Friday, December 30, 2011

The Prior Post...

...was not from me. I was at our one base of operations the entire time, the same one that Lucien was brought to back in October. The post was made mid-afternoon. I traced the IP address from the post, and it came to this same computer that I currently use. The message was definitely garbled up, as you can obviously tell. However, one thing is almost undoubtedly certain to me.

That post was from Lucien. He's alive somewhere.

But if the IP address came from my own computer, and I was here the entire time, only one possibility exists, and this also fits in with my theory of what happened to him. I have asked the sage Ryuu for assistance on this, and hopefully with her knowledge, I can find out the truth behind the mysterious post. I only wish I could understand more of it. The only clear-cut words were "help me", "don't kno" (obviously "don't know"), "I am", "after me", "can't esca" (most likely "can't escape"), "sees me", and "help".

In other news, another video was posted to OutOfTheLie. However, this video was directed at myself.


That voice is extremely familiar to me. I am not sure who she is, but I feel that she was an important part of my life at one point.

All of this happening now, plus we are finding more sightings of The Threat popping up among people around the world. Not only children and people similar in age to Lucien, but older people are starting to see him too. They are only telling a few people (thankfully, some of those people are members of the SIA), because they are afraid that nobody would believe them.

Another storm is beginning to brew, and I don't know the cause of it. All I know is that if things continue the way they are, drastic measure are going to have to be taken.

And when I say drastic, I mean a sacrifice may have to be made, and by me.

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