Friday, November 25, 2011


A little unsettling news, but it's not about Lucien. The youtube channel, OutOfTheLie, has produced a new video. Happy Thanksgiving

Why is this unsettling? Because the person who was running this channel, Lucien's ex fiancee Samantha, was killed by his hand in Germany.

So who is running the channel now?

I am working on decoding the audio, to see if there is any hidden message in there. If any of you, Lucien's followers and friends, can decode it before I can, please comment here and tell me what this person said.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Count - Lucien Update

It has been nearly three weeks since Lucien entered The Path to test the theory. I went in about a week ago to check on him, see if he's still alive and himself. He seemed to be doing alright. I left a small gift of food for him, so he wouldn't go hungry. It should last him another couple of weeks, if he remains in there that long. I will check up on him again in that amount of time.

I also saw The Threat while I was walking through. He was definitely not in a mood to be dealt with. He seemed frantic and more agitated than usual. I don't know if it's because The Threat cannot do anything to Lucien while he remains in The Path with his constants, or if it's due to other runners and fighters getting out of His reach. Either way, He is not one to mess with at this point, even moreso than ever.

Donnie is off again, searching for more information on The Threat. Lobo has chosen to attempt to reach other fighters and runners, see if he can persuade them to join us and our cause. I cannot list anymore specifics than that, as to not compromise their missions. As for myself, I shall remain here, monitoring the web for any clues, any people who could assist us, and checking in on Lucien. So far, it seems the theory is proving true.

Let us hope it stays that way.