Sunday, January 30, 2011

As Promised, The Pictures

The Operator Symbol

Operator Symbol and Burn Scar

The Hilt of the Cane-Sword

The Cane-Sword, Unsheathed

The Claw

The Cover of the Book

Weekend Sum-Up

As always, a weekend summary since I'm not home on the weekends.

Friday was pretty uneventful, minus still having my dreams about the book. Saturday, however, was not so good. First off, I had an altercation with my boss. I could've gotten suspended, but thankfully I didn't. But the entire day was bad from before then. My girlfriend called me before I left for work. She told me she had a very strange dream. Her dream started with her in a place with dark walls, but it was still outside somehow. A lot of people were there. She walks forward a bit and now she's in an amusement part that has a somewhat gothic theme. She sees me, her one ex, and a common friend of ours. The dream changes again, and she is in an office with her ex, apparently going to get married. Something happened that she couldn't remember and she left the office. She looks on the floor to find a piece of paper. She says it has a symbol on it. The same one from her previous dream: The Operator symbol. She goes back into the office and now the ex has changed into our common friend. There is a man who she thinks is a minister. He is very tall, wearing a dark outfit, long arms, and a hat. He has no face. He asked her for the last name of the man she is going to marry. She gave mine. As soon as she said this, the "minister" vanished from sight. Not left, just vanished. That's where she woke up.

This dream got me worried. Slenderman was there in her dream, and with her giving my last name, that means there's an extremely good chance he'll find where I live. Or worse, send proxies here. I don't want that. Slenderman can come for me, I don't care. Proxies will definitely go through my family first, and I don't want them harmed.

Today, two interesting things happened: one good and one bad. First, the good. Thanks to my years in tae kwon do, I'm very good at meditating and concentrating. I sometimes use it as a self-hypnosis. I did a short meditation today at work, and before I realized it, I was in the study from my dream, looking at the book. I didn't see anymore of the writing, because I realized what I did and hurried back to my conscious self at my job. But now I've realized, I can access that book when I'm not sleeping at night. This may be useful in reading more of it.

Now, the bad.



I got out of work a little later than usual today, so when I was walking to my car, there was nobody else around. I was extremely cautious, because I was expecting a proxy to come out of nowhere and attack me. I was in for a shock. I got to my car, and before I could take my car keys out from my pocket, I see a figure rising up from the other side of the car. I know it was him. I didnt have to second guess myself. A man with no face at all isn't hard to discern the identity. I didn't know what to expect at this point, and my adrenaline started kicking in. I pulled out the sword with my right hand, put the claw in my left hand, and at this point, I was going to leave everything up to fate. Before I could do anything, though, it happened.

His left arm turned into a tentacle and lashed out at me. I jumped to the side to avoid it. His right arm then became a tentacle and tried to catch me. I jumped back to avoid that one. Before I know it, both tentacles were aiming straight at me. Without thinking, my instinct was to throw up my claw to try and slice the tentacles.

The claw passed right through them. No effect. No trace of anything on them to say that they even touched him. His left tentacle caught my right arm just below the wrist. He wrapped it around my arm and started squeezing. I have a high threshhold for pain, but this was just too much. Not only was he squeezing to crush my wrist, but I felt a burning sensation as well. It was like a fire in just one part of my wrist, seering through my flesh. I screamed like crazy, but I knew it was useless. Everybody else had gone home. And even if they didn't, if anybody saw what was attacking me, you think they'd be crazy enough to charge in and help?

He started pulling me in closer to him. I honestly thought that it was all over. But I had one, last minute, insane idea. I had the claw in my left hand still. I knew it would pass through the tentacle on my arm, but I planned on that. I used the claw, and I quickly carved the Operator symbol on my wrist. I don't know what I was expecting to happen, if anything. But apparently, what happened was enough. I heard this really loud sound. I'm not sure how to describe it. Like a very loud cat screeching in pain, combined with fingernails on a chalkboard, combined with an extremely fast and powerful wind. That barely describes the intensity of this sound. But I realized this sound was coming from Slenderman himself. He released my arm, and he just suddenly vanished. I quickly gained my composure, made sure I had everything, got in my car and sped on home.

That was about 3 1/2 hours ago. The Operator Symbol is still on my wrist, starting to fade away. I have the scar from His tentacle just a little below it. I will post another blog entry after this, which will have the pictures of it. I will also include the pictures of the cane-sword (as requested by Sammie), the claw that saved my life tonight, and the cover of the book, so if anybody recognizes the symbol on it, they can help me.

