Monday, July 18, 2011


It had to be done. Kay, I'm sorry I didn't inform you, I had to be safe and cover myself.

This post was delayed to update now. I left home on Friday, and I don't know when I'll be returning.

It's my turn to run, but for several reasons. First, after the threat I received from the FBI at the lunch last Saturday, it became apparent to me that they will be coming after me, just as they did Zeke and Celeste. So until I can properly cover my tracks or get off their list, all my posts will come delayed, so nobody will find me wherever I say I am.

Secondly, Sam posted a new video on youtube.  You're Next, Luke

That was my house she pulled up to. She knows where I live. I'm definitely not safe there anymore. She's the next reason I had to leave. I know she'll try to follow me wherever I head off to, so at least I can keep my parents safe this way (Kay, you will check in on them for me from time to time, won't you?).

Finally, the last reason for leaving: The Count. After discovering who he is, I've realized something. If he truly is who he says he is, he has been alive for over 2000 years. He obviously knows things about Slenderman that we may not. He may have sought me out to tell me this information. Now I have to seek him out to get him to tell me. Count, if you read this, comment and tell me where I need to go. I don't want to just round around the country blind.

I believe I know where my first stop will be, but only if this particular person says she will accept my help. If not, Count, I await for your response.

Until next I update, Lucien Drage, OUT.


  1. Oh kid...try and stay safe sweetie.

  2. Lucien, your presence is required at a certain location.


  3. Sorry, I came across your blog a little late...

    I'm so sorry, Lucien. I can't imagine what it's like to lose loved ones... You have our support through everything, don't give up.

    I'm glad you decided to get out of there. Please be safe, Lucien. It's people like you that I look up to. Good luck.