Monday, July 11, 2011

Rough Weekend, To Say The Least

The title says it all, and yet barely even covers what this weekend entailed. First off, Saturday morning was Kelley's funeral. My parents came with me, as well as all of Kelley's family. Some of our common friends, as well as most of her graduating class from high school, showed up as well. Plenty of tears were shed during the service.

I've never been to a funeral in the summer. It's really terrible for all of us wearing black, when it's sunny and humid out with barely a breeze. At one point, the wind kicked up for a minute. When it did, I looked in the direction the wind was blowing in. I thought I saw Him standing off in the distance. It was hard to tell, because I blinked and looked again, but whoever it was had disappeared.

I said my part over her casket. I felt I needed to, since I was the last person who saw her alive. Of course, even though I know it was a suicide, people will still probably be suspicious of me. After my speech, they lowered her casket into the ground. I never cried harder in my life then I did at that moment. I honestly don't know how some of the people there were able to not cry.

After the funeral, we had a luncheon at a nearby restaurant for some of us. Basically, it was one of those things where we ate and talked about how much we missed Kelley and all the happy memories we had with her. Everything seemed like a pretty good time, but then the most interesting, and yet terrifying, thing happened.

Two men wearing black suits and ties walked into the restaurant. I didn't recognize either of them from the funeral, so I was a little confused for a moment. They walked over to where we all were sitting. One was about my height, maybe a little taller (so around 5'10 perhaps), lean build, short, frizzy dirty blonde hair, white skin. The other was tanned, much shorter (perhaps 5'4, 5'5), a little on the chunky side, and longer black hair. They walked up to the table, and although they were looking at everybody, it felt like their eyes were fixated on me. The shorter one spoke first.

"We are looking for a Lucien Drage."

I stood up, and simply responded with, "That's me. Who are you?"

The taller one responded. "My name is Agent Lobo, and this is my partner Agent Fitzsimmons. We are with the FBI. We would like to ask you some questions."

"Um.....ok, what is this about?"

Fitzsimmons: "We would rather discuss this in private. Would you mind walking outside with us?"

Me: "Just don't keep me too long. We are in the middle of a luncheon right now."

Lobo: "Don't worry. Simply answer our questions, and we will be on our way."

I step outside the restaurant with Agents Lobo and Fitzsimmons, walking into the parking lot. I am exceedingly nervous, remembering what I've read about the FBI in regards to Zeke and Celeste. However, there is a police station right across the street from the restaurant, so these agents would have been quite dumb to attempt something in front of local authorities.

Me: So what is this all about?

F: Well, we wanted to ask you about your relationship with the former chief of police in your town, Donnie [will not give his last name].

Me: What about it? He was a good friend of my family, as well as myself.

L: Well, it certainly seems like you were more than good friends. After all, he did share police files with you, did he not?

Me: What are you talking about?

F: Don't play your little games with us, LUKE. We know that Donnie took you to the psychiatric facilities to talk to Diana, and we know you were given access to view his files on all the missing persons' cases in your town. We want to know why Donnie broke all the rules to allow you to know all about this.

Me: I don't know why he did it. Maybe he wanted an outsider's perspective on the entire situation. Maybe he simply wanted a fresh look on the cases to get a better idea of who could have done the kidnappings and killings.

L: Yeah, a likely story coming from somebody who has lied to his whole family about why he changed his name.

Me: How do you know about that?

L: You think we wouldn't come to you about this without doing our research on you first, Luke? We know all about you: your name change, your ex's attempt to kill you, even your fiancee's death, most likely caused by you.

At that point, my anger was boiling over, tarnishing my fiancee's name only a week after she died.

Me: How dare you insult my fiancee like that! Gentlemen, I have answered your questions, now if you excuse me, I have my family and friends to get back to. Good day.

I turn to walk back into the restaurant, but one of them grabs my shoulder.

F: Just be careful, Luke. We wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to you, like Diana, Donnie, or Kelley. Enjoy the rest of your meal.

And with that, the two of them simply walked to their car and drove off.

Donnie even warned me that the FBI may come after me next. I'm starting to think it's not safe for me here anymore. I don't want my parents involved in this, and I have nothing really keeping me here now.

Perhaps it is time for me to leave.


  1. Should've caught up with this sooner, I guess.
    I'm sorry about Kelley, but now comes the time for action.
    I know all you want to do is curl up and grieve. But you need to get your shit together and get the fuck out now. Grieving is a luxury reserved for people whose lives aren't at stake.
    Yeah, I sound like a bitch. But I'd rather sound like a bitch and keep people alive than be nice and watch you die.
    I like you, Lucien, you're a thinker. You need to keep yourself safe to continue that work.

    Move, before they're knocking on your door.


  2. Elaine, I do understand what you're saying. And don't worry. I do have a plan now.