Friday, December 30, 2011

The Prior Post...

...was not from me. I was at our one base of operations the entire time, the same one that Lucien was brought to back in October. The post was made mid-afternoon. I traced the IP address from the post, and it came to this same computer that I currently use. The message was definitely garbled up, as you can obviously tell. However, one thing is almost undoubtedly certain to me.

That post was from Lucien. He's alive somewhere.

But if the IP address came from my own computer, and I was here the entire time, only one possibility exists, and this also fits in with my theory of what happened to him. I have asked the sage Ryuu for assistance on this, and hopefully with her knowledge, I can find out the truth behind the mysterious post. I only wish I could understand more of it. The only clear-cut words were "help me", "don't kno" (obviously "don't know"), "I am", "after me", "can't esca" (most likely "can't escape"), "sees me", and "help".

In other news, another video was posted to OutOfTheLie. However, this video was directed at myself.


That voice is extremely familiar to me. I am not sure who she is, but I feel that she was an important part of my life at one point.

All of this happening now, plus we are finding more sightings of The Threat popping up among people around the world. Not only children and people similar in age to Lucien, but older people are starting to see him too. They are only telling a few people (thankfully, some of those people are members of the SIA), because they are afraid that nobody would believe them.

Another storm is beginning to brew, and I don't know the cause of it. All I know is that if things continue the way they are, drastic measure are going to have to be taken.

And when I say drastic, I mean a sacrifice may have to be made, and by me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 me..........dont kno........i am................after me.................cant

Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Advances

No advances in either my search for Lucien, nor in finding out the identity of the new owner of OutOfTheLie. All I can tell about this person is that he (based on the voice) obviously knows Lucien somehow.

I started going back through some of Lucien's old posts recently, as well as looking at which blogs he followed. I thought that maybe if I read any of the old blogs that had other Fighters and Runners dealing with The Path, I might find a clue as to what could have happened to him. Things weren't really getting anywhere. But then, something I read in a few blogs caught my eye. I won't mention it yet, because I'm not sure if this is the answer or not.

But if it turns out to be true, then may God be with Lucien's body, mind, heart and soul.

Monday, December 5, 2011

We Have A Problem

Actually, two problems. The first problem is in regards to the video that OutOfTheLie posted. I have managed to decode the audio distortion, and this is what is being said:

"Oh, Lucien, you think you've escaped. But just because you've entered The Path does not mean you've gotten away. I promise you this: when you return, you will be mine. For everything you've done, you will not get away with it. I guarantee it. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Hahahahahahaha."

It is a male's voice, very raspy, unsure who it could be. I don't know of any males that could be enemies with Lucien, so I need to see if I can find out who this person is.

The second problem, however, is something even worse. December 1st was to be Lucien's last day in The Path, having been in there for one full month. So on December 2nd (Friday), I went into The Path myself to find him and bring him home. Afterall, it's hard to tell the concept of time in there. However, I was not able to find him. I searched all through Friday and Saturday, but I couldn't find Lucien anywhere. The only things I were able to find, and this is why I'm afraid for him, were two of the three constants: the hoodie and the ring. There is a good chance that he may be lost to us now.

I am going to keep searching The Path as much as I can. Hopefully, I'll find some sign of him being alive, and still on our side.

Friday, November 25, 2011


A little unsettling news, but it's not about Lucien. The youtube channel, OutOfTheLie, has produced a new video. Happy Thanksgiving

Why is this unsettling? Because the person who was running this channel, Lucien's ex fiancee Samantha, was killed by his hand in Germany.

So who is running the channel now?

I am working on decoding the audio, to see if there is any hidden message in there. If any of you, Lucien's followers and friends, can decode it before I can, please comment here and tell me what this person said.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Count - Lucien Update

It has been nearly three weeks since Lucien entered The Path to test the theory. I went in about a week ago to check on him, see if he's still alive and himself. He seemed to be doing alright. I left a small gift of food for him, so he wouldn't go hungry. It should last him another couple of weeks, if he remains in there that long. I will check up on him again in that amount of time.

I also saw The Threat while I was walking through. He was definitely not in a mood to be dealt with. He seemed frantic and more agitated than usual. I don't know if it's because The Threat cannot do anything to Lucien while he remains in The Path with his constants, or if it's due to other runners and fighters getting out of His reach. Either way, He is not one to mess with at this point, even moreso than ever.

Donnie is off again, searching for more information on The Threat. Lobo has chosen to attempt to reach other fighters and runners, see if he can persuade them to join us and our cause. I cannot list anymore specifics than that, as to not compromise their missions. As for myself, I shall remain here, monitoring the web for any clues, any people who could assist us, and checking in on Lucien. So far, it seems the theory is proving true.

Let us hope it stays that way.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Heading In

This is it. I'm all prepared now. I have everything I need to go and test my theory. I even have three constants with me to keep me safe: the black half-mask, the hoody that Brittany left for me, and the engagement ring I gave to Kelley. I said goodbye to my parents, recorded a final video for my youtube channel. Finale  There doesn't seem to be anything left for me to do.

For all of you bloggers out there, keep safe. Don't give up running, fighting, researching, whatever it is you are doing in the battle against Him. Have faith that I will return. For in my return, the theory will be proven true, and we will have a new hope in survival.

I have given Donnie, Lobo and The Count the information to my blog/youtube, so if there is anything important that needs to be told, they will do it for me. No matter what happens, they will always be there to keep watch on the rest of you. Guess it's time to make my final stand, to try and be a hero.

So for the possible final time,

Lucien Drage


Monday, October 24, 2011

Reached My Decision

I've taken a decent amount of time to think over everything that Lobo, Donnie, and The Count have told me. The main thing was the choice of trying to prove the theory true, or simply forgetting it and doing my own thing still. I had to think over everything I've been through as well in the past nine months.

Nine months ago, I was in a happy relationship. I learned about this thing called Slenderman, and I wanted to go out and prove whether He was real or simply a story. Immediately, I started having strange dreams, finding notes in my car, and my girlfriend getting sick. I was even attacked by both Slenderman and a proxy.

Eight months ago, I had a dream that would later prove to be almost prophetic in nature. I got in touch with Donnie for the first time to start investigating people who survived being taken by Him when they were kids. I was attacked by another proxy, who seemed to be trying to stop me from investigating the lake near me. I spoke with Diana, who still seemed to be under His control.

Seven months ago, I saved a fellow runner from a proxy, though she still was somewhat under His control. She regained enough to leave for me and my sister's protection. Somebody started responding to my youtube videos that I uploaded. One of my videos became distorted. I also found the black half-mask for the first time on my face. I was chased through NYC by His tentacles. I received my first contact from The Count. I made my confession of who I really am, and my dark past with my ex.

Six months ago, I continued having strange dreams, and worked on figuring out the clues left for me by The Count. Donnie tells me that the FBI have taken over all the missing person cases in town.

Five months ago, Diana was killed, so I could no longer access her for information. I determined from The Count's clue that I somehow entered The Path of Black Leaves as a child and survived being in there. Donnie faked his death to escape the FBI's grasp. I received his files on the Slenderman cases he has investigated. My girlfriend found out she was pregnant, and I proposed to her. She said yes. The person responding to my youtube videos has stalked my fiancee and kidnapped her.

Four months ago, I learn it was my ex fiancee from a few years ago that kidnapped her. I confront Sam (the ex) to save Kelley (the fiancee). Kelley is stabbed and has a miscarriage, and The Count saves us from being killed, though Sam escapes. I finally figure out who The Count is, but Kelley discovers that I've been hiding the entire Slenderman situation from her.

Three months ago, Kelley killed herself. The FBI begins coming after me, so I leave home. I first travel to New York and discover there was another man with the same name as me. There are a number of similarities between me and him, but only the presence of The Count in our lives truly links us.

Two months ago, escape the grasp of the FBI again. Discover I have lost time and find a video on my camera I did not record. Encountered Dr. Cairo Zelphest who managed to find out where a surviving member of the original Lucien's family lived. Travelled down south to Georgia, lost the FBI after driving through the hurricane.

One month ago, reconnected with an ex girlfriend, Brittany, who said she would travel with me. Met Lucien's sister, who told me the idea of a constant was true. Gave me hers, but was attacked by Him and killed immediately after. Received a false clue that took me and Brittany to The Black Forest. We discussed settling down together after getting out of the forest. Found a village of proxies that both Brittany and I had dreamed about. Encountered Sam again, who killed Brittany. I responded by temporarily going insane. I killed Sam, imagined I killed several other proxies.

This final month, encountered Donnie in the forest, who helped me escape and explained why he faked his death. Headed back home after receiving a farewell message from Brittany. Attacked by the FBI again, knocked unconscious. Find out Lobo of the FBI was undercover. Learn of the SIA, a somewhat origin story of proxies, and of the theory that could turn the tide.

And now, my decision. I have thought it over very carefully, and I have determined that there is only one choice.

In one week, after I say my goodbyes to everybody, I am entering The Path of Black Leaves with my constant. I will try to prove the theory true.

I mean, what can happen? Either I prove it true and I survive, or it is false and I die. One choice can help us all, the other means I'll finally escape the pain and memories I feel. Seems to be a win/win situation to me. But I have to do this.

I guess this is kinda what being a hero is about: determining the right thing to do, no matter the outcome.

