Monday, August 29, 2011

They Lost The Trail

I finally lost Lobo and Fitzsimmons. I owe thanks to two big things that happened: the earthquake on Tuesday, and the hurricane this past weekend. I was in Virginia on Tuesday when the earthquake happened, and though some people may say it was dumb, I drove close to where the epicenter was. I was hoping to find a fissure or something in the ground that would open up even more, and although I didnt lose them, it did manage to slow them down. They caught up to me again down in the Carolinas, but again, I managed to throw them off my trail. The downside, however, is how I managed to do so.

The hurricane got my car. I was in one of the streets in Charlotte, and the hurricane was moving pretty fast. I hadn't seen them for about an hour, and I hoped to speed through the state to get past the hurricane. Things didnt exactly work that way. I started to see the flooding and the waves from the ocean moving in. I did the only smart thing that I could during that: I grabbed what I could from my car, abandoned it, and made my way to higher ground. I got up to the 3rd floor of a nearby apartment building. I looked out the big glass window to see my car floating down the street.

I had to get rides on the highways from strangers to keep moving, but I managed to make it to where I need to be. Going to follow up on my lead tomorrow. As for tonight, I'm paying a visit to a friend of mine. At least, I hope she is still living down here.

Lucien Drage, Out.

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