"

I gasped. That's why the voice was so familiar to me. It was Leonora, my wife. But the problem was this: we were married back in the late 1800s/early 1900s in London. How could she still be alive, and look exactly the same as 100 years ago?

Leonora: Wondering how I still have my youth? It's the same as you, my former lover: I've gained eternal life.
Me: But how?
L: Let's just say I made a deal with the devil, of sorts. That "Threat" you were always so obsessed with? The reason that you left me and our son behind? He's offered us a wonderful deal.
M: If you understood my research, you would remember that a deal with him is one-sided. He'll get what he wants, then discard you.
L: I don't care if he does. We just want our revenge for the way you hurt us.
M: We?
L: Yes, we. Myself, and our son, Tobias. You think he was just gonna sit by and do nothing about the father who abandoned him?
M: I apologize for what I did back then, but you knew how important all of this was, still is, to me. I've spent nearly my entire life trying to find a way to defeat this monster.
L: There is no defeating him, love. He is eternal. The only way to ensure survival is to join with him.
M: After everybody I lost because of him, you expect me to throw away everything I've done and learned?
L: Just consider this: we know about your little protege, Lucien. Our Master wishes him eliminated. He promised us that if we eliminate Lucien for Him, then He will help us take our revenge on you.
M: If you want your revenge, just take it. Leave Lucien out of it.
L: Ah, but you care about that boy. What better way to hurt you then by hurting him? We know where he is. Tobias has been following him. The Master wants him dead before his memory returns, if it even does. However, I will consider a possible deal with you.
M: What do you want?
L: Ah, ah, ah. I cannot say right now. If you wish to discuss the matter, you will meet me on May 19th at Greystone.

After saying that, she pulled out a bottle that was filled with liquid and a rag. A molotov cocktail. She lit it and threw it. I immediately ran out of there before the fire was able to spread. Leonora was nowhere to be found. I didn't find any trace of Whistler's body either, so there's a good chance he escaped.

I guess I have some explaining to do, about Leonora and Tobias. That will be for another day.

-The Count

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He Died

Donnie is dead.

I've been keeping silent, except for a comment here and there on the blogs of different fighters and runners, because I received a text from Donnie, saying he was in trouble and needed my help. When I finally got to his location, he was nowhere to be found. I got worried, so I tried texting him again. No response. I walked out of his hideout and tried calling him. I heard the ringtone from his cellphone go off. It was on the ground in front of a tree. I didn't want to, because I knew it was probably true, but I looked up into the tree.

Garbage bags. Several of them.

I climbed the tree and pulled the bags down. I heard sloshing inside a few of them. I carefully opened the bags and ultimately found his head. I know Donnie wouldn't go this far as to fake his own death again, especially not in this manner.

I took the bags to a nearby park later that night, making sure nobody was around. I buried the bags fairly deep, doing the best I could to lay his body to rest. He was a good ally, and a great friend. It's probably best Lucien has no memory and cannot read this blog. Knowing Donnie was killed by The Threat would probably send him into another rage.

I called Lobo to let him know what happened. He was pissed off, but knew that he couldn't do anything to help. He was busy on his own mission. He went off to Europe because he wanted to explore The Black Forest, figure out all of its secrets. He's learned the ins and outs of that place, even managing to smuggle out several of the captured people there being used in that abomination's Hollowing process. He hopes to be back out in the states by the end of the month.

I am still keeping an eye on Lucien. All he has posted about are his dreams, but it looks like a bit of his memories may be leaking into the dreams. He has dreamed about Kelley, knowing nothing about who she is. I'm a little worried about what could happen if his memories come back. I'm afraid that he may go out there looking for The Threat, and wind up getting himself killed. But at the same time, if his memories come back, we could learn what happened to him during his disappearance. I'll try to keep you all updated as I can.

-The Count

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Has Brought Something New

First off, OutOfTheLie posted yet another video, this time from a third person's voice. For The Old Man  Whoever these three people are on the account now, they have some sort of connection to me and Lucien, and I am determined to find out what that connection is.

We do have some good news, but it brings a bit of bad news as well.

Lucien has returned and taken back the control of his blogger account. But something is different about him. He claims to have no memory of creating Into The Truth or his youtube channel, and he can't see anything that he has posted or subscribed to on either one. He has started a new blog, and he states he is using it for dream analysis.

His memory seems to be thrown off if he has no memory of them. Either his memory has been erased, or it has been altered. I don't think this is due to The Path, but something else entirely.

All I know is that Lucien is alive and safe. I will be monitoring his blog and youtube carefully, and seeing if anything has changed besides those. His new blog is A Land Beyond Dreams, for those who still wish to keep up with him and try and keep in touch.

-The Count

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Prior Post...

...was not from me. I was at our one base of operations the entire time, the same one that Lucien was brought to back in October. The post was made mid-afternoon. I traced the IP address from the post, and it came to this same computer that I currently use. The message was definitely garbled up, as you can obviously tell. However, one thing is almost undoubtedly certain to me.

That post was from Lucien. He's alive somewhere.

But if the IP address came from my own computer, and I was here the entire time, only one possibility exists, and this also fits in with my theory of what happened to him. I have asked the sage Ryuu for assistance on this, and hopefully with her knowledge, I can find out the truth behind the mysterious post. I only wish I could understand more of it. The only clear-cut words were "help me", "don't kno" (obviously "don't know"), "I am", "after me", "can't esca" (most likely "can't escape"), "sees me", and "help".

In other news, another video was posted to OutOfTheLie. However, this video was directed at myself.


That voice is extremely familiar to me. I am not sure who she is, but I feel that she was an important part of my life at one point.

All of this happening now, plus we are finding more sightings of The Threat popping up among people around the world. Not only children and people similar in age to Lucien, but older people are starting to see him too. They are only telling a few people (thankfully, some of those people are members of the SIA), because they are afraid that nobody would believe them.

Another storm is beginning to brew, and I don't know the cause of it. All I know is that if things continue the way they are, drastic measure are going to have to be taken.

And when I say drastic, I mean a sacrifice may have to be made, and by me.