Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Out/No Progress/Got Him

Friday night, Kelley and I went to the fair. It was opening night: Dollar Night. Parking was one dollar, some foods and all games/rides were a dollar, and admission was only two dollars. We tried to has as fun of a time as we could. I even managed to win her a small stuffed tiger from one of the water gun games. I think people were allowing me to win because of my arm, though. We went on the ferris wheel, saw the pig racing, the big cat show, we even went into their petting zoo. Normally, she loves it when she sees me with animals (and this little zoo had goats, Shetland ponies, camels, zebus, donkeys, llamas, etc...), but the entire night, there was no trace of a smile on her face.

I know it's only been two weeks since it happened, but Kelley has shown no signs of improvement or change. She continues to wake up screaming and crying at night. She is blaming herself for losing our baby. She thought that she could have protected herself from Sam, but she was unable to do so. However, she has mentioned something else now.

"If it wasn't for that man in the suit with her, I would have been able to defend myself."

Now I'm really scared for her. She has now seen Him, and He was the reason for all of this happening. It hurts me to know this.

I should have told her earlier on what was happening with me: Him chasing me, attacking me, even telling her about my past. Maybe if I warned her, we could have stopped this.

I'm seeing no choice now. I have to tell her the truth, but I'm afraid to do so. Kelley will hate me for hiding so much from her. I only thought that I was protecting her by keeping her away from this as much as I could. I guess I was wrong.

There is a little bit of good news, although I'm still not fully sure I believe it myself. The Count was right, saying it'd be more believable if I figured it out on my own, but it still seems too unreal.

I finally figured out (I hope) The Count's identity.

Based on the clues he has given me: been around for a long time, being the way he is because HE made him that way, speaking Aramaic. All of these clues have led me to only one possible person, and it seems based as much in mythology/fantasy as it can be traced in history as well. His name is Cartaphilus.

Most people who have heard of him know him as either The Wandering Jew or The Count St. Germaine.

With everything I've read on him, this is what I can gather about his past: he was a gatekeeper for Pontius Pilate during the life of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was carrying the cross, Cartaphilus told him to hurry along and get it over with. Jesus turned to him and said "I shall hurry along. But you will not. You shall remain until I return," or something along those lines. Nobody really knows for sure. As the years went by, Cartaphilus went on with his life as normal. But one day, when he was in his 80s, he felt some kind of pain inside him and passed out. When he came to, he saw his reflection and noticed he looked the same age he did when he saw Jesus.

Over time, this "ritual" of his continued to happen. When the time came for his change, he would fake his death, and then return as his own descendant. All of this is the myth and fantasy part of the story.

However, he has been spotted many times throughout history. Templars during the Crusades claimed to have met him in Jerusalem. He was spotted in 15th century Italy two times. He encountered the same woman both times, within 50 years of each other. When she saw him, she stated that he had not aged a single day since they saw each other. He was seen during the French Revolution, apparently warning Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of the peasant uprising. The last documented time of him being spotted was in the early 20th century. He was captured during WWI by the German army, but eventually managed to escape.

And now, he's appeared to me. At least, if this is the same person. He could simply be a charlatan that has done his research. But that doesn't explain how this man can speak Aramaic, let alone why I could understand it.

If I have figured this out correctly, Cartaphilus, then what is the next step?

Friday, June 24, 2011


Kelley and I have been to see a psychiatrist a few times this week. Our first visit was on Monday, where we both went in to talk to the doctor. She simply wanted to get to know us, why we were coming to her, etc...

Kelley just seemed so emotionless, so empty, as she talked to the doctor. Except for when she has been screaming and crying at night, there seems to be no life coming from her anymore. I've heard stories about people going through depression after having an abortion or miscarriage, but I didn't imagine it was like this.

Kelley spoke with the psychiatrist on her own on Wednesday, and I went back for a solo session yesterday. The psychiatrist said that I'm dealing with the recent events fairly well, and that there is no need for me to see her on my own. It's not that I'm heartless and have simply moved on from this. I need to stay strong for Kelley, in order to help her get through this.

She still doesn't know exactly what happened to her. She doesn't know who it was that kidnapped her, who attacked me, who helped me, etc... The truth is, I don't know how to explain it to her. At least, I don't know what to say without telling her everything: my past, what I've been dealing with, not to mention informing her all about Him. Although, after everything that has happened, what's the worst that could happen if I did tell her? (knocking on wood as I type that, hehe)

Been doing some thinking and research on The Count's last clue. I haven't come to anything conclusive yet, but I'm not giving up. Although, maybe I need to take a night off from everything.