I never expected this to happen. I didn't think he'd come after me so fast. As I have said, I wanted him to come after me. But now.......

I think I'm in too deep.

I'm scared.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I spoke with Storm today, asking her about what she thought of my dreams and what the meaning of The Guardian is in regards to me. She isn't sure either. It is established that I need to figure out what it is, and that means I need to keep dreaming. As I spoke to her, I recalled something.

The book in my dream. I have something of the same shape and width of it. I looked through my room to find it, and wondered if it had the triquetra on the cover, like in my dream. I found it in a container under my bed, but sadly, it did not have the same symbol. It is hard for me to describe what the symbol is, I shall take a picture of it soon and post it on here.

What I did with it, though, is something useful. The pages of this book are like a notebook, except for the first page. The first page is just a blank sheet, no lines or anything. I drew the triquetra on this page. On the first lined page, I wrote the first lines of the book. As I recall more from my dream, I will continue to write it all in this book. Hopefully, I will be able to make sense of it, and soon. Something tells me that this dream is important. I will most likely only update about the book once a week, so as not to get so repetitive with it. My other updates will concern the more pressing issues.

My leg is healing very fast. I didn't even need my cane today to walk. I still take it with me, and I never leave it in my car anymore. It is always by my side. I am also carrying my claw with me as well. It's small and easily concealable. One can never afford to have too much protection.

One day, the truth will be discovered, and perhaps we shall finally be rid of the evil that plagues our lives.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little More

I had the dream again about the book. I walked into the study, saw myself sitting at the desk. He says to me "Back already? Want to give it another shot?" I say, "I need to, if I'm going to find out what this means." He moves and I take my seat at the desk. I take a look at the book again. The cover is different this time. The Operator symbol has disappeared. In it's place is now a triquetra. I look at myself and ask, "Did you change the cover of the book?" He responds, "If you see the new symbol, it means you are learning. Keep trying to read." I dont question him as to what it is I am learning, so I open the book and try to read again. The line "A Guardian must come forward" is still crystal clear, but now there is more to it. "A Guardian must come forward in times of need. He will not be alone. Others shall join him in his quest." After that, the rest of the writing is impossible to comprehend again.

In the past, I have had somewhat prophetic dreams, dreams I've been able to make sense out of, no matter how weird they are, but this time, I can't seem to make any sense of it. A part of me thinks it may be related to the Core Theory (thank you Sammie and Kay for providing me links to information on it), but another part of me says it's something completely different. Who knows what it means?

I've spoken to the one who first told me about Slenderman. Due to all of this snow, it's nearly impossible for us to meet right now. Hopefully, we'll be able to set something up soon. I hate having to put off the interview because of snow, work, or other things.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And It Gets Weirder

Before I go into the weirdness, some good news.

It's snowing here.

I know, most of you would say its not good. But it is for me, for one reason. Yes, I'm still injured, and I'm the only person home to do the shoveling today. However, with trying to walk on the leg without the cane, and being in the cold snow, I'm combining physical therapy and regular muscle healing. Perhaps this will help me speed up the healing process, and get to some real training.

Now, the weirdness.

I told Storm about this, and now the rest of you will know. I had another dream last night. This one has to be one of the strangest ones yet. After I'm done, you can judge for yourself.

In the dream, I was watching myself. Like, I was me, but i was watching me. The me I was watching, he was sitting at a desk in what appeared to be like a giant study/library. One of those you'd imagine in a rich person's house (kinda makes me think that maybe this was the mansion I was in during my first dream I posted about). He was writing something. When he was done, he closed the book he was writing in, turned around and saw me. He looked at me and simply said, "I think you should take a look at this." So I go to sit in the seat he was in, and I look at the book. The cover is simply black, but in white paint or something, was the operator symbol. I didn't want to look in the book at this point, but I felt like i needed to, so I opened the book to the first page. I could see the writing, it was clear as day and in english, yet for some reason i could not read or comprehend it. I turn around to myself and ask "what does it mean?" he replies to me, "if you can't read it yet, it means you're not ready." I look back at the book one more time, and only one sentence is clear to me. "A Guardian must come forward."

