Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vacation Time

In about 7 hours, I will be going to pick up my girlfriend and another friend, and we will be leaving for vacation. We won't be home until Sunday night. Hopefully, the weekend will be more fun then scary or anything else. I will not say where I am going, just go that I don't giveaway my location to people who do not need to know.

Having trouble sleeping tonight. Woke up from a dream. I haven't had one like this in a while. I found myself back at the house from my earlier dreams. It was still burned down from the last time I was there. I went inside, looking for the study. I know the book was gone, but I felt there was something there I could use, or at least a clue. I found the doors to the study, but I heard a voice calling my name. It was the same voice I heard the other day by the football field.

I failed to mention this the other day, but the voice wasn't calling for Lucien Drage.

It was calling for Luke Davies.

I shouldn't be surprised that that voice is calling my real name, since I have officially revealed it. But it still made me wonder who would be looking for me. I opened the door to the study, and what I saw was just a complete surprise.

The best way to describe is in the following two words: Black, Distorted. I did not feel compelled to go in there, but I had to test something. I lifted my leg and slowly placed it inside this place.

Immediately, my foot began to hurt. It was what I thought it was.

The Path of Black Leaves.

Before I could go further, a figure pulled me back from the room and slammed the doors shut.

The figure was wearing a black hooded cloak.

The Count.

The Count: You fool! I told you that you weren't ready to go in there! Why did you do it?

Me: I wanted to test my theory true........wait a second, this is my dream. Why are you here?

The Count: To make sure you don't do anything stupid! It may be a dream, but do you really think you're safe here? You're never safe when it comes to Him!

Me: Then why was I able to be in that room before?

The Count: Don't you get it? He wanted you in the Path, because the longer you were there, the weaker you would become and the easier it would be for Him to conquer you.

Me: I didn't realize it then. How long have you been watching over me like this?

The Count: Long enough, Luke. Long enough.

Me: Why can't you tell me who you are, or let me speak to you in person?

The Count: You have to prove you are worthy. You have to show you are smart, skilled, reliable. Without the qualities I seek, I won't find the one to take over for me.

Me: Take over? For what?

The Count: You'll see, if you can figure this all out. Another clue will be coming your way soon. And it won't be as easy.

Me: Don't worry, Count. I'm up for the challenge. I just hope it will be worth it in the end.

The Count: It will. And also, enjoy your weekend. I'm sure some good will come from it.

I woke up right after he said that.

Well, its nearly 6 in the morning. I guess I should pack my things. Bringing my camera and extra batteries with me. Afterall, its my first vacation in years. Gotta take some pics, maybe videos. If anything worthwhile is taken, I will post them on here. I'll have a good report either Sunday night or Monday afternoon, when I get out of work. Oh, and there is something I have been thinking about lately. It's been on my mind for a few weeks, after we received bad news about one of our fellow fighters. I am coming to a decision, and it is of great importance. I will have it made by my next post too.

So until then, Lucien Drage, out.

-Lucien Drage
Member of the Isabel Initiative
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

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  1. So this Count person can enter the dreams of others? That' interesting development, but truly, it seems like you might be a possible condidate for a succession.

    Stay safe, and keep holding on.

    Whatever decision you make, I'm sure it will be a good one.