Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time Flies

Two weeks. That's how long it's been since I updated.

No, I haven't lost track of time or disappeared or anything. Kay would have mentioned something about that. Don't worry, I'm fine, at least mentally for now.

Physically, it's another story.

Since I got back from my vacation, I've been working constantly. I'm pulling almost 60 hours a week now. Why?

One of the other stable hands is gone.

She didn't quit, she didn't call out. She just flat-out disappeared. This leaves only 3 of us in the stables now, and considering that we always need 2 people in the morning shifts, and then at least 1 per night, it's been rough. The two guys that are left only work mornings, due to either not driving or other jobs, and they each get one day off a week, so I take those mornings now, plus I work all of the nights during the week. Even holidays, like today, I still have to work. At least I don't have to worry about not making money (though Atlantic City helped me with that too).

A thought occurred to me. As we have learned, our tall friend likes to play with His prey before He eliminates them. So perhaps He has a hand in the stable hand disappearing: to physically weaken me before trying to come after me again.

The other reason I've not posted lately is also because I'm trying to gather all my information together about the Keeper Alliance. If you have read his blog recently, we now know that Jeff (our Jeff) has perished, but that his real name is Richie. The man posting now is apparently the real Jeff. Not sure what to believe on that, but perhaps I took over at the right time.

I am still trying to decode The Count's last clue. I haven't gone back to the lake yet, due to work. I'm hoping I can get out early one day this week I am doing a morning shift, and head to the lake between the two work shifts. However, there is something else I want to do before I go back there, even though it's against my better judgement.

I need to talk to Diana again. She knew about me. She knew I was lying about my name. I can't tell if she was trying to help me or to do something to hurt me. But I have a feeling that she has more information than she originally told me. But, just like with the lake, I need to find a way to do this.

Pieces slowly starting to come together, but still jumbled up on the board. I just need to find how to connect them.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

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  1. Sorry if I offended you saying I consider Kay as a sister. Actually I consider everyone in this situation as my brothers.