Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Have No Choice, Now That........

Diana's dead.

I got a text message from Donnie last night. He asked me to come and meet him at the same bar we met at last time. He stayed vague, incase the FBI was looking into his phone for anything. I met up with him at the bar at about 11pm, after I was out of work.

He told me that they found her body in her room, her throat slit. They couldn't find anything in the room that would explain how she was able to do that. Nothing sharp, dull, ridged, bladed, whatever, in her room. It's still being deemed as a suicide, but I don't believe it. The only way it could have happened was if somebody else slit her throat.

So now we have a few possibilities. One of the doctors, security, or even another patient at Greystone came into her room and slit her throat. That's choice one. Choice two is that her Master, whether he was Slenderman or Redlight, slit her throat to keep her from telling me anything else. However, choice three seems more plausible, given recent events.

The FBI. They killed her. Or rather, they silenced her.

She was helping both me and Donnie in the missing persons cases, plus she was telling me more about what was going on with my connection to Slenderman. As we all know, this particular branch of the FBI is known to try and cover up anything that deals with Slenderman, even silencing those who are either investigating him, know anything about him, or even associate with anybody who know/investigate him.

Donnie thinks I should lay low for a bit, forget about Diana and the missing persons cases. He wants me to be safe and not have the FBI come after me too.

He doesn't understand what's going on. And I feel I have no choice now. With the FBI here, it's only a matter of time, and I'd rather he hear it from me than from them, and we know exactly how they will tell him.

I'm meeting with him again tonight.

And tonight, I'm telling him the truth.

I have to tell him about Slenderman.

It seems this may be the only way to keep him somewhat safe.

On the plus side, we have hired a new stablehand at my job, so that means I will actually have a day off this week. I'm going to use that day to finally go to the lake, see if I can figure out what The Count meant.

Also, I'd like to welcome Rev Loon to following my blog. Thank you for making an attempt at decoding the audio for the video. Hopefully, you will find success, as will I in this week's endeavor.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
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  1. I sort of agree with Donnie, that it may be best to lay low. But on the other hand I suppose you're right...

    Just be careful okay?

  2. Shit! I'm really glad I started reading this, I had no idea the FBI was working for them. Fuck...

  3. Setoth, we don't know for sure that the FBI is working for them, or if they are doing this on their own. As I said, I feel like its a particular branch of the FBI that is doing this, perhaps one without the knowledge of our government. However, it is definitely wise to remain cautious of anybody who says they are with the FBI.

    Rebecca, the only problem is that even with laying low, they can still trace things back to me and find me. My only hope would be to go on the run, but I have too much here to leave behind like that.

  4. One, telling Donnie about this is not going to keep him safe, it’s going to put him in even more danger. Two, I somehow doubt it’s a rogue branch, hon. If they were rogue they would have been cut off from their resources at this point. They've chased down too many of us stalked types to have not been noticed. I'll direct you to this post by Zeke Strahm.

    If Zeke is telling the truth, then it is not a rogue branch. The government knows and the government does not care what happens to us. They just want damage control.

  5. Kay, no matter what, Donnie is not safe anymore. The FBI seems to target anybody who are either going after, or are being stalked, by Slenderman. And if you remember what happened to Celeste, not only did the FBI question her, they started to go after the people connected to her. That means they will most likely go after Donnie too. It's either I keep him in the dark and let him suffer harassment from the FBI, maybe worse, or I at least let him know why they are here.