Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm finally home from my vacation. It was a very long and enjoyable weekend, with quite a few surprises.

First, since I am home, I can say where I was: Atlantic City, NJ. About a 2 and a half hour drive for me. I went down there for a Rocky Horror Picture Show convention (yes, I am a Rocky fan, sue me). I got there after grabbing my friend and girlfriend at around 5pm on Thursday. We stayed in the Showboat with another friend of ours. Checked in, got settled into the room, and starting walking around to have fun. I didnt gamble the first night because I wanted to wait a day or so and be sure I wanted to win some money.

Friday, we spent some time with yet another friend walking on the boardwalk. We went to the Ripley's Museum, ate at Johnny Rockets, checked out some stores for shopping, etc... That night, we got invited to parties from several of the RHPS shadowcasts that were there. Enjoyed my free alcohol. I definitely needed some drinks after all I've been through the past month and a half.

Saturday, I decided to head into the casino itself and gamble. I choose to stay away from slot machines since I lose more money there. I chose to head over to the Taj Mahal and try my hand at $1 blackjack.

It seems The Count's prediction came true for me. He said some good would come from the weekend.

Just from blackjack, I won over $10,000.

But that's not all. I headed over to roulette after that, to see if I was still lucky, and I was. I won another $30,000.

$40,000. I've never had that much money before in my life. It was a miracle for me. But I wonder, how did The Count know I would have luck and win the money?

Well, obviously, he knew I was going to be there too.

A letter was delivered to my room.

I would have filmed it for my youtube, but for some reason, all the batteries I have tried in my camera keep dying after about 10 seconds. I dont know if it's the batteries, the camera, or something else, but I may have to limit using the camera for a bit.

The letter was from The Count, and it reads as follows:

     The first clue was easy
     This next one is not
     To figure it out
     Remember what you forgot

     You met me before
     I've watched you grow
     Been a part of your life
     Hidden in the shadow

     My history is long
     My life has been too
     When it will end
     I haven't a clue

     So let's play the game
     For old time's sake
     A round of manhunt
     Down by the lake

-The Count

I'm definitely confused by this one. "Remember what I forgot?" "A round of manhunt?" I have never played manhunt in my life. And how can I remember what I forgot? However, he does mention the lake again. Seems I can't avoid that damn place. I will try to get there this week.

So, I'm home, and I've been checking updates on things. First off, Reach and Ava. Apparently, they have split, and Ava is pregnant with Reach's child. I don't know if they read my stuff here, but if they do, then to the both of you: please try to work things out, if not relationship-wise, at least friendship-wise, so you can be civil with each other and help take care of that child.

Next big update is from Dr. Cairo. Last week, I decided to look at his blog, and I noticed that nobody had gotten any closer to solving that card puzzle from Benefactor. I decided to give it a shot before I left for AC, hoping to help him out.

Benefactor left subtle hints that nobody picked up on. He favorited two videos on youtube: How to Play Solitaire, and All The Right Moves by One Republic. Obviously, he meant for the cards to be arranged in a solitaire fashion. And in the song, the one line tells how to arrange the cards: They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades.  Therefore, Hearts with Spades, Diamonds with Clubs. I managed to translate and organize everything, and I got a little worried. This is Benefactor's message:

The Doctor Lies
Do Not Trust Him
More Infection
Increased Fear

I'm beginning to worry now. Benefactor says we can't trust Cairo. But Cairo says we can't trust Benefactor. And to top that off, Benefactor posted a new video, telling everybody that I'm the only one that can be trusted now. So much happening now, it seems to be getting to be a lot, and there is still that big decision I mentioned before I left for vacation.

As you all know, Jeff the Keeper of Let Us Live is dead. He sacrificed himself to try and save Cheska. Now she is captured herself. They were the leaders of The Keeper Alliance. Jeff was also the leader of the Isabel Initiative. Without them, there's nobody to take charge of it.

Until now.

My decision: I am stepping up to the plate. As of today, I am no longer a member of the Isabel Initiative, or a helper to the Keeper Alliance.. In honor of Jeff and Cheska, I am taking on the role of the leader of the Keeper Alliance, and the Isabel Initiative. Jeff, I hope I do you proud.

Lucien Drage, Out

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All


  1. Sounds like you had an exciting weekend.

    Good job taking charge. Good luck, Lucien, especially if you go back to the lake.

    Sorry I don't really have anything helpful to say.

  2. Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

    Subject: Luke "Lucien Drage" Davies. Status: Stable. Abilities: Moderate. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: High. Intelligence level: High. Potential: High. Danger: Moderate.