Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting and A Lead

So, I did have my meeting with the runner I mentioned in my last post. The meeting was on Friday night, August 19th. Location will still be kept secret, though it was somewhat on the road in New Jersey. As for the identity of the runner, I'm sure that you will all know this person. as I've mentioned him before: Dr. Cairo Zelphest.

It seems Cairo has been on the run himself and found his way out to Jersey. He met up with a couple of other fighters, including Evan of EveryManHybrid fame, and another fighter who goes by the name of Hellershanks. He recorded his interactions with the two of them, as well as when he got in my car. It was scary, because just before I found Cairo, Lobo and Fitzsimmons found me.

I was maybe 20 minutes or so away from where Cairo wanted me to meet him, when I noticed that there was a black van right behind me. I was suspicious at first, but didnt think much because last time I saw them, they were driving a black car. My suspicions became true when I noticed the van speeding up and right on my bumper. Looking back in my mirror, I saw Fitzsimmons driving. I started speeding up and doing my best to avoid them catching me. I'm normally a cautious driver, but this time, I threw caution to the wind. I slammed on the gas and got myself to the highway.

I basically had to keep getting on and off the highway, speeding down side streets in towns I was not familiar with, doing whatever I could to avoid both the FBI and local cops. It took me almost an hour to finally lose them, and at that point I finally found Cairo. I motioned him to get in the car, and just sped off immediately. This link is the meetings he had with Evan, Hellershanks, and myself (in that order).

New Jersey

I still can't believe that Cairo actually managed to find more information on Lucien for me. I went through the paperwork he found for me, and I now have a lead on where to find his family.

Looks like Lucien is heading south.

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