After explaining this to Storm, she informed me about Robert Sage and The Core Theory, saying that the title of Guardian may be one of the roles to be taken on during the fight against Slenderman. Unfortunately, most of his blog (which I am now subscribed to) was deleted by redlight. And apparently, he had his memory wiped/stolen, so I dont think I can really ask him about the Core Theory. So, I ask, if any of you out there can explain in greater detail about the Core Theory, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My New Theory

So, today I actually spoke to both Sammie and Storm off of the blogs. Good conversationalists, the two of them. It makes me feel better when I can connect with them not just on the blog. Especially Storm. I feel a very strong connection to her. It seems we've been through some similar things in the past, and I think that's what makes our connection stronger.

Anyway, in talking to Sammie, I proposed a theory to her, that I vaguely alluded to in a post a few days ago. She does believe it could be a possibility.

What if it's possible that not only people are being used as proxies, but animals as well? I began thinking about that after the horse stomped on my toes this past weekend. In a matter of three weeks, three different horses, ones that I never had problems with in the past, all attacked me in some way, with no justification for it. I didn't startle them, I kept my hand on them to let them know I was there. These attacks were simply unprovoked. What if Slenderman, who I have established already knows where I work, is able to take control of the horses, making them his proxies, and use them to attack me?

When you think about it, it kinda makes sense. If I get attacked and injured by a horse at my job, it basically gets written off as an animal attack. They can't exactly arrest the horse. Unless proven to be too much of a threat, nothing would happen to the horse. Whereas if a human proxy attacks me, if I can get him down, the cops can arrest him and send him to jail or something.

So if a horse can be used as a proxy, what other animals can be used?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

A New Dream

Well, not exactly a dream, per se. I was sleeping when it happened. But it wasn't a dream. It was a memory. It was me reliving that proxy attacking me last night. I woke up from the dream with my leg in throbbing pain. Damn him for hitting the spot where I was kicked. I'm limping again, moreso than after I actually was kicked. Thank you, cane-sword, for both being there to help me walk, and to help me defend myself.

The part of the dream/memory that kept replaying in my head throughout the day was when the proxy spoke to me. The only word I managed to understand of what he said was Slenderman. Everything else he said (which seemed like only a few words) was in another language. I am around people who speak different languages, so I can tell you what languages it definitely wasn't. It wasn't Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, or Greek. Obviously, that doesn't narrow it down all that much, because there are so many other languages out there. But it is a start. Yet, at the same time, the language seemed extremely familar to me. Deja vu, huh? If I have another encounter with a proxy, hopefully it will be an English speaking one so I can actually understand what he says. Of course, I don't want to encounter another proxy, at least not until I'm healed up.

So today, after work, I decided that, despite my limping and pain, I would begin my training with one of my weapons: the throwing knives. I only have three right now, but I plan on getting a bunch more (btw, the reason I do have the weapons I do, I was preparing myself for the zombie apocalypse, lol). I managed to get an archery target to set up in my backyard (I want to learn how to use the bow and arrow eventually), and today, my goal with the knives was to work on my accuracy. Well, first was to try and throw the knives so that way the blade stayed even and would actually pierce whatever it hit. It took me about an hour before I could throw the knives properly. I then began throwing them, trying to hit the center of the target, which I was unsuccessful today. I will try again tomorrow, either before or after work.

Here is the list of weapons I have, in the order in which I will be training with them.

Throwing Knives
Sword (katana, broad sword and cane-sword)
Mace (the traditional clerical mace, not the spray stuff)

Eventually, I will also get ahold of a spear, an axe, bow and arrows, and I will begin training my physical body as well once my injury heals up.

Well, I better go ice my leg, try to let it rest up. If any of you guys have other ideas for weapons I should train with, please, by all means, suggest them. However, there is one weapon I refuse to touch, and that's any sort of gun. I will never use them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend From Hell (Or Wherever He's From)

So, I haven't posted in a couple of days, due to me usually being away on weekends. I guess I should start with yesterday.

Saturday, I had work from 1:30pm til 10pm. It seemed like it was gonna be a normal day. Except for a few things. First, one of the horses I work with, for no reason at all, just stomped on my two feet (they were next to each other). He caught both of my big toes. Left one is fine, right one is swollen and red/black. This is one of the few horses that never acts up with me. Another of the horses that never acts up with me, starting throwing his head back randomly, rearing up and almost came down on me. I also didn't mention it, but a few weeks back, another of the horses that rarely givesme trouble caught his knee to the side of my head. The horses have been acting really strange lately, and I don't know if it's because of Slenderman's presence near my job, or if................well, I'll talk about my theory on another post. And then, another fun thing that happened, while some of my coworkers were riding the horses, one of the giant fans we have in the indoor area suddenly malfunctioned for no apparent reason. Pieces of it came flying off, almost hitting people, and the sound it produced was almost like a machine gun. The horses were so freaked out by it and had a lot of trouble calming down. We still have no idea what happened to the fan.