Lucien Drage

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Reveal: The Count

I finally got to sit down, one on one, with Cartaphilus, aka The Count. This is what I was wanting to do for so long: to finally get an explanation on everything.

Me: This whole time, you've led me on a trip around the world, and I've lost two people I loved so much. This better be worth it.
The Count: If by worth it, you mean "gaining a piece of information that can save us all" from The Threat, then yes, it will be.
Me: How so?
The Count: Well, before that, there are a few things that I must tell you of great importance. First off, what Donnie told you he witnessed in that village in The Black Forest.
Me: You mean that mass that was held to Hallow out people?
The Count: Yes. I can fully explain what he witnessed. The swirling black mass that he saw enter the bodies? Those were actually souls.
Me: Souls? Souls of who?
The Count: Of those who were lost on The Path.
Me: What does The Path have to do with it?
The Count: A long time ago, I first discovered The Path when I was trying to figure out exactly what The Threat was. I travelled in there and was immediately overcome with pain. I stayed in there for almost 2 weeks, and I was still alive, but my body was broken. I noticed Him come in and out with people, and sometimes people would enter without Him even leading them. Most of them were children, the others were people around your age. They would barely last a week in there. Their bodies would not only break, but completely break down. There would be nothing left of them afterwards, except for a swirling white mass. I determined this to be their souls.
Me: So, The Path destroys bodies, but not souls?
The Count: Precisely. But the souls wouldn't disappear. They just continued to float around The Path aimlessly. I left in order to recover my body. I realized that because of this, well, you can call it either a blessing or curse, I wasn't able to die, so I would be safe in there. I returned about a month later, after following another child in there. I observed the child's body break down, the soul emerge. I didn't do anything because I didn't want to attract His attention. Over the course of two weeks watching this one soul, it's coloring slowly began to change from white to black. Later on, I observed The Threat take that soul and place it into the body of another person. After that, the person who had the soul put into him was never the same again. I left The Path after that, and I haven't returned since, except on the occasion that I choose to save somebody.
Me: What happened to that person after he left The Path?
The Count: He was basically a servant of The Threat after that. I went to his family to see if I could console them in their loss, but it seemed that they had no memory of him anymore. After witnessing all of this, I decided to name those souls lost and alone on The Path, "The Forgotten."
Me: So how is it that Robert Sagel was able to survive on The Path?
The Count: He didn't spend as much time in there in one shot, just several short periods of time. His body was damaged several times, but never destroyed. However, with all the time he did spend in there, it did do quite a number to his mind. That's why, in his final days, he just became more and more mentally unstable: too much time spent in The Path.
Me: And why is that that I survived in The Path? What made me so special?
The Count: Remember when you were in Georgia, and you spoke to the other Lucien's sister?
Me: Yes, what about that?
The Count: When she told you that the idea of a constant did work and could protect you from The Threat, I think it meant from more than just Him and His influence.
Me: What do you mean?
The Count: When you entered The Path as a kid, you were carrying around something with you. A blanket.
Me: I remember the blanket. I always told my family that it could protect me from anything, that as long as I had it, I could not be harmed.
The Count: Exactly. I believe that the idea of a constant extends beyond just protecting you from Him and His influence. If one truly believed enough that an item could protect them from all harm, I think it could protect one from the damaging effects of The Path as well. You're the only person who has tried this, even though it was unknowing at the time, and you did survive. This is why you are special, Luke. You entered The Path, and you survived. This is the information we need. Sadly, it may come at a great price.
Me: What price?
The Count: To find out if this really will work, I must ask of you the ultimate sacrifice: enter The Path with a constant, and see if it truly protects you. I know you have one on you. You wore it during your last days in The Black Forest. And it is still in your pocket right now.

At this point, I reach into my back pocket, and I pull out the black half-mask that's been with me for several months. I realize that he might be right. I did think for awhile that this mask was protecting me; I felt safe with it on.

The Count: I don't need an answer right away. Think it over, very carefully. I just hope that in the end, you help us in the SIA out in gaining this vital piece of information.

So now, I have a choice to make. Do I make the sacrifice asked of me, or do I just forget about this happening? I certainly have a lot to think about.

Lucien Drage

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Reveal: Lobo and Donnie

Each of the three men who were with me said they had something to share with me. Agent Lobo and Donnie wanted to talk to me before I spoke with the Count. They said he wasn't going anywhere now, so I didn't have to worry about tracking him down again.

Me: Ok, something needs to be explained now. Why was I whacked in the head with a baseball bat, and why did you stab Fitzsimmons in the back?
Donnie: There were more FBI agents on their way to our location, we needed to knock you out so we could transport you safely without being found out.
Me: More agents? And you couldn't have just asked me to hide in the trunk or something?
Lobo: We had Fitzsimmons body in the trunk, and you were in the backseat. We temporarily disguised you so you wouldn't be recognized. As for Fitzsimmons, well, you deserve to know the truth. Afterall, that's what your blog is about, isn't it? Delving "into the truth"?
Me: Ha, ha.
Lobo: The truth is, the three of us: me, Donnie, and the Count, we are all on the same side. There is a large group of us all over the world. For about 70 or so years, we have been researching Slenderman, trying to trace his origin, find a weakness, just get any sort of information on him that we could. Our grandparents were the first generation to start doing so, led by the Count.
Me: So, what exactly are you guys: The Keepers or something?
Donnie: Similar to that. We are called the SIA, or the Slenderman Intelligence Agency. We try not to make any direct contact with what we have come to call as The Threat. We just do everything we can in order to gain intelligence on him. Afterwards, we seek out those who do have or seek direct contact, try to guide them on the right path and relay whatever information we have on them. We do this in hopes of finding somebody who may finally destroy him.
Me: What made me so special, then? That both of you, and the Count came after me?
Lobo: That, you need to ask The Count about directly, why he wanted you. After what we've seen, you are extremely intelligent, constantly seeking a way to end The Threat, and have done quite enough research through what you have been given to learn things on your own. We could definitely use somebody like you in the SIA.
Me: So I take it you're part of them as well?
Lobo: Yes, and there are a few others as well. We keep ourselves well hidden in different government agencies. They are the best places to gather information that they don't want the general public to see. Afterall, even though it's not directly related to our target, how do you think that most of the general public found out some of the truths behind The Wyoming Hijacking?
Me: (I nod to him at this point, look directly at Donnie) So you're part of this SIA? You knew the Count, and never said anything to me?
Donnie: I had to keep quiet. We couldn't risk our group being discovered. Then again, we never settle in the same area for too long. We have HQs all across the world, linked by a very well-protected internet server. We have men on the clock making sure it can't be hacked into by anybody, and they are constantly updating everything to make sure we are always at top security level.
Me: Are there any others that you have contacted? I mean, others like me: runners and fighters?
Donnie: None as of yet, though there are a few we would like to reach out to.
Me: Can you at least tell me that? So that perhaps I might be able to help contact them for you?
Donnie: There are only a few that really caught our eye: Dr Cairo Zelphest, Celeste McLachlan, and the one known as M.
Me: What about Zeke Strahm, since he is quite connected with Celeste?
Lobo: We would love to have him with us, but he is too independent. He would disregard us and continue to work on his own.
Me: So, you're mainly on intel. I guess that means you have no connection with the PTC?
Lobo: Those trigger-happy weirdos? Not at all. Granted, I respect all they did in trying to gather information on them, but at the same time, they weren't as secure as they thought. We had a guy in there as well, sending us everything they learned. We wouldn't have minded working with them: us as the intel and them as the muscle. But it seems that they are no longer around, so I guess we're the only one now.
Donnie: That's everything we can tell you. The rest you need to know, you'll learn from The Count.

So, the SIA. They have been interested in having me join them. This is why the chase and everything. To see if I was, in a manner of speaking, "worthy" of joining them. But why did they want me, specifically?

Next post: what The Count has to tell me.

Lucien Drage

Friday, October 14, 2011

Concussion Again

Am I seriously a magnet for these now since I started my adventure?

Been out cold since Tuesday night, finally came back to consciousness a few hours ago. Donnie and I headed back to Jersey a few hours after I received Brittany's message. Been wearing the hoodie she bought me since then. I refuse to take it off except for when I need to shower or something. We crossed the border into New Jersey just after 1pm on Tuesday. We only made stops when we switched drivers, got gas, food, or had to hit the rest stop. At around 3pm, we were only about an hour away from where we needed to go when I noticed a black van directly behind us, gaining speed.

Immediately, I told Donnie to floor it. I knew who it was behind us. Donnie refused to go any faster, though. "If we get pulled over by any cops, and they see me... well, remember, I'm supposed to be dead. Things will get suspicious, especially since I'm with you." So he just kept up the speed we were going. I admit, I was a little nervous with the way he was reacting to this. We continued heading north on the NJ Turnpike, and as we got near the Newark Airport (maybe a half hour away from where we were heading) when all of a sudden, the van rear-ended us. We started spinning out of control, until Donnie finally managed to regain control of the wheel and pulled us off to the shoulder.

The van pulled up right behind us, and there they were: Lobo and Fitzsimmons. At least this time, I wasn't outnumbered. I had Donnie by my side, and I wasn't going down without a fight. Both of them walked towards us, and Donnie and I just stood our ground.

