Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The sun begins to rise, and another day begins. Still cannot leave my surrounds, so better make the best of my eternity in the village.

And what better way to do that than by killing those who have tortured my family, my friends, and the other fighters and runners out there?

The more I kill, the less we deal with.

The more I kill, the more I enjoy it. The more the blood is spilled, the more I smile.

Oh how I love the blood all over my hands. None of my weapons ever tasted the ruby water that drowns them before. Now they have, and they just want more.

And so do I.

And if I finally make it out of here, there is only one thing left to do.

And what is that, you ask? Well, there is only one proxy out there now that deserves my attention, to feel my sword run through his body, to enjoy the escape of death for his crimes.

You will get yours...


Lucien: 41
Proxies: 1


  1. Lucien... oh God, Lucien--no! Don't do that! He'll just make more! Stronger ones--faster ones. Don't cut off the head of the hydra, Lucien, you'll just get a bigger fight that you won't be able to handle on your own. Don't do this. You've made it this far, I can't think how I'd feel if you fell to a mental illness or became one of the proxies.

  2. Lucien look at yourself. Your turning into someone no better than how Morningstar used to be. You're turning into someone WORSE than how he used to be.

    Lucien, you're falling into a hole that will make you into a homicidal psychotic who will end up killing his own friends and family.

    Lucien Drage, you're turning into a monster.

  3. Oh Hylo, the only monsters out there are those that haunt and stalk us, either killing us or turning us into one of them. If I am a monster, then I am the monster that shall haunt them, stalk them, but I will not give them a chance to "turn." The only chance they have is to hide from me long enough that I never find them.

    Lucien: 48
    Proxies: 1

  4. Fine then. Go on murdering. But the day you begin killing innocent people is the day you lose everything.

    I'm sorry, Lucien. I wish I could be there for you. But when you're like this? I just can't. I can't look at you the same way. That is what happened with Zero. He lost himself. And now you are too.

    No matter how much you hurt.

  5. Innocent people? None of His slaves are innocent! And none of them deserve to live after what they've caused to everybody!

    And when I'm like this? I'm doing what nobody else in our shoes would ever have the courage to do: get the revenge we all desire!

    And this is the only way, THE ONLY WAY, to get rid of my pain!

    Lucien: 51
    Proxies: 1

  6. Lucien, stop thinking about yourself! Stop it! Think if your sister! Think of what she would say if she saw her own brother doing this!

    Think of Kelley and think of Brittany! Think of the people who you love! Think of what they would say if they saw you like this. Think of how they would feel!