Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Has Brought Something New

First off, OutOfTheLie posted yet another video, this time from a third person's voice. For The Old Man  Whoever these three people are on the account now, they have some sort of connection to me and Lucien, and I am determined to find out what that connection is.

We do have some good news, but it brings a bit of bad news as well.

Lucien has returned and taken back the control of his blogger account. But something is different about him. He claims to have no memory of creating Into The Truth or his youtube channel, and he can't see anything that he has posted or subscribed to on either one. He has started a new blog, and he states he is using it for dream analysis.

His memory seems to be thrown off if he has no memory of them. Either his memory has been erased, or it has been altered. I don't think this is due to The Path, but something else entirely.

All I know is that Lucien is alive and safe. I will be monitoring his blog and youtube carefully, and seeing if anything has changed besides those. His new blog is A Land Beyond Dreams, for those who still wish to keep up with him and try and keep in touch.

-The Count