Saturday night, after I got out of work, I went to my girlfriend's house. I wanted to be there for her due to her two hospitalizations this past week and to make sure she was ok. She was coughing a lot during the night. We went to sleep at around 1am. I woke up, maybe about 2 hours later, and she wasn't in the bed. I got up and I took a look around the basement area (where her bedroom, brothers' bedrooms, and bathroom are) but I couldn't find her. I went back into her room, and there she was, laying on the bed, fast asleep. I'm really scared for her now.

Today, I got to work, and I tried to be kinder with the horses, but they all seemed very anxious. Nothing spectacular happened until after work.

I was attacked.

I was walking to my car, which is about a 5 minute walk from my job, under a parking garage. As I'm about maybe 20 feet from the car, somebody comes out of nowhere and tackles me to the ground. I didn't have my cane-sword (it was in my car, I'm trying not to rely on it, but regretted not taking it out earlier), so all I had was my body to defend myself. I'm not in the greatest of shape, but I'm not out of shape either. I also have a black belt in tae kwon do, which I was going to put to use. Before I could, this person suddenly just started punching me in the right leg, in the exact same spot where I got kicked almost a week ago. I was finally able to throw this person off of me. I could see the figure better, and I could tell it was a male. He tried to come after me again, but I used his weight against him and threw him into the wall. He fell down, and I made a break for my car. I got the door open, but the mysterious figure grabbed me. Before he could pull me away, I managed to grab my cane-sword. I jammed the hilt of it back into his face, and I heard a cracking sound. Not like the cracking of bones, but like the cracking of plastic. I turn around, and the person's hood has come down.

He is wearing a mask.

I realize now that I'm most likely being attacked by one of His proxies. I pull the sword out of the cane and I point it at him. I ask him "What is it you want?" He responds, but not in English. The words didn't sound familiar at all to me of any language I could recognize. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I can even remember what it was he said. I was ready to stab at him, but he suddenly turned his head and darted off. I didn't want to stick around in case more were coming, or somebody else was coming. I got into my car and I sped on home.

Looks like I have an excuse to keep using the cane. My leg hurts so badly.

I'm also pretty sure this won't be the last attack I have to deal with. But I think it's time I start preparing myself. I need to start training, not just with my cane-sword, not just with my body, but with every weapon I have.

And believe me, I have plenty.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Strikes Again

Well, he found me, again. I decided I would start taking my camera with me everywhere I go, in case I find another note, or I discover something else, or if I end up dealing with a proxy or Slendy himself. I am glad I did. I found another note on my car tonight, this time I was getting out of work when I found it.

And again, here are the pictures to make it a little clearer.

Whether it was Slenderman himself, or one of his proxies, the fact that it says "AGAIN" states that whoever put the note on my car tonight, was the same person as last night. As I said in my video, I was at work, and there were a lot of customers and employees there, so there is no way for me to determine who put the note on my car (there are security cameras, but none that face where my car was parked).

Since I am posting this, it obviously means I didn't deal with any proxies.

In other news, my girlfriend's condition. She went back to the hospital, because of more pain similar to the pain on Tuesday night. Instead of an infection, now the doctors are saying it's simply a virus. Some help they are. Don't even know what's wrong with her. And they still can't determine why she is coughing so much.

I'm keeping a close eye on her as I continue to look into who is putting notes on my car.

Friday, January 21, 2011

First Piece of Physical Evidence

I wanted to take my mind off of things tonight. So I picked up my girlfriend from her house, and we went out to dinner. Afterwards, we were going to go to karaoke to meet up with other friends. I brought my camera along so I could film us singing. However, when we got out of dinner, I noticed something that I thought was very interesting. I took my camera out and filmed it.

First Piece of Evidence

If it wasn't clear enough on the video, I have pictures posted here too.

Nobody knew where me and my girlfriend were going. Simply that we were going to dinner. Considering she is still having a lot of coughing fits, I don't know if He was following her or me. It would make sense He is following her, whether He wants her or me, because with her close connection to me, it gives Him a close connection to me, through her.