Suddenly, I felt something heavy connect with the back of my head. As I fell to the ground, I noticed Donnie holding a baseball bat. At the same time, before I lost consciousness, I stared up at Lobo and Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons had a look of shock on his face, and as he fell to the ground, I saw Lobo holding a bloody knife in his hand, with a smile on his face.

When I came to earlier, I found myself in a familiar room. I got up out of the bed and walked into the hallways, and I immediately recognized the place. A place I hadn't been to in 10 years.

It was my old house. The house that my parents raised me and my two sisters in. This is exactly where I thought The Count was referring to when he said to "return home." I walked down the stairs, reminiscing about the memories this place held, and I saw three people sitting in the living room: Donnie, Lobo, and a third man I had seen only one time.

The Count.

Before I could say anything, Donnie told me that there was food waiting for me in the kitchen, and after I ate and regained some more strength, they would sit me down and explain everything. I just finished eating, and I told them I needed to update on here so people knew I was ok. Now I'm about to find out what all of this travelling around was really for.

Lucien Drage

Monday, October 10, 2011

Brittany's Message

I did what I said I would. I went to see Brittany's father. When he let me in the house, the first words out of his mouth were, "You're by yourself. I guess that means Brittany will not be coming back. She said this might happen." I just looked at him with surprise. "You mean, she knew she wouldn't be returning?" He replied by saying, "Yeah. She told me that she knew what she was getting into by travelling with you. She didn't give me many details, saying it was better that way. She did tell me that if you came back to tell me this, to give you something."

He left the room for a moment, and when he came back, he was carrying a box with him. "I never opened it," he said, "because she said it was for your eyes only. I hope that whatever she left you is worthwhile. Please, stay here for a little bit and open it."

He left the room again, giving me the privacy to open the box. When I did, the only thing I found in there was a hoodie from the college that she went to: The University of Georgia. My size, too. She always said she wanted to buy one for me, just so I had something with me to remind me of her. I put it on and it fit perfectly. I put my hands in the pocket, and I felt a piece of paper. I pulled it out of the pocket. It was a letter to me.

      If you are reading this letter, that means the worst happened in Germany. Please, whatever happened, don't blame yourself. I knew I was getting myself into a terrible situation, but I chose to go anyway. I went with you because I still loved you. I never stopped. Don't ever forget that, and don't forget me. Keep my memory alive by continuing your fight. Don't let Him get you down, and don't give up. You're special. The Count sees that, Kelley saw that, and so did I. I'm sure that somehow, you'll survive everything and live a happy life. I'm just sad that I won't be able to enjoy it with you. Don't worry about taking Will with you, since knowing you, that's what you want to do. You don't want to get him involved with all of this, so the safest bet is to leave him here with my dad. Good luck in everything, Lucien.

I Love You,

I started tearing up after reading this. She loved me, even after all the time after we broke up. And everything she said was true. I can't give up after coming so far. Whatever the end of my journey is, I have to reach that end. Whether it results in Him killing me, the FBI killing me, or me even managing to find something to help us defeat Him, I have to play this hand all the way through. There's no going back.

Tomorrow, Donnie and I will be heading back to Jersey. Count, it's time for us to finally meet.

Lucien Drage

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today, I'm heading over to Brittany's father's house. I have to tell him about what happened to her. Also, I need to tell her son something as well. I'm not sure if I can tell him the truth. But I have to tell him something as to why his mother is not going to be around anymore. I'm sure I'll figure out something.

As for The Count, I think I do know what you mean on "returning home." I believe I know exactly where to go. I only pray that this is not another trap, or that this whole chase has been for nothing.

You know, it has been nine months since I started this whole thing. Originally, I just wanted to investigate Him and discover the truth. Now, I've lost two people that I have loved, almost lost my sister, lost a good friend (in Sammie), and who knows what else I may lose as I continue to go further.

On the other hand, I have made several good friends. People who are like me: running and fighting against the same enemy. Their strength, their conviction, that has helped to keep me strong, but how long can I continue this?

There are times that I simply wish I could forget all this happened, even though that means losing my friends. You know, maybe if I forgot all about what has happened to me, forgot all about Him, maybe I'd be safe. Maybe I wouldn't be living in fear of losing those I care about.

Just maybe...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back On Familiar Ground

Donnie and I arrived back in Georgia last night. Caught up on sleep after the jet-lag hit me. On the flight back here, we had a conversation on what Donnie has been up to these past few months.

Me: So what exactly happened? Why did you fake your death?
Donnie: It's pretty obvious, isn't it? I had to do it to throw the FBI off my trail. I'm sorry that it ultimately sent them after you.
Me: Off your trail? What were you doing out in the Black Forest? What trail were you following?
Donnie: After seeing all my files, you realize that I knew all about you and Slenderman. I've been researching him for a long time, actually. My father did too, while he was alive. My trail grew cold until I discovered you were a Fighter.
Me: So how did your trail lead you to the Black Forest?
Donnie: After I faked my death, I noticed that your ex was still following you. After you fled the state, she did the same, but in a different way. She booked herself a flight to Germany. I wanted to know what she was up to, and I eventually followed her into the forest. I found the village, and I saw all the proxies there. However, there was one building where a bunch of people, wearing no masks, were being locked up and under supervision.
Me: You mean, there were people there like you that weren't proxies?
Donnie: No, and I planned on trying to free them, or find out what was going to happen to them. The two people that were with me when we escaped were the only ones I managed to save. They chose to remain behind and try to save any others that were brought there.
Me: And what happened to the others?
Donnie: They were brought into the church, one by one. A strange type of mass was held each time. Sam was presiding over each one. I couldn't understand what they were saying, though I think it may have been in Latin. All I know is that at the end of each mass, Slenderman would appear in front of each victim. He would lean over them, and a strange, swirling, black mass would appear between the two of them. He would then lean back, and the black mass would enter the victim's mouth. After that, the person was never the same. He was Hallowed out after that.
Me: Do you have any idea what that black mass was?
Donnie: Not a clue, but whatever it was, that seemed to be the cause of the Hallowing out there in the forest. When you arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes. I never expected you to get there, and once you killed Sam, the masses had stopped for the moment. I'm guessing that maybe He needs an Agent to perform the mass, not just a regular proxy.
Me: So what do we do now?
Donnie: Well, you need to find The Count, still. I'm going to help you. I also have to get in touch with somebody myself. Hopefully, we'll get that all taken care of, then perhaps we can get back to somewhat of a normal life.

So now, I kinda know how this whole Hallowing process occurs. Maybe it was just in this one occurrence, maybe it's in every case, but at least now I have a theory to go on, and perhaps a way to stop it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I had no luck the other day, trying to get out of the village. Same problem no matter what: I leave, no matter what direction, and I come right back to where I left. The last time I came back, though, something strange happened. Actually, two things.

First, I sat down outside of the church, and I felt something in my back pocket. I reached into it, and I couldn't believe what I found. It was the black half mask that kept following me around several months ago. I never packed it with me, nor did I carry it with me at all during this. I'm not sure what kind of sign this is, but I'm taking advantage of it. I put the mask on, so that if I ran into other proxies, I wouldn't be discovered.

Right after I did this, a group of three proxie came from inside the church. They stopped right next to me, looked me up and down, and then the tallest of the three spoke. "You aren't one of them, are you?"

I looked shocked, and nodded my head. The second, a female, said, "Listen, you can still get out of here, before anything else happens. We can take you out of here. Just follow us, and don't say a word."

I did as she said, and I followed them into the church. We went down a set of stairs into the basement, and we came to a wall with giant curtains over it. The third proxy moved the curtains, and there was a tunnel hidden behind it. "Follow this, it will take you back to Frankfurt."

"Thank you," I said, with a little bit of hope and happiness in my voice. "But why are you three doing this?"

The first proxy removed his mask, and I could not believe my eyes.

It was Donnie.

"Because we are not like them. At least, I'm not."

The female spoke again. "We hear His voice in our heads, but He doesn't have us yet. We want to help you get out, so you don't give in."

"But what about the proxies that I killed while I've been here?"

The third replied, "You only killed the one you call Sam. Everything else you believe you did, it was all part of His game. He wanted to break you, make you His next favorite. But you managed to break his influence when you broke down and cried. He is really angry, and He will not give up until he gets you. Get out of here now, while you can."

Donnie looked at me, "And I'm coming with you. There are things I've learned here that I need to tell you."

I looked at the other two people and said thank you. I wished them luck and prayed they didn't fully turn, and Donnie led the way into the tunnel.

We got back to Frankfurt about 20 minutes ago, and he booked us a flight back to the United States. I will post again once we return, along with what Donnie has to tell me.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I've Done

I think I'm finally coherent enough that I can explain what happened since my last sane post, even though tears are still streaming down my face.

I decided to go into the church after all the proxies left. Brittany stayed outside on watch. I didn't find anything of interest, except finding the seats we were in during the dream we had. All of a sudden, I heard Brittany scream, so I ran back outside. There was somebody holding a gun to her head. I saw the face and cringed in fear.

It was Sam, my ex. She proceeded to tell me she was the one who left the false clue on my blog as to where I should go. Sam offered me one last chance to join her and the tall one, or else myself, and all those I cared about would die. I told her to go to hell, that I never would. Even Brittany told her to fuck off. As soon as she said that, Sam pulled the trigger.

