Friday, September 9, 2011

Shit Has Hit The Fan...

This is what happens when I leave home and can't help my family anymore. One of those sick proxy bastards launches an attack on my sister, and creates a piece of emotional damage that she possibly won't be able to handle. And I can't return there, because I guarantee that Lobo and Fitzsimmons (if they survived the hurricane) would expect me to go back there and help her. Either I stay away and keep myself safe, but ignore what's happening to my sister, or I return to help her and risk both of us being taken by the FBI.

And on top of that, The Count commented on my last post with new directional coordinates for me to travel to, and I'm unsure if he is in a sound state of mind based on that. I searched up the coordinates that he left in the comment, and it is somewhere I've only heard others talk about and have been afraid to travel to myself.

The Count wants me to travel to The Black Forest in Germany.

Brittany reminded me of the early post from Noah in the vlog Tribe Twelve, the interview he had with his grandfather. Something is in those woods that kills people. It may be a base of operations for Him, it may simply be a place he lurks due to all the trees. There must be a reason that The Count wants me to go there, but I can't think of any. He's been helping me all this time, why send me to a place that will most likely kill me?

Still, the FBI would be crazy to chase me there, leaving me with just Him to deal with. I'd rather have only one crazy thing coming after me than multiple ones.

I talked to Brittany about this last night, and although she is nervous about it, she agrees.

We are on our way to the airport now. We are heading to Germany.

Lucien Drage, out.

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