Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucien Drage's File

I am currently at a hotel somewhere in New York State (not saying how far I travelled away from Letchworth), and I've been reading this file about the real Lucien Drage. The similarities between me and him are remarkable, and I wonder if there really is a connection between me and him.

First off, his family was the same as me: he was the youngest of three, two older sisters. Both parents alive when he died. However, it seemed that his family never visited him while he was being "treated." I put that in quotations because what he was receiving could be considered either treatments or torture. Lucien was constantly locked up in solitary confinement because of his violent streaks. He would attack the nurses and doctors that came near him, but only when he would announce that his "stalker" was nearby. The stalker was described as tall, faceless and always wearing a suit. He would appear to Lucien usually once every few days.

The intriguing fact was that even though his family never visited, Lucien had one visitor every single week. The man would only introduce himself as Mr. Germaine, a close friend of the family. He was the only one who was able to keep Lucien calm enough to be able to describe things that happened in his life, such as when the stalker started appearing in his life, the people he lost to the stalker, etc... Things got worse when Lucien was 23, because Mr. Germaine stopped visiting. Lucien soon became out of control, and the only way to keep him from hurting anybody was through electro-shock therapy.

The day Lucien was discovered dead, they found he had gotten out of his straight jacket in his room. His wrists and throat were slit wide open, and several marks were left on his body. The marks were documented as "being reminiscient of vines or tentacles that wrapped around his body. Possibly the straps from the straight jacket."

So two things come to mind about this. First, the marks found on Lucien's body seem to be possible marks from Slenderman. However, why would He have only left marks on his body like that, instead of tearing him apart like most of his victims? Nothing to really credit this being a Slenderman attack, but nothing to really discount it either. Second, the man who visited Lucien: Mr. Germaine. Going back into what I've researched, Germaine was once a name used by The Count. He would often call himself The Count St. Germaine. So could this man be the one and the same who has been helping me? If so, what is the connection between Lucien and myself? I know I said I picked the name Lucien Drage by myself, but what if subconsciously, there was more to it?

More questions found, no answers revealed. What else do I have to learn?


  1. Well, I kind of have a crazy idea--but with everything else, it doesn't seem all that crazy.

    Is it possible that this other Lucien IS you? Maybe with some slight differences, but I think you're him, reincarnated.

    Just a thought, though.

  2. Interesting possibility, Emelia. As I said, it just raises more questions about everything, and The Count is the only one who has the answers.