Brittany fell to the ground, lifeless. Having seen Sam kill Kelley's unborn child, Morningstar's attempt at killing Kay, and now this, I just snapped. I took out one of my throwing knives and just launched it. It caught Sam right in the eye. As she screamed in pain, I pulled out my sword from the cane, ran at her, and just ran it right through her. Within moments, Sam fell to the ground, dead. I couldn't believe I had just killed a person for the first time in my life. But after a little bit, something in my head told me it was right.

As I realized I had no chance at escaping the village, I told myself that if I was trapped here forever, I might as well make the best of it. Every proxy I saw, I killed. I had no concern for them, even though they are still human. I could never bring back Brittany or Kelley, I thought that I could at least lower the number of enemies for myself and the other fighters/runners still out there. With each person I killed, the more blood that was on myself and my sword, the more I wanted to kill.

In the end, if it wasn't for the comment left for me by Hylocereus, mentioning Brittany, Kelley and Kay, I don't think I ever would have snapped out of that craze. Thank you, Hylo, for helping me there.

I gave Brittany a proper burial yesterday, even putting up a makeshift headstone for her. The one thing I'm scared for now, if I ever get out of here: what am I going to tell her father and son about what happened to her? How am I gonna tell them that Brittany was killed because of me?

As scared as I am, I need to tell them. Get out of here, tell them something. Besides, I owe something to Brittany. Somebody needs to raise her son. I told her I would do so with her. Now, I have to be the single parent. If I get out of here, I will be a father to Will, and tell him how brave his mother was.

Today, I'm going to try and search for a way out of the village, out of this forest.

I promise, Brittany. I won't let anything happen to Will. Somehow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why did I do this? What have I become? Kelley, Brittany, I didn't mean for me to get like this. I only thought I was helping you. I thought I was avenging you, avenging my loss.

But I became just as bad as any one of them.

It's probably best I'm trapped in this village.

Now I'll never hurt another soul again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The sun begins to rise, and another day begins. Still cannot leave my surrounds, so better make the best of my eternity in the village.

And what better way to do that than by killing those who have tortured my family, my friends, and the other fighters and runners out there?

The more I kill, the less we deal with.

The more I kill, the more I enjoy it. The more the blood is spilled, the more I smile.

Oh how I love the blood all over my hands. None of my weapons ever tasted the ruby water that drowns them before. Now they have, and they just want more.

And so do I.

And if I finally make it out of here, there is only one thing left to do.

And what is that, you ask? Well, there is only one proxy out there now that deserves my attention, to feel my sword run through his body, to enjoy the escape of death for his crimes.

You will get yours...


Lucien: 41
Proxies: 1

Monday, September 26, 2011

The sun rose this morning. It was red, like blood. Like the blood on me.

On my hands, on my clothes, on my sword, on my knives.

I don't want to wash it off anymore. In fact, I want more of it.

The sight, the smell, the feel, the taste of the blood. Even the sound of it splattering on the ground. All of it.

It's so delightful, so fulfilling.

Now I know why Darby enjoyed what he did.

As of today, the score is:
Lucien: 23
Proxies: 1

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit

I gotta get the blood off

It won't wash off my hands

It won't wash off my clothes

The blood won't go away

Please get rid of the blood

What have I done?

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Village

And no, I don't mean that terrible movie that came out years ago.

Brittany and I headed towards where we saw the glinting in the distance. When we finally reached it, I could not believe me eyes.

There was a village, smack dab inside of the Black Forest. It looked like one of those old pilgrim villages from the 17th century. The buildings were all made of wood, there was a town square, a church, everything you could think of. We started walking through it a little bit, and all of a sudden, it hit me. This village, or at least the church, looked very familiar, and I realized why, as well as why all the trees in the forest looked familiar as well.


The church and the trees are the exact same from the dream I had in that entry. I felt my entire body turn white. I turned over to Brittany, and she looked scared as well. "I've been here before," she said, "in a dream several months ago. I was in the church talking to somebody when I was attacked by Him." I responded with more of a sickening reaction. "Oh, shit!" I exclaimed. "I had that dream too, where I was talking to somebody in the church and she was attacked."

We realized we both had the same dream and were the ones talking to each other. Suddenly, the doors to the church opened and a large group of people started walking out. All of them were wearing masks. This definitely was the proxy village from my dream. It makes sense that it would be in the Black Forest.

We weren't sure exactly what do to from here, so we decided to try and head back out the way we came, maybe find some semblence of a safe civilization.

We headed out, and it felt like we were walking forever. Finally, we saw something in the distance and ran towards it.

Big mistake. It was the proxy village again. Somehow we went in a full circle and ended up back where we came. No idea how this happened, so we tried again. Same result. No matter how many times we left the village, we kept coming right back to it. A case of a Slendy mind-screw? Most likely. No idea how we are getting out of here, but we will find a way.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Black Forest

Lucien back here, and not in the best shape.

Before taking the train, we stopped off in a few shops just outside of Frankfurt. Found a quaint little shop that sold a nice selection of weapons. Bought myself a new sword-cane and a few throwing knives. For safety, of course.

Brittany and I have been in the Black Forest since Tuesday. It's strange, we still get internet service in here. But it's not really helping us at all.

We've been wandering in here, the food supply we brought in is getting low. For some reason, we can't access any maps or GPS or anything on the internet, and we can't remember the path we took to get in here. Just great, we're lost in a maze of creepy looking trees.

Yet, these trees seem very familiar to me. Not like I've seen them in pictures or anything. More like, I've walked past them or something. Maybe a dream or something, I don't know.

Haven't been sleeping right these past few nights either. Between the trees, the low food, and being lost, I guess you can say I'm scared of something coming out at us. Whether it's an animal, proxy, or Him, if anything comes after us out here, chances are that even with my weapons, I probably don't have the strength to really fend anything off.

The sun is starting to come up, and I think I see something glinting between the trees, maybe a mile or so ahead of us. Hopefully, this is where The Count was leading me.

Lucien Drage, out.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey guys, it's Brittany here. Lucien is sleeping right now in the bed of our hotel room. He looks so cute while he's sleeping. Anyway, he gave me the information to his blog so I could log in and update you.

We got to Frankfurt International Airport early on Saturday, and we've spent the past couple of days just doing a little bit of sightseeing. He's been so exhausted, though. I'm guessing it's because he's never been on a plane before and never experienced jetlag.

We're gonna do some more sightseeing today, and then tomorrow, we're taking a train to Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the German state where The Black Forest is located.

I called my dad last night to check up on Will (my son). He's doing well, though he's missing me. I've never been more than a day away from him. I miss the little guy too. I can't wait til we can go home and see him again. That's right, I said WE.

Lucien and I had a conversation last night about what was going to happen when we were done here in Germany. He said he was going to finish looking for The Count, and hope that he doesn't get killed by anybody coming after him. I told him I just wanted to go home to my son. He said he'd love to join me, but doesn't want to put me in any danger. I told him after everything I went through with my ex-husband, danger didn't bother me anymore.

We both began talking about the rough situations we had with our exes, and he even started crying when he brought up Kelley. It really must be hard when your unborn child is killed in front of your eyes, and then the person you love kills themself. At this point, we were holding each other in the bed, just cuddling. I looked at him after and I asked him if he wanted to come home with me when this was done. I admitted that I never stopped caring about him after we ended things, and he said he felt the same way. Its just that a long distance relationship was difficult for both of us.

Ultimately, I told him I still loved him and said I wanted him to come with me, to be a father to Will. He said he would love to. He just hopes that he'll never bring any danger to either of us. So now, both of us are gonna get what we want: I'm going to get a father for my son, and he's gonna get a loving family of his own.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Shit Has Hit The Fan...

This is what happens when I leave home and can't help my family anymore. One of those sick proxy bastards launches an attack on my sister, and creates a piece of emotional damage that she possibly won't be able to handle. And I can't return there, because I guarantee that Lobo and Fitzsimmons (if they survived the hurricane) would expect me to go back there and help her. Either I stay away and keep myself safe, but ignore what's happening to my sister, or I return to help her and risk both of us being taken by the FBI.

And on top of that, The Count commented on my last post with new directional coordinates for me to travel to, and I'm unsure if he is in a sound state of mind based on that. I searched up the coordinates that he left in the comment, and it is somewhere I've only heard others talk about and have been afraid to travel to myself.

The Count wants me to travel to The Black Forest in Germany.

Brittany reminded me of the early post from Noah in the vlog Tribe Twelve, the interview he had with his grandfather. Something is in those woods that kills people. It may be a base of operations for Him, it may simply be a place he lurks due to all the trees. There must be a reason that The Count wants me to go there, but I can't think of any. He's been helping me all this time, why send me to a place that will most likely kill me?

Still, the FBI would be crazy to chase me there, leaving me with just Him to deal with. I'd rather have only one crazy thing coming after me than multiple ones.

I talked to Brittany about this last night, and although she is nervous about it, she agrees.

We are on our way to the airport now. We are heading to Germany.

Lucien Drage, out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Left Again

So, the past week was definitely an interesting one.