I'm taking Kelley out tonight, hoping to take her mind off of things. It is opening night for the fair up here, and even though the weather is not great, it may be a nice night out to relax.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Night, Part 3

Well, Kelley is asleep, but I'm sure she'll be up again soon. So, to finish my story, here is what happened the rest of the time in the hospital.

Tuesday morning, I was able to get out of my hospital bed. The doctors examined me over one more time and said I was cleared to go back home, but I would be unable to work for at least a month, in order to recover from the broken arm and the concussion I received. I asked them where Kelley was, and they told me what room to go to. They also said, however, that I needed to be careful while I was in there. Not sure why they said that, but I had to see her.

I found her room one floor above me. She was sleeping, and the nurse was changing her IV. I asked the nurse how she was doing.

Nurse: She is recovering, she'll need to stay here another day or two though.
Me: And how is our baby?
Nurse: You might want to take a seat.
Me: (I do as she says and sit down) What's wrong? What happened to our baby?
Nurse: Well, when she was brought in, she had been stabbed in the stomach. She was immediately brought in for surgery.
Me: Go on.
Nurse: As you can see, we were able to save her. However...
Me: What do you mean, 'however'?
Nurse: The stab wound went straight through into her amniotic sac and pierced the baby's head. There was no way to save the child. I'm sorry.

I gasped for air and started tearing up. I couldn't believe it. The nurse finished setting up the IV and left. I sat down in the chair next to Kelley's bed, gently held her hand and laid my head back. I began crying like a child, but I couldn't help it. I...we just lost our child. I'm still crying as I type this now. I don't think anybody could prepare for something like this.

Thursday night, Kelley was released from the hospital. I called my parents, explained to them that we were attacked on Sunday and were finally coming out of the hospital. I asked them if Kelley could stay with us for awhile, telling them that I had to be there to be her support after such an ordeal. They were so happy to say yes, insisting that I was doing the right thing by staying with her during her recovery.

So that's everything that happened. Kelley losing the baby is the reason she's constantly screaming and crying all night. I've been crying since I found out too, but I try to stay strong around her. I don't want to make her condition worse. Monday, I'm gonna take her out to talk to a psychiatrist, see if that can help her get through this. I will probably talk to the psychiatrist too, I probably need it, though not as much as Kelley.

Gonna try and get some sleep, though I'll probably wake up to tend to Kelley. Good night all.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunday Night Part 2

She was screaming for most of the night before I was finally able to help her get back to sleep. I did all I could, but it's not enough.

So, the fourth proxy was maskless and looked familar to me. He began attacking the other three proxies. He managed to move pretty fast, considering he looked like he was at least a good 10 to 15 years older than me. He continuously attacked the other three proxies, while I lay on my back, still in pain from the beating I had received. My vision was going blurry and dark, I didn't think I'd be able to stay conscious for much longer.

At this point, I noticed the man had pulled out what looked like a dagger of some sort. He was now stabbing the proxies, in non-vital points as not to kill them. Getting a little tired himself, he manages to finish taking down the three proxies, leaving just him, Samantha, Kelley and myself. Samantha seems extremely pissed now, and she pulls Kelley up and looks down at me.

Samantha: I told you to come alone, Luke. You failed, and now you are going to be punished for that. (she kicks me in the head) I hope you both enjoy your punishment.

At this point, she pulls out a large knife of her own. I'm expecting to see her stab me with it, but I was wrong. I heard Kelley let out an ear piercing scream of her own. I try to push myself off with my left arm (the one that wasn't broken), and I see Samantha running away. I turn the attention to Kelley, and she is holding her stomach, crying out, "Oh my god, my baby! My baby!" Where her hands are on her stomach, I see a large trail of blood running down. I try to crawl over to her, but everything was going black. I managed to get next to her before I finally collapsed and passed out.

When I came to, it was late Monday night. The man who helped me on Sunday was sitting in the chair next to my hospital bed. Still not sure who he was, I tried to talk to him.

Me: Thank you, for helping me. I'd probably be worse off if you weren't there.
Stranger: You are extraordinarily lucky I managed to pick off one of those proxies before they attacked. You and Kelley would probably be dead.
Me: Yeah, you're definitely...wait a second. How do you know Kelley's name? And more importantly, how do you know who I am and what was going to happen?
Stranger: Your sister is right, you can be stupid at times. Who is the only person that's been trying to help you this whole time?

I finally put two and two together and realize just who this was: The Count.

