Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Trace

Currently hiding out somewhere in Pennsylvania. Not venturing too far away from my previous locations, even though I know it's dangerous, what with Lobo and Fitzsimmons probably trying to find me. At the hotel in New York, I saw a black car parked across the street from me. I saw two male figures sitting inside the car, but I couldn't actually tell if it was them. I couldn't take any chances.

I haven't heard hide nor hair from them, Sam, or The Count since I left. Maybe I'm not being followed. Maybe I am, and they are waiting for me to slip up.

I am trying to find any trace of Lucien Drage's family: his parents or his sisters. If one of them is still alive, I need to find them and see what they can tell me about him. Sadly, the internet has been of no use to me. There are no records online of any family named Drage anywhere along the east coast. In fact, the only Drage family I have been able to find anything about is in Europe, and none of them have any family member, alive or deceased, named Lucien.

This is probably a dead trail, and I guess I should redirect my focus back on finding The Count.

I'll update again later, somebody is at the door. Probably the room service I ordered.

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