Monday, August 29th, I ended up down in Georgia. This is where the information Dr. Cairo gave me said I would find Lucien Drage's family (it still feels weird saying that name without referring to myself). Before I went to find them, I hit up an old friend of mine that lived a few towns over. An ex girlfriend of mine, Brittany. We dated long distance for about 6 months before I started going out with Kelley.

I rang her doorbell, and she was surprised to see me. We had only met one time in person, and only really chatted online through Skype and such afterwards. This was our first time meeting, just the two of us. It was the happiest moment I had in a while. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was on vacation. She pulled me inside the house, closed and locked the doors.

Brittany: You don't have to pull these games, Lucien. I've been following your blog, somewhat. After what happened to Kelley, I refused to read, not wanting to see how hurt you were.
Me: Well, put it this was: I've got the faceless wonder after me, the psycho ex, the FBI, and I'm on a goose chase to find the family of somebody with the same name as me. That pretty much sums it up.
B: You know, I actually know of the family, the Drages. Very quiet, keep to themselves. Even when they go out in public, never talk to anybody.
Me: You've seen them? Which family members?
B: The parents died a few years ago. One of their daughters married and moved away that same year. The other daughter still lives in that house, along with her two children.
Me: Well, one daughter is still there. That's more than enough for me. I need to talk to her.
B: I'll take you over there tomorrow. Tonight, we celebrate. It's been over a year since we Skyped, over 2 since we first met. This is definitely cause for a fun night.

And by fun night, Brittany meant we would watch Harry Potter with her five year old son, followed by Mario Kart. For the first time since I proposed to Kelley, I was actually smiling. We had such a great time. That night, I fell asleep in a real bed. Of course, it was the same bed as Brittany (nothing happened). We spent most of the night talking until we both fell asleep in each other's arms. I feel a little guilty for even doing that after what happened with Kelley.

The next day, Brittany drove me out to the Drage residence. She left to go check on her son. I told her I would call once I was finished. I walked up the steps to the old house. Seemed kinda creepy. As I was about to ring the doorbell, the door opened up. An older woman answered, but I was in a state of shock. Except for her looking older, she reminded me exactly of my sister Kay.

Woman: Lucien. I expected you to show up one of these days.
Me: How do you know my...
Woman: You look just like my brother, before he was murdered.
Me: But the doctors said that...
Woman: I know what they said. What do they know? You and I are both smarter. We know who killed him. Now get your ass inside before anybody spots you.

So I get inside. The woman introduces herself as Kendall (funny, same first initial as Kay). She tells me that her parents were murdered in the same way, and that her sister left for fear of the same thing happening to her. The next thing she told me was very intriguing.

K: I used to be one of them, you know.
Me: One of what?
K: I was one of his servants.
Me: What??? (I stood up and tried to hurry to the door)
K: Wait! I'm not anymore! I managed to beat him!
Me: (hesitant, but I stay) Beat him? How? Most proxies only escape his grasp by being killed.
K: There is another way, but it doesn't work for everybody.
Me: And how is that?
K: You know that Maryland girl, Celeste?
Me: Yeah, what about her?
K: She had it right. That silly idea about a constant? It can work.

She went on to explain that her constant was actually a dagger. It was given to her by Lucien before he was committed to the hospital. However, she said she wanted me to have it. When I asked her why, she said it would do me better than it did her. She went off to fetch it, and I called Brittany to tell her that I was just about done there.

When Kendall came back she handed me a black box. Inside, she said was the dagger. She made me promise to keep it safe and never lose it.

K: You know, you really do look exactly like Lucien. Maybe you are him reborn, here to avenge your own death, or to help others escape the fate you once had.
Me: With everything we've dealt with, I would not be surprised by that. Thank you, Kendall.

I left the house and saw Brittany's car pull up. As I walked towards it, I heard an ear-piercing scream come from behind me. I turned back to the house, and I see Kendall's body being shoved out the window. Attached to her throat is a black tentacle. I swiftly get into Brittany's car and tell her to drive. She speeds on out of there and away from that house.

I stayed with Brittany for another day, and I told her that I had to leave. I couldn't endanger her anymore than I already had. I didn't know where I was going from there, but I had to leave before something hurt her. That's when she said something that both made me happy and scared.

She said she wanted to go with me.

She told me I couldn't argue with her. We were gonna leave her son with her father, she was gonna come with me and help me find a constant of my own, and perhaps find a way to either defeat this monster, or at least find The Count.

So now, we are on the road, Brittany and I.

I have company again, and for who knows how long, I'm happy again.

Lucien Drage, out.

Monday, August 29, 2011

They Lost The Trail

I finally lost Lobo and Fitzsimmons. I owe thanks to two big things that happened: the earthquake on Tuesday, and the hurricane this past weekend. I was in Virginia on Tuesday when the earthquake happened, and though some people may say it was dumb, I drove close to where the epicenter was. I was hoping to find a fissure or something in the ground that would open up even more, and although I didnt lose them, it did manage to slow them down. They caught up to me again down in the Carolinas, but again, I managed to throw them off my trail. The downside, however, is how I managed to do so.

The hurricane got my car. I was in one of the streets in Charlotte, and the hurricane was moving pretty fast. I hadn't seen them for about an hour, and I hoped to speed through the state to get past the hurricane. Things didnt exactly work that way. I started to see the flooding and the waves from the ocean moving in. I did the only smart thing that I could during that: I grabbed what I could from my car, abandoned it, and made my way to higher ground. I got up to the 3rd floor of a nearby apartment building. I looked out the big glass window to see my car floating down the street.

I had to get rides on the highways from strangers to keep moving, but I managed to make it to where I need to be. Going to follow up on my lead tomorrow. As for tonight, I'm paying a visit to a friend of mine. At least, I hope she is still living down here.

Lucien Drage, Out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting and A Lead

So, I did have my meeting with the runner I mentioned in my last post. The meeting was on Friday night, August 19th. Location will still be kept secret, though it was somewhat on the road in New Jersey. As for the identity of the runner, I'm sure that you will all know this person. as I've mentioned him before: Dr. Cairo Zelphest.

It seems Cairo has been on the run himself and found his way out to Jersey. He met up with a couple of other fighters, including Evan of EveryManHybrid fame, and another fighter who goes by the name of Hellershanks. He recorded his interactions with the two of them, as well as when he got in my car. It was scary, because just before I found Cairo, Lobo and Fitzsimmons found me.

I was maybe 20 minutes or so away from where Cairo wanted me to meet him, when I noticed that there was a black van right behind me. I was suspicious at first, but didnt think much because last time I saw them, they were driving a black car. My suspicions became true when I noticed the van speeding up and right on my bumper. Looking back in my mirror, I saw Fitzsimmons driving. I started speeding up and doing my best to avoid them catching me. I'm normally a cautious driver, but this time, I threw caution to the wind. I slammed on the gas and got myself to the highway.

I basically had to keep getting on and off the highway, speeding down side streets in towns I was not familiar with, doing whatever I could to avoid both the FBI and local cops. It took me almost an hour to finally lose them, and at that point I finally found Cairo. I motioned him to get in the car, and just sped off immediately. This link is the meetings he had with Evan, Hellershanks, and myself (in that order).

New Jersey

I still can't believe that Cairo actually managed to find more information on Lucien for me. I went through the paperwork he found for me, and I now have a lead on where to find his family.

Looks like Lucien is heading south.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Files

I think I may be developing a bit of the traditional "Slender-Sickness."

My last post here was on August 8th. I had travelled up the east coast of the United States, just trying to throw off my trail. The last day I remember before today was August 14th. Other than today, I have no memory of the past 3 days. And what's even worse is what I discovered.

I turned on my digital camera, and I found 5 video files on there. I copied them to my laptop and watched them individually. It seems they were all filmed in the same night, but I have no recollection of it. It was really dark, and apparently the only light that was able to be seen was from my flashlight (I do not have one on me). I edited the five videos together, and proceeded to post them to youtube.


Still not sure where this place could have been, since I can't really see anything in the video. However, when I woke up today, I was in my car, back in a certain place I have been before (will not say where to reveal my location).

I also received an e-mail from somebody (not wanting to say who just yet) who said that they wanted to meet up with me and discuss something with me. After certain events that have happened, I am not sure I can trust this person or not. However, this person is on the run, just like me. It may be worth it to have another ally I can trust. I'm set to meet with them on a particular date and time, I will post again after the meeting.

Lucien Drage, Out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It Wasn't Room Service

It was Lobo. As soon as I opened the door to the room, he tackled me to the ground.

Lobo: Just stop giving us a hard time, Davies, and you won't get hurt.
Me: Just like you didn't hurt Donnie and Diana? You guys are just dirty, underhanded sneaks working for a corrupted department!
Lobo: Maybe so, but we're getting paid to do our job, and my job now is to stop you.
Me: (still struggling underneath Lobo) and just what exactly are you stopping me from?
Lobo: I have no reason to explain anything to you.
Me: You do if you're following the goddamn law, or do you not remember what that is anymore?
Lobo: I know the law, better than you ever will.
Me: Than maybe you'll know all about this part of the law.
Lobo: What part is that?
Me: Resisting arrest!

At that point, I managed to pull one of my arms free and I simply punched him in the face as hard as I could. He fell off of me, and I immediately made a run for the door. Surprisingly, Fitzsimmons wasn't hiding outside the room, so I managed to make a clean getaway. I had nothing left in the room, so I didn't care to turn back.

