Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Files

I think I may be developing a bit of the traditional "Slender-Sickness."

My last post here was on August 8th. I had travelled up the east coast of the United States, just trying to throw off my trail. The last day I remember before today was August 14th. Other than today, I have no memory of the past 3 days. And what's even worse is what I discovered.

I turned on my digital camera, and I found 5 video files on there. I copied them to my laptop and watched them individually. It seems they were all filmed in the same night, but I have no recollection of it. It was really dark, and apparently the only light that was able to be seen was from my flashlight (I do not have one on me). I edited the five videos together, and proceeded to post them to youtube.


Still not sure where this place could have been, since I can't really see anything in the video. However, when I woke up today, I was in my car, back in a certain place I have been before (will not say where to reveal my location).

I also received an e-mail from somebody (not wanting to say who just yet) who said that they wanted to meet up with me and discuss something with me. After certain events that have happened, I am not sure I can trust this person or not. However, this person is on the run, just like me. It may be worth it to have another ally I can trust. I'm set to meet with them on a particular date and time, I will post again after the meeting.

Lucien Drage, Out.

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