Friday, September 23, 2011

The Village

And no, I don't mean that terrible movie that came out years ago.

Brittany and I headed towards where we saw the glinting in the distance. When we finally reached it, I could not believe me eyes.

There was a village, smack dab inside of the Black Forest. It looked like one of those old pilgrim villages from the 17th century. The buildings were all made of wood, there was a town square, a church, everything you could think of. We started walking through it a little bit, and all of a sudden, it hit me. This village, or at least the church, looked very familiar, and I realized why, as well as why all the trees in the forest looked familiar as well.


The church and the trees are the exact same from the dream I had in that entry. I felt my entire body turn white. I turned over to Brittany, and she looked scared as well. "I've been here before," she said, "in a dream several months ago. I was in the church talking to somebody when I was attacked by Him." I responded with more of a sickening reaction. "Oh, shit!" I exclaimed. "I had that dream too, where I was talking to somebody in the church and she was attacked."

We realized we both had the same dream and were the ones talking to each other. Suddenly, the doors to the church opened and a large group of people started walking out. All of them were wearing masks. This definitely was the proxy village from my dream. It makes sense that it would be in the Black Forest.

We weren't sure exactly what do to from here, so we decided to try and head back out the way we came, maybe find some semblence of a safe civilization.

We headed out, and it felt like we were walking forever. Finally, we saw something in the distance and ran towards it.

Big mistake. It was the proxy village again. Somehow we went in a full circle and ended up back where we came. No idea how this happened, so we tried again. Same result. No matter how many times we left the village, we kept coming right back to it. A case of a Slendy mind-screw? Most likely. No idea how we are getting out of here, but we will find a way.


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  1. Not that I am sure this has any bearing but in Celtic mythology there was a fairy belief known as the "stray sod," which was basically a patch of grass that would confuse anyone who walked over it and make them think they were lost. To the same extent, there was the concept of being "pixie-led," that some mischievous fay had confused a person's senses and gotten them lost in familiar territory.

    Obviously this is not familiar territory, but the concept is the same. To break such a "spell," there were various practices, from turning your clothes inside out, to looking through a stone with a natural hole through it, to using any iron on you person as a talisman. Essentially though, the key is to change the way you perceive and interact with the world. This doesn't have to be a big thing, but it's important to somehow change your state of mind.

    Again, I don't know if this would be of any use to you, but if it is, I'm glad.