I booked it out of the hotel as fast as I could and hopped in my car. I pulled out of the lot and hit the road. Been driving since then. I was traveling up the east coast for awhile, now heading back south. I have a few places I need to visit before I can refocus on finding Drage or The Count.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Trace

Currently hiding out somewhere in Pennsylvania. Not venturing too far away from my previous locations, even though I know it's dangerous, what with Lobo and Fitzsimmons probably trying to find me. At the hotel in New York, I saw a black car parked across the street from me. I saw two male figures sitting inside the car, but I couldn't actually tell if it was them. I couldn't take any chances.

I haven't heard hide nor hair from them, Sam, or The Count since I left. Maybe I'm not being followed. Maybe I am, and they are waiting for me to slip up.

I am trying to find any trace of Lucien Drage's family: his parents or his sisters. If one of them is still alive, I need to find them and see what they can tell me about him. Sadly, the internet has been of no use to me. There are no records online of any family named Drage anywhere along the east coast. In fact, the only Drage family I have been able to find anything about is in Europe, and none of them have any family member, alive or deceased, named Lucien.

This is probably a dead trail, and I guess I should redirect my focus back on finding The Count.

I'll update again later, somebody is at the door. Probably the room service I ordered.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucien Drage's File

I am currently at a hotel somewhere in New York State (not saying how far I travelled away from Letchworth), and I've been reading this file about the real Lucien Drage. The similarities between me and him are remarkable, and I wonder if there really is a connection between me and him.

First off, his family was the same as me: he was the youngest of three, two older sisters. Both parents alive when he died. However, it seemed that his family never visited him while he was being "treated." I put that in quotations because what he was receiving could be considered either treatments or torture. Lucien was constantly locked up in solitary confinement because of his violent streaks. He would attack the nurses and doctors that came near him, but only when he would announce that his "stalker" was nearby. The stalker was described as tall, faceless and always wearing a suit. He would appear to Lucien usually once every few days.

The intriguing fact was that even though his family never visited, Lucien had one visitor every single week. The man would only introduce himself as Mr. Germaine, a close friend of the family. He was the only one who was able to keep Lucien calm enough to be able to describe things that happened in his life, such as when the stalker started appearing in his life, the people he lost to the stalker, etc... Things got worse when Lucien was 23, because Mr. Germaine stopped visiting. Lucien soon became out of control, and the only way to keep him from hurting anybody was through electro-shock therapy.

The day Lucien was discovered dead, they found he had gotten out of his straight jacket in his room. His wrists and throat were slit wide open, and several marks were left on his body. The marks were documented as "being reminiscient of vines or tentacles that wrapped around his body. Possibly the straps from the straight jacket."

So two things come to mind about this. First, the marks found on Lucien's body seem to be possible marks from Slenderman. However, why would He have only left marks on his body like that, instead of tearing him apart like most of his victims? Nothing to really credit this being a Slenderman attack, but nothing to really discount it either. Second, the man who visited Lucien: Mr. Germaine. Going back into what I've researched, Germaine was once a name used by The Count. He would often call himself The Count St. Germaine. So could this man be the one and the same who has been helping me? If so, what is the connection between Lucien and myself? I know I said I picked the name Lucien Drage by myself, but what if subconsciously, there was more to it?

More questions found, no answers revealed. What else do I have to learn?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letchworth Village

Date of this post: July 21, 2011. Date to be released: July 27, 2011.

That was where The Count's first coordinates led me to. Letchworth Village in New York state. It appears to be an abandoned hospital and/or psychiatric facility (geez, what is up with these places?). I searched around and took as many pictures as I could before my camera's batteries decided to die on me, as always.


There didn't seem to be anything worth looking at there, except for one thing. I couldn't take a picture of it because of the dead batteries (reminding myself I need to head to a store and buy a lot of double A batteries). In one of the buildings, I found a cabinet with old medical files in there. I wasn't sure if I would find anything of importance in there, but I looked anyway. The second to last file I found was what caught my eye.

The name of the person in the file: Lucien Drage. Birthdate: March 11, 1964. Date of Death: March 11, 1985. Cause: Suicide.

This file was the only one I took with me. I have read it over and over and found so many similarities between myself and this other Lucien. The big connections I've discovered other than the name are the birthdate/death date (he died on the day that I was born), and that he was constantly screaming and swearing that a tall, faceless man was stalking him and trying to kill him.

I will be doing my research on him while I continue to look for The Count.

Lucien Drage, Out.

Monday, July 18, 2011


It had to be done. Kay, I'm sorry I didn't inform you, I had to be safe and cover myself.

This post was delayed to update now. I left home on Friday, and I don't know when I'll be returning.

It's my turn to run, but for several reasons. First, after the threat I received from the FBI at the lunch last Saturday, it became apparent to me that they will be coming after me, just as they did Zeke and Celeste. So until I can properly cover my tracks or get off their list, all my posts will come delayed, so nobody will find me wherever I say I am.

Secondly, Sam posted a new video on youtube.  You're Next, Luke

That was my house she pulled up to. She knows where I live. I'm definitely not safe there anymore. She's the next reason I had to leave. I know she'll try to follow me wherever I head off to, so at least I can keep my parents safe this way (Kay, you will check in on them for me from time to time, won't you?).

Finally, the last reason for leaving: The Count. After discovering who he is, I've realized something. If he truly is who he says he is, he has been alive for over 2000 years. He obviously knows things about Slenderman that we may not. He may have sought me out to tell me this information. Now I have to seek him out to get him to tell me. Count, if you read this, comment and tell me where I need to go. I don't want to just round around the country blind.

I believe I know where my first stop will be, but only if this particular person says she will accept my help. If not, Count, I await for your response.

Until next I update, Lucien Drage, OUT.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rough Weekend, To Say The Least

The title says it all, and yet barely even covers what this weekend entailed. First off, Saturday morning was Kelley's funeral. My parents came with me, as well as all of Kelley's family. Some of our common friends, as well as most of her graduating class from high school, showed up as well. Plenty of tears were shed during the service.

I've never been to a funeral in the summer. It's really terrible for all of us wearing black, when it's sunny and humid out with barely a breeze. At one point, the wind kicked up for a minute. When it did, I looked in the direction the wind was blowing in. I thought I saw Him standing off in the distance. It was hard to tell, because I blinked and looked again, but whoever it was had disappeared.

I said my part over her casket. I felt I needed to, since I was the last person who saw her alive. Of course, even though I know it was a suicide, people will still probably be suspicious of me. After my speech, they lowered her casket into the ground. I never cried harder in my life then I did at that moment. I honestly don't know how some of the people there were able to not cry.

After the funeral, we had a luncheon at a nearby restaurant for some of us. Basically, it was one of those things where we ate and talked about how much we missed Kelley and all the happy memories we had with her. Everything seemed like a pretty good time, but then the most interesting, and yet terrifying, thing happened.

Two men wearing black suits and ties walked into the restaurant. I didn't recognize either of them from the funeral, so I was a little confused for a moment. They walked over to where we all were sitting. One was about my height, maybe a little taller (so around 5'10 perhaps), lean build, short, frizzy dirty blonde hair, white skin. The other was tanned, much shorter (perhaps 5'4, 5'5), a little on the chunky side, and longer black hair. They walked up to the table, and although they were looking at everybody, it felt like their eyes were fixated on me. The shorter one spoke first.

"We are looking for a Lucien Drage."

I stood up, and simply responded with, "That's me. Who are you?"

The taller one responded. "My name is Agent Lobo, and this is my partner Agent Fitzsimmons. We are with the FBI. We would like to ask you some questions."

"Um.....ok, what is this about?"

Fitzsimmons: "We would rather discuss this in private. Would you mind walking outside with us?"

Me: "Just don't keep me too long. We are in the middle of a luncheon right now."

Lobo: "Don't worry. Simply answer our questions, and we will be on our way."

I step outside the restaurant with Agents Lobo and Fitzsimmons, walking into the parking lot. I am exceedingly nervous, remembering what I've read about the FBI in regards to Zeke and Celeste. However, there is a police station right across the street from the restaurant, so these agents would have been quite dumb to attempt something in front of local authorities.

Me: So what is this all about?

F: Well, we wanted to ask you about your relationship with the former chief of police in your town, Donnie [will not give his last name].

Me: What about it? He was a good friend of my family, as well as myself.

L: Well, it certainly seems like you were more than good friends. After all, he did share police files with you, did he not?

Me: What are you talking about?

F: Don't play your little games with us, LUKE. We know that Donnie took you to the psychiatric facilities to talk to Diana, and we know you were given access to view his files on all the missing persons' cases in your town. We want to know why Donnie broke all the rules to allow you to know all about this.

Me: I don't know why he did it. Maybe he wanted an outsider's perspective on the entire situation. Maybe he simply wanted a fresh look on the cases to get a better idea of who could have done the kidnappings and killings.

L: Yeah, a likely story coming from somebody who has lied to his whole family about why he changed his name.

Me: How do you know about that?

L: You think we wouldn't come to you about this without doing our research on you first, Luke? We know all about you: your name change, your ex's attempt to kill you, even your fiancee's death, most likely caused by you.