Me: You know, why couldn't you simply tell me who you are?
Count: If I revealed to you who I was immediately, I doubt that you would have believed me. It's better for you to learn everything and figure it out. It makes it more believable when you learn it on your own.
Me: Well, you said you had one last clue for me. What is it?

The Count leans in to me and whispers into my ear. The words do not sound like they are English, yet I can understand exactly what he says: This gift is my curse, to be alive forever. Do not doubt HIS existence, for HE made me this way, in order to take on Him.

Me: Those words. I can understand them, but they aren't English.
Count: That means you are ready. The words I spoke are of an ancient language long since dead. Only a few scholars in the world can speak it fluently. Your final clue is what I said, and the language I spoke it in: Aramaic. And with that, I must take my leave of you.
Me: Wait, what about Kelley? Is she alright? Where is she?
Count: She's here in the hospital, you can go and find her. You may not be happy with what you find though.
Me: What do you mean?

But as I said that, The Count had taken his leave.

I have to attend to Kelley, I will post the final part of what happened later tonight.

Sunday Night, Part 1

I'm home, after quite a few days in the hospital. Kelley is with me. She isn't doing too well herself. I will explain that further along, but I guess I should tell what happened Sunday night when I left to go meet with Samantha.

I arrived at the lake a few minutes before 9pm, not sure where I was actually supposed to meet her. Normally during this weather, there would be people walking around the lake, but nobody was there. I started walking around until I got to the far end. At this end, there is a bit of a hill and a set of stairs, which lead up to a road. As I got to this hill, I saw two figures: one standing up and the other kind of kneeling down next to the first one. As I got closer, I could see the faces of both people: Samantha standing up and Kelley kneeling down. I got about maybe 10 to 15 feet from them when Samantha held up her hand, signalling me to stop.

Samantha: It certainly has been too long, Luke. You're still as handsome as ever.
Me: The name is Lucien now. And it didn't seem like you felt that way the last time I saw you. If I remember correctly, weren't you trying to kill me?
S: No, not kill you, subdue you. He wanted you, and I was chosen to fetch you for Him.
M: So, you admit you've been helping Him since then?
S: I have, and believe me, even with His help, I've had a hard time tracking you. Almost 2 years to find you again.
M: And this is why you kidnapped Kelley: to get me?
S: Exactly. In fact, I even have a little deal for you.
M: And just what would that be?
S: It's very simple. You come with me and serve Him, I let Kelley and your baby go, unharmed. Even with Him, I'm sure you don't want any harm to come to your child.
M: Sadly, you do have a point...

Kelley had been crying this entire time, and at this point, she lifted her head and looked at me.

Kelley: Lucien, whatever you do, don't listen to her. Don't give in to what this bitch wants!

Samantha takes the hand she signalled me to stop with and backhands Kelley across the face.

M: You bitch! I will fucking kill you for hurting my fiancee!
S: I take it this means you refuse my deal?
M: You're damn right I refuse your deal! I swear that I will kill you, Sam.
S: That is, if you can even get to me.

At this point, she brings her hand to her mouth and whistles. I hear whistles come back from different directions. I look around, and I see four more people come out of nowhere, all wearing masks over their face. She asked me to come alone, I should have expected her not to do the same.

S: I guess I'll have to bring you to Him the hard way.

The four proxies slowly started moving in towards me. As much as I know I can handle myself one on one, I cannot take four people at once, even when I was in my best physical shape. However, I couldn't just give in. I had to try.

The four move in closer, and I realize I have only one chance. I turn my attention to the proxy closest to me and I throw a punch at his stomach. I turn around to catch the second one about to punch me, but I manage to duck under it. As I grabbed his arm to try and throw him, I felt something hard catch me in the head. The third proxy had kicked straight at my head. I went down pretty fast. Guess that's due to the baseball bat I got caught with a few months ago. I feel myself getting woozy already, but I'm still trying to defend myself. I'm getting punched in the face, kicked in the stomach. Suddenly, I feel myself being picked up by the arms. Two of them are now holding me, the third is punching me in the stomach some more. After several punches, I fall to my knees, blood dripping from my mouth. Then, it happened.

One of the two proxies holding me grabs my right arm. I feel him pulling it back further and further. Then, he drops his elbow onto my arm so hard, I scream louder than I ever have. My arm is now bent the opposite way it should, and I have no feeling left in the rest of it. I'm grabbed and thrown in front of Samantha now.

S: It's a shame you had to be like this, Luke. It could have been so easy, and we would have made a great team. Guess I gotta take you in like this: a weakling that couldn't protect his fiancee.

