Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Black Forest

Lucien back here, and not in the best shape.

Before taking the train, we stopped off in a few shops just outside of Frankfurt. Found a quaint little shop that sold a nice selection of weapons. Bought myself a new sword-cane and a few throwing knives. For safety, of course.

Brittany and I have been in the Black Forest since Tuesday. It's strange, we still get internet service in here. But it's not really helping us at all.

We've been wandering in here, the food supply we brought in is getting low. For some reason, we can't access any maps or GPS or anything on the internet, and we can't remember the path we took to get in here. Just great, we're lost in a maze of creepy looking trees.

Yet, these trees seem very familiar to me. Not like I've seen them in pictures or anything. More like, I've walked past them or something. Maybe a dream or something, I don't know.

Haven't been sleeping right these past few nights either. Between the trees, the low food, and being lost, I guess you can say I'm scared of something coming out at us. Whether it's an animal, proxy, or Him, if anything comes after us out here, chances are that even with my weapons, I probably don't have the strength to really fend anything off.

The sun is starting to come up, and I think I see something glinting between the trees, maybe a mile or so ahead of us. Hopefully, this is where The Count was leading me.

Lucien Drage, out.


  1. Be safe out there..
    Hope you find what you're looking for as well.