At that point, my anger was boiling over, tarnishing my fiancee's name only a week after she died.

Me: How dare you insult my fiancee like that! Gentlemen, I have answered your questions, now if you excuse me, I have my family and friends to get back to. Good day.

I turn to walk back into the restaurant, but one of them grabs my shoulder.

F: Just be careful, Luke. We wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to you, like Diana, Donnie, or Kelley. Enjoy the rest of your meal.

And with that, the two of them simply walked to their car and drove off.

Donnie even warned me that the FBI may come after me next. I'm starting to think it's not safe for me here anymore. I don't want my parents involved in this, and I have nothing really keeping me here now.

Perhaps it is time for me to leave.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stop These Tears

I've been crying for the past few days now. And it has nothing to do with Kelley losing the baby. It's worse than that now.

I've lost Kelley.

After my last post, I confronted Kelley about her finding my blog. I finally sat her down and explained everything to her: Slenderman, the proxies, Sam, even my past. I had no choice, seeing she read part of my blog. I had to tell her the truth. I also explained to her that I was only trying to protect her, thinking that the less she knew, the safer she would be. She said she believed me, but that she was still angry with me for it. Understandable, but now I knew that I had to watch her all the time. Now that she knew, her safety was completely gone.

I woke up Saturday morning to go and take a shower, and that's when I found her.

She was laying in the bathtub, a piece of broken glass on the floor, both of her wrists slit wide open. I ran and got my dad before he left for work, since he is an EMT, and I asked him to check her pulse. I was almost hyperventilating, or else I would have done it myself.  He said there was none. He called the ambulance to get her body.

She was DOA. They estimated her time of death to be between 3 and 4 in the morning. Cause: suicide.

I lost my baby, and now I lost my fiancee. What do I have left here for me? The only person I was trying to protect is gone. What's the point of staying here and fighting? What's the point of running? No matter what we do, we lose. It's either we let Him take us, or we remove ourselves. The latter is certainly looking mighty tempting now.

And now, because of my failures, I have decided to relinquish my titles. I don't deserve to lead the Isabel Initiative or the Keeper Alliance. I guess that just leaves me as Lucien Drage.

Not even that sounds like a good title anymore.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Out/No Progress/Got Him

Friday night, Kelley and I went to the fair. It was opening night: Dollar Night. Parking was one dollar, some foods and all games/rides were a dollar, and admission was only two dollars. We tried to has as fun of a time as we could. I even managed to win her a small stuffed tiger from one of the water gun games. I think people were allowing me to win because of my arm, though. We went on the ferris wheel, saw the pig racing, the big cat show, we even went into their petting zoo. Normally, she loves it when she sees me with animals (and this little zoo had goats, Shetland ponies, camels, zebus, donkeys, llamas, etc...), but the entire night, there was no trace of a smile on her face.

I know it's only been two weeks since it happened, but Kelley has shown no signs of improvement or change. She continues to wake up screaming and crying at night. She is blaming herself for losing our baby. She thought that she could have protected herself from Sam, but she was unable to do so. However, she has mentioned something else now.

"If it wasn't for that man in the suit with her, I would have been able to defend myself."

Now I'm really scared for her. She has now seen Him, and He was the reason for all of this happening. It hurts me to know this.

I should have told her earlier on what was happening with me: Him chasing me, attacking me, even telling her about my past. Maybe if I warned her, we could have stopped this.

I'm seeing no choice now. I have to tell her the truth, but I'm afraid to do so. Kelley will hate me for hiding so much from her. I only thought that I was protecting her by keeping her away from this as much as I could. I guess I was wrong.

There is a little bit of good news, although I'm still not fully sure I believe it myself. The Count was right, saying it'd be more believable if I figured it out on my own, but it still seems too unreal.

I finally figured out (I hope) The Count's identity.

Based on the clues he has given me: been around for a long time, being the way he is because HE made him that way, speaking Aramaic. All of these clues have led me to only one possible person, and it seems based as much in mythology/fantasy as it can be traced in history as well. His name is Cartaphilus.

Most people who have heard of him know him as either The Wandering Jew or The Count St. Germaine.

With everything I've read on him, this is what I can gather about his past: he was a gatekeeper for Pontius Pilate during the life of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was carrying the cross, Cartaphilus told him to hurry along and get it over with. Jesus turned to him and said "I shall hurry along. But you will not. You shall remain until I return," or something along those lines. Nobody really knows for sure. As the years went by, Cartaphilus went on with his life as normal. But one day, when he was in his 80s, he felt some kind of pain inside him and passed out. When he came to, he saw his reflection and noticed he looked the same age he did when he saw Jesus.

Over time, this "ritual" of his continued to happen. When the time came for his change, he would fake his death, and then return as his own descendant. All of this is the myth and fantasy part of the story.

However, he has been spotted many times throughout history. Templars during the Crusades claimed to have met him in Jerusalem. He was spotted in 15th century Italy two times. He encountered the same woman both times, within 50 years of each other. When she saw him, she stated that he had not aged a single day since they saw each other. He was seen during the French Revolution, apparently warning Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of the peasant uprising. The last documented time of him being spotted was in the early 20th century. He was captured during WWI by the German army, but eventually managed to escape.

And now, he's appeared to me. At least, if this is the same person. He could simply be a charlatan that has done his research. But that doesn't explain how this man can speak Aramaic, let alone why I could understand it.

If I have figured this out correctly, Cartaphilus, then what is the next step?

Friday, June 24, 2011


Kelley and I have been to see a psychiatrist a few times this week. Our first visit was on Monday, where we both went in to talk to the doctor. She simply wanted to get to know us, why we were coming to her, etc...

Kelley just seemed so emotionless, so empty, as she talked to the doctor. Except for when she has been screaming and crying at night, there seems to be no life coming from her anymore. I've heard stories about people going through depression after having an abortion or miscarriage, but I didn't imagine it was like this.

Kelley spoke with the psychiatrist on her own on Wednesday, and I went back for a solo session yesterday. The psychiatrist said that I'm dealing with the recent events fairly well, and that there is no need for me to see her on my own. It's not that I'm heartless and have simply moved on from this. I need to stay strong for Kelley, in order to help her get through this.

She still doesn't know exactly what happened to her. She doesn't know who it was that kidnapped her, who attacked me, who helped me, etc... The truth is, I don't know how to explain it to her. At least, I don't know what to say without telling her everything: my past, what I've been dealing with, not to mention informing her all about Him. Although, after everything that has happened, what's the worst that could happen if I did tell her? (knocking on wood as I type that, hehe)

Been doing some thinking and research on The Count's last clue. I haven't come to anything conclusive yet, but I'm not giving up. Although, maybe I need to take a night off from everything.

I'm taking Kelley out tonight, hoping to take her mind off of things. It is opening night for the fair up here, and even though the weather is not great, it may be a nice night out to relax.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Night, Part 3

Well, Kelley is asleep, but I'm sure she'll be up again soon. So, to finish my story, here is what happened the rest of the time in the hospital.

Tuesday morning, I was able to get out of my hospital bed. The doctors examined me over one more time and said I was cleared to go back home, but I would be unable to work for at least a month, in order to recover from the broken arm and the concussion I received. I asked them where Kelley was, and they told me what room to go to. They also said, however, that I needed to be careful while I was in there. Not sure why they said that, but I had to see her.

I found her room one floor above me. She was sleeping, and the nurse was changing her IV. I asked the nurse how she was doing.

Nurse: She is recovering, she'll need to stay here another day or two though.
Me: And how is our baby?
Nurse: You might want to take a seat.
Me: (I do as she says and sit down) What's wrong? What happened to our baby?
Nurse: Well, when she was brought in, she had been stabbed in the stomach. She was immediately brought in for surgery.
Me: Go on.
Nurse: As you can see, we were able to save her. However...
Me: What do you mean, 'however'?
Nurse: The stab wound went straight through into her amniotic sac and pierced the baby's head. There was no way to save the child. I'm sorry.

I gasped for air and started tearing up. I couldn't believe it. The nurse finished setting up the IV and left. I sat down in the chair next to Kelley's bed, gently held her hand and laid my head back. I began crying like a child, but I couldn't help it. I...we just lost our child. I'm still crying as I type this now. I don't think anybody could prepare for something like this.

Thursday night, Kelley was released from the hospital. I called my parents, explained to them that we were attacked on Sunday and were finally coming out of the hospital. I asked them if Kelley could stay with us for awhile, telling them that I had to be there to be her support after such an ordeal. They were so happy to say yes, insisting that I was doing the right thing by staying with her during her recovery.

So that's everything that happened. Kelley losing the baby is the reason she's constantly screaming and crying all night. I've been crying since I found out too, but I try to stay strong around her. I don't want to make her condition worse. Monday, I'm gonna take her out to talk to a psychiatrist, see if that can help her get through this. I will probably talk to the psychiatrist too, I probably need it, though not as much as Kelley.

Gonna try and get some sleep, though I'll probably wake up to tend to Kelley. Good night all.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunday Night Part 2

She was screaming for most of the night before I was finally able to help her get back to sleep. I did all I could, but it's not enough.