I'm still not telling her anything just yet. This isn't enough for me to want to worry her. I didn't even show her the note/drawing. I tossed it into my backseat until I got home. Guess I have to wait and see what tomorrow brings when I go to work.

On the plus side, my leg is feeling better finally. I can bend it with minimal pain. I don't need to use the cane anymore.

I am still gonna take it with me everywhere, though. For protection from any proxies.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News, And Bad

I just got home from the hospital after bringing my girlfriend home.

The good news? The pain she was suffering was due to an infection inside her, which the doctor prescribed antibiotics and pain killers for.

However, she was and is still extremely nauseous, and even though she got a full-night's sleep, she doesn't feel like she slept at all. When she woke up, she told me she had a bad dream. She said that in her dream, she was walking in the wooded area behind her house, constantly looking around because she thought she was being followed. Suddenly, she just collapsed, and the last thing she saw was on the ground. She didn't know what to make of it, never seeing the symbol before.

She described it to me as a giant circle with an X through it.

I think He's getting to her. I haven't told her anything yet. I still feel the less she knows, the better off she will be. However, if it continues to get worse, I may have to tell her. This is starting to get a little too personal. He is going after the one closest to me, in an effort to get me. I must find a way to stop this, to stop........Him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My girlfriend has gone to the hospital.

Her boss called me and let me know. He doesn't know what's wrong, just that she was in a lot of pain. I can't go immediately because I have to work, but when I get out of work, if she is still there, I'm going there to visit her.

I hope that He hasn't gotten to her. If He did, that's just gonna spark my anger in finding Him, or his proxies, and doing who knows what to them.

Damn that Horse

I knew the dangers of working with horses when I applied for the job. They have never given me a major problem before. I've been headbutted, stepped on, and bitten. But yesterday was the worst.

I got kicked in the upper right leg by one.

It shouldn't have. I had my hand on it the entire time to let it know I was there. I was finishing washing it, about to start drying it with the squee-jee (never knew how to spell that properly, lol), and next thing I know, he kicks back. My phone and cigs were in my pocket, the kick hit those first (surprisingly, neither were damaged). I could swear, even though nobody else was back there at the time, I thought I heard somebody laughing.

Went and got my leg checked out. No broken bones or anything, most likely just some muscle bruising. Gonna hurt and be stiff for a few days, but at least it gives me an excuse to walk around with my cane-sword. Now I have help walking, and I have protection in case I have to deal with Slendy or any of his hallowed/proxies, as I am hearing them called now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dream Changed

I had the same dream again last night. I never have the same dream more than once, let alone three days in a row. However, something changed this time in the dream.

In the very last time that this woman tried to escape from us, I managed to reach up a hand and grab her, pulling her down to the ground. She didn't fight me, she just laid there. I turned her onto her back, kinda sat on her to keep her down on the ground. I looked at her and I just asked, "Who is it that's first? Who do I have to save first?" Her mouth opened, as if to reply to my question, but she didn't. She did something else completely different.

Her face began to rearrange itself. The eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, hair, everything about the head began to change, as if to become whoever it was I'm looking for. But before the transformation was complete, before I was able to recognize who she was becoming, she got pulled away from me by..........something. I turned around to see what pulled her away, but I woke up before I did.

Starting to get a little worried, but maybe I'm just overimagining things. I've always had strange dreams since I was a kid. Still, I'm keeping my tabs, like I promised I would.

Spending time with my girlfriend tonight, that should take my mind off of things.

Also, TribeTwelve posted a new video today. Noah contacted Milo's step-father. He recorded the phone conversation on camera. Maybe I'll do that with my first interview.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Didn't Want To Post

But I wanted to make sure that I had all the details I could possibly get first.

There was apparently a murder in my town. From what I have read, an older man in my town was brutally murdered and dismembered. His body parts were scattered in three trash bags. The first was found behind a church, the second at a construction site. The third bag, which contained his hands, was not found. There have been two arrests made in this case, and its been said that there is enough evidence to convict them.

I dont think it was them.

Yes, there are some sick people in the world. But who even has a strong enough stomach or will to go through with not only murdering somebody, but cutting their body up into several pieces?

The FBI was in my town for this case. They haven't been here since I was only about 8 months old.

There was a major plane crash. Two airplanes collided in the air, crashing in both my town and the town next door. The plane that crashed in my town, actually crashed on the street my family and I were living on. The only memories I have of this incident are news reports that I have watched on it.

