Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lobo Here

Hey, it's Lobo. I'm posting here instead of The Count, surprisingly. However, it's not due to something good. I tried to keep in touch with him over the course of the past few months. He notified me about Donnie's death, Leonora, plus I read about it here as well. I knew about the decision he had to make regarding Leonora's ultimatum. I made an attempt to contact him a week ago.

No response from him. Not his e-mail, cell phone, nothing. I don't know where he's disappeared to, but I'm hoping he didn't consider Leonora's offer.

I'm back in the United States, after my long and tiresome stay in The Black Forest. During the past several months, I managed to save over 50 people from turning into minions of The Threat. However, for each person I managed to save, another 2 were Hollowed. More and more innocent people were being brought there every single day, to be turned into His slaves. I realized that staying there wasn't going to help much anymore. People I had saved months ago were brought back and eventually Hollowed. I'm starting a new bit of research, based on The Count's old findings, to see if there could be a way to permanently end this process. I have one theory of my own, but I'm not ready to test it just yet.

While back here, I'm keeping my eye on Lucien now. He's being followed by two people. One of them is a former colleague of mine from the FBI: Whistler. He somehow managed to survive the burning of the safehouse, but his injuries are definitely severe. He still has bandages wrapped around his arms, a few on his face as well. The other one, I am not familiar with, but I have a strong feeling it's The Count's son, Tobias. I have specific orders from The Count (given to me before his disappearance) to step in and get Lucien to safety if he gets attacked by one of them. At that point, I am also supposed to try and jog his memory of his time in The Path, as well as when he disappeared from there. I know The Count's theory about why Lucien's memory has been altered. With the dreams and encounters he has been having, it all seems to add up. But I have to test something out myself, just to be safe.

I have set up what I like to call a "sleeper agent" of the SIA to assist me. If anything is to happen to me during my theory, this agent will take over for me and get Lucien to safety. Wish me luck, both in my theory and finding The Count, if he hasn't turned on us.

Lobo, Logging Out