So, the fourth proxy was maskless and looked familar to me. He began attacking the other three proxies. He managed to move pretty fast, considering he looked like he was at least a good 10 to 15 years older than me. He continuously attacked the other three proxies, while I lay on my back, still in pain from the beating I had received. My vision was going blurry and dark, I didn't think I'd be able to stay conscious for much longer.

At this point, I noticed the man had pulled out what looked like a dagger of some sort. He was now stabbing the proxies, in non-vital points as not to kill them. Getting a little tired himself, he manages to finish taking down the three proxies, leaving just him, Samantha, Kelley and myself. Samantha seems extremely pissed now, and she pulls Kelley up and looks down at me.

Samantha: I told you to come alone, Luke. You failed, and now you are going to be punished for that. (she kicks me in the head) I hope you both enjoy your punishment.

At this point, she pulls out a large knife of her own. I'm expecting to see her stab me with it, but I was wrong. I heard Kelley let out an ear piercing scream of her own. I try to push myself off with my left arm (the one that wasn't broken), and I see Samantha running away. I turn the attention to Kelley, and she is holding her stomach, crying out, "Oh my god, my baby! My baby!" Where her hands are on her stomach, I see a large trail of blood running down. I try to crawl over to her, but everything was going black. I managed to get next to her before I finally collapsed and passed out.

When I came to, it was late Monday night. The man who helped me on Sunday was sitting in the chair next to my hospital bed. Still not sure who he was, I tried to talk to him.

Me: Thank you, for helping me. I'd probably be worse off if you weren't there.
Stranger: You are extraordinarily lucky I managed to pick off one of those proxies before they attacked. You and Kelley would probably be dead.
Me: Yeah, you're definitely...wait a second. How do you know Kelley's name? And more importantly, how do you know who I am and what was going to happen?
Stranger: Your sister is right, you can be stupid at times. Who is the only person that's been trying to help you this whole time?

I finally put two and two together and realize just who this was: The Count.

Me: You know, why couldn't you simply tell me who you are?
Count: If I revealed to you who I was immediately, I doubt that you would have believed me. It's better for you to learn everything and figure it out. It makes it more believable when you learn it on your own.
Me: Well, you said you had one last clue for me. What is it?

The Count leans in to me and whispers into my ear. The words do not sound like they are English, yet I can understand exactly what he says: This gift is my curse, to be alive forever. Do not doubt HIS existence, for HE made me this way, in order to take on Him.

Me: Those words. I can understand them, but they aren't English.
Count: That means you are ready. The words I spoke are of an ancient language long since dead. Only a few scholars in the world can speak it fluently. Your final clue is what I said, and the language I spoke it in: Aramaic. And with that, I must take my leave of you.
Me: Wait, what about Kelley? Is she alright? Where is she?
Count: She's here in the hospital, you can go and find her. You may not be happy with what you find though.
Me: What do you mean?

But as I said that, The Count had taken his leave.

I have to attend to Kelley, I will post the final part of what happened later tonight.

Sunday Night, Part 1

I'm home, after quite a few days in the hospital. Kelley is with me. She isn't doing too well herself. I will explain that further along, but I guess I should tell what happened Sunday night when I left to go meet with Samantha.

I arrived at the lake a few minutes before 9pm, not sure where I was actually supposed to meet her. Normally during this weather, there would be people walking around the lake, but nobody was there. I started walking around until I got to the far end. At this end, there is a bit of a hill and a set of stairs, which lead up to a road. As I got to this hill, I saw two figures: one standing up and the other kind of kneeling down next to the first one. As I got closer, I could see the faces of both people: Samantha standing up and Kelley kneeling down. I got about maybe 10 to 15 feet from them when Samantha held up her hand, signalling me to stop.

Samantha: It certainly has been too long, Luke. You're still as handsome as ever.
Me: The name is Lucien now. And it didn't seem like you felt that way the last time I saw you. If I remember correctly, weren't you trying to kill me?
S: No, not kill you, subdue you. He wanted you, and I was chosen to fetch you for Him.
M: So, you admit you've been helping Him since then?
S: I have, and believe me, even with His help, I've had a hard time tracking you. Almost 2 years to find you again.
M: And this is why you kidnapped Kelley: to get me?
S: Exactly. In fact, I even have a little deal for you.
M: And just what would that be?
S: It's very simple. You come with me and serve Him, I let Kelley and your baby go, unharmed. Even with Him, I'm sure you don't want any harm to come to your child.
M: Sadly, you do have a point...

Kelley had been crying this entire time, and at this point, she lifted her head and looked at me.

Kelley: Lucien, whatever you do, don't listen to her. Don't give in to what this bitch wants!

Samantha takes the hand she signalled me to stop with and backhands Kelley across the face.

M: You bitch! I will fucking kill you for hurting my fiancee!
S: I take it this means you refuse my deal?
M: You're damn right I refuse your deal! I swear that I will kill you, Sam.
S: That is, if you can even get to me.

At this point, she brings her hand to her mouth and whistles. I hear whistles come back from different directions. I look around, and I see four more people come out of nowhere, all wearing masks over their face. She asked me to come alone, I should have expected her not to do the same.

S: I guess I'll have to bring you to Him the hard way.

The four proxies slowly started moving in towards me. As much as I know I can handle myself one on one, I cannot take four people at once, even when I was in my best physical shape. However, I couldn't just give in. I had to try.

The four move in closer, and I realize I have only one chance. I turn my attention to the proxy closest to me and I throw a punch at his stomach. I turn around to catch the second one about to punch me, but I manage to duck under it. As I grabbed his arm to try and throw him, I felt something hard catch me in the head. The third proxy had kicked straight at my head. I went down pretty fast. Guess that's due to the baseball bat I got caught with a few months ago. I feel myself getting woozy already, but I'm still trying to defend myself. I'm getting punched in the face, kicked in the stomach. Suddenly, I feel myself being picked up by the arms. Two of them are now holding me, the third is punching me in the stomach some more. After several punches, I fall to my knees, blood dripping from my mouth. Then, it happened.

One of the two proxies holding me grabs my right arm. I feel him pulling it back further and further. Then, he drops his elbow onto my arm so hard, I scream louder than I ever have. My arm is now bent the opposite way it should, and I have no feeling left in the rest of it. I'm grabbed and thrown in front of Samantha now.

S: It's a shame you had to be like this, Luke. It could have been so easy, and we would have made a great team. Guess I gotta take you in like this: a weakling that couldn't protect his fiancee.

Suddenly, the 4th proxy, who hadn't done anything this entire time, turns to the one who broke my arm and punches him in the face. He removes his mask and I see a face that didn't look familiar to me, and yet at the same time, it was.

I will post the 2nd part later today. Kelley is screaming, I need to go and comfort her.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I cannot say much right now. I have been in the hospital with Kelley since Sunday night. Things didn't go exactly as Samantha had planned, but they didn't work out in my favor. Put it this way: do you know how hard it is to do anything when your main arm is in a cast and sling?

Not really able to talk, I have to keep an eye on Kelley. I will try to update later if I can.

Hehe, and to think that today is our one year anniversary. Both of us being hospitalized is exactly how I wanted to spend it (note the sarcasm there).

Lucien Drage, out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Time

It's almost 9pm. I have to leave and meet Sam at the park, try to get Kelley and my baby back. I don't know what's going to happen, if I'll even return from this night. All I know is that one way or another, I'm saving Kelley and the baby.

This is probably farewell, so I'll have to say my good-byes to everybody.

Kay, we have both been through our fair amount of shit lately, and I hope that you and the other two Sages are able to take care of things. Afterall, you three are special, at least according to Maduin. Why else would he have named you the new Sages? Just be careful.

Dr. Cairo, I'm glad that you were found safely, and I hope that we can still trust you. Personally, I think Benefactor was lying about things, just trying to throw us off of following you and helping you.

Sammie, you've been a true friend throughout my troubles, and I hope you considered me the same. You've survived a lot, and I know you will continue to survive. Just stay strong, keep running, and don't forget me.

Tony and Cathy, I pray that you can find Cynthia and save her before it's too late. You two work well together, perhaps its time to reconcile your differences and see if you can be a family again, once you rescue your daughter.

Steph and Rebecca, I know we really didnt communicate much, but you were friends and lights in the dark when I needed it. Thank you, and I hope everything works well on your side.

Celie, you have certainly been through troubles but kept coming out stronger. Don't be afraid to ask for help, even if it's from some unlikely people. I guess I'll never get a chance to come see The Grey Haven.

Darby, I never got that explanation from you about what happened. I'm sure it was for a good reason though.

Zeke, you better take care of Celie. I know you can handle yourself, but don't throw her into any danger you would normally put yourself in.

Scott, I hope you survive the games you are playing. You are one of many who need to keep fighting for us. Your records will be of use to everybody.

Storm, another true friend. It's a shame what has happened to you. You got lost in the dark, I hope you find your way back to the light.

Maurice, your story has only just begun, and I won't be around to see the final curtain. I hope that it drops on a positive note.

The Mad Ventriloquist, your strange way of communicating intrigued me. I felt that we could become friends. Maybe we will, in another life.

Rev Loon, another new friend. Thank you for trying to help me figure out the messages I received. It means a lot to see that people will still help strangers in this cruel world.

To all the others who have read this, or may read this in the future, I wish you all the best of luck in your fights/escapes from our enemy.

Well, it's time.

Farewell, my friends.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All