Monday, August 29, 2011

They Lost The Trail

I finally lost Lobo and Fitzsimmons. I owe thanks to two big things that happened: the earthquake on Tuesday, and the hurricane this past weekend. I was in Virginia on Tuesday when the earthquake happened, and though some people may say it was dumb, I drove close to where the epicenter was. I was hoping to find a fissure or something in the ground that would open up even more, and although I didnt lose them, it did manage to slow them down. They caught up to me again down in the Carolinas, but again, I managed to throw them off my trail. The downside, however, is how I managed to do so.

The hurricane got my car. I was in one of the streets in Charlotte, and the hurricane was moving pretty fast. I hadn't seen them for about an hour, and I hoped to speed through the state to get past the hurricane. Things didnt exactly work that way. I started to see the flooding and the waves from the ocean moving in. I did the only smart thing that I could during that: I grabbed what I could from my car, abandoned it, and made my way to higher ground. I got up to the 3rd floor of a nearby apartment building. I looked out the big glass window to see my car floating down the street.

I had to get rides on the highways from strangers to keep moving, but I managed to make it to where I need to be. Going to follow up on my lead tomorrow. As for tonight, I'm paying a visit to a friend of mine. At least, I hope she is still living down here.

Lucien Drage, Out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting and A Lead

So, I did have my meeting with the runner I mentioned in my last post. The meeting was on Friday night, August 19th. Location will still be kept secret, though it was somewhat on the road in New Jersey. As for the identity of the runner, I'm sure that you will all know this person. as I've mentioned him before: Dr. Cairo Zelphest.

It seems Cairo has been on the run himself and found his way out to Jersey. He met up with a couple of other fighters, including Evan of EveryManHybrid fame, and another fighter who goes by the name of Hellershanks. He recorded his interactions with the two of them, as well as when he got in my car. It was scary, because just before I found Cairo, Lobo and Fitzsimmons found me.

I was maybe 20 minutes or so away from where Cairo wanted me to meet him, when I noticed that there was a black van right behind me. I was suspicious at first, but didnt think much because last time I saw them, they were driving a black car. My suspicions became true when I noticed the van speeding up and right on my bumper. Looking back in my mirror, I saw Fitzsimmons driving. I started speeding up and doing my best to avoid them catching me. I'm normally a cautious driver, but this time, I threw caution to the wind. I slammed on the gas and got myself to the highway.

I basically had to keep getting on and off the highway, speeding down side streets in towns I was not familiar with, doing whatever I could to avoid both the FBI and local cops. It took me almost an hour to finally lose them, and at that point I finally found Cairo. I motioned him to get in the car, and just sped off immediately. This link is the meetings he had with Evan, Hellershanks, and myself (in that order).

New Jersey

I still can't believe that Cairo actually managed to find more information on Lucien for me. I went through the paperwork he found for me, and I now have a lead on where to find his family.

Looks like Lucien is heading south.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Files

I think I may be developing a bit of the traditional "Slender-Sickness."

My last post here was on August 8th. I had travelled up the east coast of the United States, just trying to throw off my trail. The last day I remember before today was August 14th. Other than today, I have no memory of the past 3 days. And what's even worse is what I discovered.

I turned on my digital camera, and I found 5 video files on there. I copied them to my laptop and watched them individually. It seems they were all filmed in the same night, but I have no recollection of it. It was really dark, and apparently the only light that was able to be seen was from my flashlight (I do not have one on me). I edited the five videos together, and proceeded to post them to youtube.


Still not sure where this place could have been, since I can't really see anything in the video. However, when I woke up today, I was in my car, back in a certain place I have been before (will not say where to reveal my location).

I also received an e-mail from somebody (not wanting to say who just yet) who said that they wanted to meet up with me and discuss something with me. After certain events that have happened, I am not sure I can trust this person or not. However, this person is on the run, just like me. It may be worth it to have another ally I can trust. I'm set to meet with them on a particular date and time, I will post again after the meeting.

Lucien Drage, Out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It Wasn't Room Service

It was Lobo. As soon as I opened the door to the room, he tackled me to the ground.

Lobo: Just stop giving us a hard time, Davies, and you won't get hurt.
Me: Just like you didn't hurt Donnie and Diana? You guys are just dirty, underhanded sneaks working for a corrupted department!
Lobo: Maybe so, but we're getting paid to do our job, and my job now is to stop you.
Me: (still struggling underneath Lobo) and just what exactly are you stopping me from?
Lobo: I have no reason to explain anything to you.
Me: You do if you're following the goddamn law, or do you not remember what that is anymore?
Lobo: I know the law, better than you ever will.
Me: Than maybe you'll know all about this part of the law.
Lobo: What part is that?
Me: Resisting arrest!

At that point, I managed to pull one of my arms free and I simply punched him in the face as hard as I could. He fell off of me, and I immediately made a run for the door. Surprisingly, Fitzsimmons wasn't hiding outside the room, so I managed to make a clean getaway. I had nothing left in the room, so I didn't care to turn back.

I booked it out of the hotel as fast as I could and hopped in my car. I pulled out of the lot and hit the road. Been driving since then. I was traveling up the east coast for awhile, now heading back south. I have a few places I need to visit before I can refocus on finding Drage or The Count.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Trace

Currently hiding out somewhere in Pennsylvania. Not venturing too far away from my previous locations, even though I know it's dangerous, what with Lobo and Fitzsimmons probably trying to find me. At the hotel in New York, I saw a black car parked across the street from me. I saw two male figures sitting inside the car, but I couldn't actually tell if it was them. I couldn't take any chances.

I haven't heard hide nor hair from them, Sam, or The Count since I left. Maybe I'm not being followed. Maybe I am, and they are waiting for me to slip up.

I am trying to find any trace of Lucien Drage's family: his parents or his sisters. If one of them is still alive, I need to find them and see what they can tell me about him. Sadly, the internet has been of no use to me. There are no records online of any family named Drage anywhere along the east coast. In fact, the only Drage family I have been able to find anything about is in Europe, and none of them have any family member, alive or deceased, named Lucien.

This is probably a dead trail, and I guess I should redirect my focus back on finding The Count.

I'll update again later, somebody is at the door. Probably the room service I ordered.