The present case: the murder and dismemberment? The man who was killed lived on that same street.

Is there a connection between the two incidents, besides the street? Not at all. Is there possibly something on that street I should look into? Maybe.

Nearly 4am, snow is kinda heavy outside. I get to do the shoveling and all since my father works all day. Maybe I should try to get some sleep, have some energy before I do that fun work.

Though, I'm not sure if I want to. Not after the strange dream last night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had a very long and strange dream last night.

I was in a very small cave with 4 or 5 other people. I remember it being very cold. When I walked outside, the whole area was covered with ice and snow. Right next to the cave was what appeared to be some sort of mansion: giant metal gate outside the building, a road leading away from there,  about 3 or 4 floors high. There were no trees at all, and I had bad vibes about the place. I looked down the road, and I saw somebody walking very slowly towards the mansion. The person was wearing a black suit. I thought it was you know who, but then I saw a face on the person. It was a female, and she had long black hair. She saw me staring at her, and started running towards the mansion. I called to my friends and told them we found her. We all started running to the mansion, trying to catch this person. We followed her inside, thought we had her cornered in one room on the first floor, but she jumped over us, turned a corner, and suddenly disappeared. This repeated about four times. Just as she disappeared the last time, I heard a really deep voice call out: SHE WILL BE FIRST.

I do not know who it was that we were chasing, I didn't recognize her at all. However, it does make me worried about any of the females in my life. I have always had strange dreams since I was young, and there have always been meanings to them or ways of connecting them to my life when I'm awake. So for now, any of the women in my life, I am going to keep tabs on them just to make sure they are safe.

My interview with my first subject is going to be postponed. We are getting a blizzard by me tonight, at least 6-12 inches. I'm not gonna be able to leave my house tomorrow, and I work all nights the rest of the week; she works mornings. I may not get her til next week.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Light Hearted

So, I was told that I should let people know about me, let people know the kind of guy I am before judging me and my reason for going after Slender Man.

Well, as I stated in my first post, my name is Lucien Drage. I am 25 and from a small town in New Jersey. I have two older siblings (yeah, i'm the baby of the family).

I work as a stablehand, taking care of horses. 22 of them. 11 Andelusians, 1 Friesan, and 10 regular quarter horses. I've always loved animals since I was young, and am glad that I can finally work with them.

I have some of the regular hobbies most people do: reading, watching tv/movies, hanging out with friends. I also like to sing and act, as well as attempt to write poetry and songs. No, I will not post my poetry here, it's just that terrible, lol.

I have a girlfriend. Together for 7 months now. She knows I have a blog, but I have not told her what it's about, nor will I give her the link. The less she knows, the better. I love her too much to drag her into this.

I do have one other hobby, not normal for most people, and that was, as I stated in my first post, researching the paranormal and supernatural. My old house was haunted, and me, my siblings and even my father knew it. My mother refused to believe it. My father and I had a nice view of a UFO one night coming home from fishing. My old job at a movie theater was haunted. My job in the stables is haunted too. Most of my family is sensitive to this stuff. Me and my siblings moreso than my parents. Heck, I've even gone exploring some of the famous spots found in the Weird NJ magazine. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to Slender Man immediately. I've always tried to explain things logically at first, but then when others can attest to the same things as me, at different times, I know I have to go above and beyond to find the truth.

And thats what I plan to do with this one.

I get my schedule for work later today. When I do, I can set up my first interview. Until then, my friends, be careful as we all work our way........

Into The Truth

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The First Sign

He is already following me.

He knows where I work.

I didn't exactly see him, but I saw what I think maybe considered my first sign of him.

To clarify, I work in a stable with 22 horses. I work with a bunch of other people who work in my area as well. I was stepping outside to go get the food for the horses, and I noticed something on the door. None of my other co-workers had used this door today.

I took the picture with my cell phone. Sadly, there is no flash on the phone, and the lighting near this door isn't that great. But once I used the auto-enhance feature on my computer to try and make it clearer, you can see what I saw.

Tell me that it doesn't look like a handprint. The door was black, and the mark on the door was white. The only way that mark was made by one of my coworkers would be if they had white paint on their hand. Even so, that looks like somebody simply placed their hand on the door, not sliding their hand down it. I'm not an expert, but most normal people do not have a hand that big.

He knows where I work, which is a start. I won't be surprised if he knows where I live.

I've contacted the person who told me all about Slender Man. We just need to work out a day for us to meet for the interview, due to our two very different work schedules.