Suddenly, the 4th proxy, who hadn't done anything this entire time, turns to the one who broke my arm and punches him in the face. He removes his mask and I see a face that didn't look familiar to me, and yet at the same time, it was.

I will post the 2nd part later today. Kelley is screaming, I need to go and comfort her.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I cannot say much right now. I have been in the hospital with Kelley since Sunday night. Things didn't go exactly as Samantha had planned, but they didn't work out in my favor. Put it this way: do you know how hard it is to do anything when your main arm is in a cast and sling?

Not really able to talk, I have to keep an eye on Kelley. I will try to update later if I can.

Hehe, and to think that today is our one year anniversary. Both of us being hospitalized is exactly how I wanted to spend it (note the sarcasm there).

Lucien Drage, out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Time

It's almost 9pm. I have to leave and meet Sam at the park, try to get Kelley and my baby back. I don't know what's going to happen, if I'll even return from this night. All I know is that one way or another, I'm saving Kelley and the baby.

This is probably farewell, so I'll have to say my good-byes to everybody.

Kay, we have both been through our fair amount of shit lately, and I hope that you and the other two Sages are able to take care of things. Afterall, you three are special, at least according to Maduin. Why else would he have named you the new Sages? Just be careful.

Dr. Cairo, I'm glad that you were found safely, and I hope that we can still trust you. Personally, I think Benefactor was lying about things, just trying to throw us off of following you and helping you.

Sammie, you've been a true friend throughout my troubles, and I hope you considered me the same. You've survived a lot, and I know you will continue to survive. Just stay strong, keep running, and don't forget me.

Tony and Cathy, I pray that you can find Cynthia and save her before it's too late. You two work well together, perhaps its time to reconcile your differences and see if you can be a family again, once you rescue your daughter.

Steph and Rebecca, I know we really didnt communicate much, but you were friends and lights in the dark when I needed it. Thank you, and I hope everything works well on your side.

Celie, you have certainly been through troubles but kept coming out stronger. Don't be afraid to ask for help, even if it's from some unlikely people. I guess I'll never get a chance to come see The Grey Haven.

Darby, I never got that explanation from you about what happened. I'm sure it was for a good reason though.

Zeke, you better take care of Celie. I know you can handle yourself, but don't throw her into any danger you would normally put yourself in.

Scott, I hope you survive the games you are playing. You are one of many who need to keep fighting for us. Your records will be of use to everybody.

Storm, another true friend. It's a shame what has happened to you. You got lost in the dark, I hope you find your way back to the light.

Maurice, your story has only just begun, and I won't be around to see the final curtain. I hope that it drops on a positive note.

The Mad Ventriloquist, your strange way of communicating intrigued me. I felt that we could become friends. Maybe we will, in another life.

Rev Loon, another new friend. Thank you for trying to help me figure out the messages I received. It means a lot to see that people will still help strangers in this cruel world.

To all the others who have read this, or may read this in the future, I wish you all the best of luck in your fights/escapes from our enemy.

Well, it's time.

Farewell, my friends.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

Monday, June 6, 2011

One Lead

Up until today, I have had no idea how to find Kelley. I don't even know if she's safe. I went to the police in her town on Friday (which is right across the street from her house). They didn't find any fingerprints or DNA samples other than her family and myself. They actually brought up the idea that Kelley ran away and was just basically ignoring me. There is no reason for her to do that, not after how happy we were. They said that unless they had any evidence, witnesses, or leads, it was basically a cold case. All I could do after that was return home and wait for them to call me or her family if they discovered anything.

I've been panicky, scared, upset, and even angry these past several days. I began thinking that this person that kidnapped Kelley was The Count. Afterall, he did say that he had one last clue to deliver to me. But what would kidnapping Kelley have to do with determining his identity? It doesn't seem like him. Then again, if he is a proxy or an agent, you never know what they can/will do.

However, something happened today that made me realize that it wasn't The Count. At least, I am fairly confident that it's not him.

At work today, my phone rang. Only for a few seconds, but it rang.

It was from Kelley's cell phone.

No voicemail was left or anything, and my phone died after that phone call. So I got home from work and I charged my phone. This was the result of me calling her phone back.

The Phone Call

I know that voice. I know it all too well. A memory from my past I never wanted to come back.

It was Samantha.

My ex-fiancee.

She is the one that kidnapped my girlfriend. She must be OutOfTheLie. She must still be obsessing over me for some reason. Afterall, the last time I saw her, she had tried to kill me. She is definitely a proxy of Slenderman.

I have no choice. I have to go and meet her if I want my fiancee and child back.

June 12th, 9pm.

Judgement Night.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All