Monday, October 31, 2011

Heading In

This is it. I'm all prepared now. I have everything I need to go and test my theory. I even have three constants with me to keep me safe: the black half-mask, the hoody that Brittany left for me, and the engagement ring I gave to Kelley. I said goodbye to my parents, recorded a final video for my youtube channel. Finale  There doesn't seem to be anything left for me to do.

For all of you bloggers out there, keep safe. Don't give up running, fighting, researching, whatever it is you are doing in the battle against Him. Have faith that I will return. For in my return, the theory will be proven true, and we will have a new hope in survival.

I have given Donnie, Lobo and The Count the information to my blog/youtube, so if there is anything important that needs to be told, they will do it for me. No matter what happens, they will always be there to keep watch on the rest of you. Guess it's time to make my final stand, to try and be a hero.

So for the possible final time,

Lucien Drage



  1. Thanks for being here, Lucien. I hope you prove your theory right.

    If you don't come back then... you were a good friend and it was a privilege to speak to you.

  2. You better come back, Lucien, because you owe me a chat so you can explain to me how you're not an insane git.

    ... best of luck.

  3. Fuck. Be careful. I hope this works.

  4. You are one crazy motherfucker, Lucien. You've been through alot, and I know this won't stop you.

    ...But if it does, *salutes* may Luna grant you eternal peace, and your body be preserved. Goddess knows, I don't know what I would do if I saw your body defiled like Zero's was when Konaa saw the Bleeding Tree.

    Ugh... Goddess help you, Lucien. Goddess help us all...