I will keep everybody posted on anything strange I see or hear, as I continue to dive.........

Into The Truth

Who Is Slender Man?

Well, I figure I would begin my investigation as to who or what the Slender Man is. I was introduced to the Slender Man mythos about a month ago by somebody close to me. She didn't tell me what it was, simply to look it up on Something Awful, as well as to look up Marble Hornets. Now, I understand that Slendy, as people have come to call him, was made up for the photoshop contest on Something Awful in 2009. He appears as an omen before something bad happens, usually a murder or a disappearance. But since the myth was created, many people have come out of the woodwork, telling that Slendy is more than a myth, that they have seen him, before 2009, before the photoshop contest.

My original thought, before I saw all these other stories, was related to something I once read about: The Philip Poltergeist. This was an experiment done awhile ago, to try and prove that poltergeists are man made, and by pure brain power and concentration, something can be made real. A group of people actually managed to manifest a poltergeist named Philip, using the information they fed to it. Others were witness to it. This proves how powerful the human mind can really be.

However, once i read the stories of people seeing Slendy before the photoshop contest tells me that's not the case. In fact, he has been spotted for hundreds of years.

So what do we know about him? He often appears as a very tall man, usually described as within the 6 to 7 foot range, maybe even taller. He is always seen wearing black formalwear of that time period (for our current era, a black suit). He has no hair, very long arms, and supposedly has no face. The arms can extend and become longer, becoming tentacle-like, and he can grow more tentacles. So far, from what I have read, the most he has had was 10, and the more he has, the more dangerous he is to the person seeing him.

As of now, we know that he cannot be stopped by conventional means. We also know that his targets are usually people who are very young (the mind of a youth is much more open than an adult, making them more susceptible to seeing something that isn't completely there), or people who are older but may have seen him/been stalked by him when they were young (he apparently doesn't like victims to get away). Thanks to the blog of a Mr. Zeke Strahm, I have learned a few more things: 1. Zeke repressed his memories of Slendy when he was a kid, and Slendy never bothered him again until he started reading about him during his cases. Therefore, if you push away what you know of Slender Man, make yourself forget all about it, it wont come after you. 2. And this isn't just from Zeke's blog, but from Marble Hornets, In My Head and others, the more you know about him, the more likely you are to become a victim/target of him.

That's exactly what I want.

I want to become the next target.

Everybody that's faced him have always been a little more closed-minded about him and other things similar to him. They have always denied the existance until they had no choice but to accept the truth.

I already know he's there. Whether he is really a monster, or just a person/group of people that enjoy mentally screwing with people's heads. he is there.

And I will find out the truth.

I'm going to start to gather a little more information on Slender Man. And I know exactly where to start my investigation. I have to start with the person who told me about the Slender Man to begin with. What was the reason for telling me about Slender Man? A few possibilities. 1. She is, as Conaghan was in Zeke's experience, a messenger for the Slender Man to get to me. 2. She knows that I like to explore into things like this, and figured this would be something I could do for fun. 3. She said that the story scared her, thought that it might scare me too. 4. She feels I may be the one who will finally figure out the truth.

Either way, I must start with her. See what she knows about Slender Man, besides the links online. I will attempt to get video of the interview with her as well, and if I do, the interview will be posted on youtube. When I do so, I will place the link to the video here. Until then, I take my leave of you and go off......

Into The Truth

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And so, It Begins

My name? Lucien.

Age? 25.

Location? New Jersey.

My job?

I do my own research into the paranormal and supernatural. More importantly, into the events that have happened to myself, or those close to me.

There are many things out there in this world that we cannot explain by science and logic alone. Sometimes we have to go to the illogical, the mystical, to get the answers we seek. Sometimes, these answers are not meant for us to know. Sometimes, we don't even want to know the answers. But deep down in our hearts, we have a yearning for the truth. And that is why I am here: to find the truth.

And what truth is it that I aim to find now?

I am not the first to begin my investigation on this story, I will definitely not be the last. But I hope that I can find answers for those of you out there who wish to know the truth.

My investigation, for those of you who are still with me, is to find out the truth about a particular person/monster/unidentified thing. It has been talked about for over a year now, and yet, we are still unsure of what we are dealing with, despite many investigations.

I am talking about.........

The Slender Man.

Join me, if you will. Join me as I begin my local investigation into the Slender Man myth, to see if I can find out what exactly it is, to let the world know the truth.