Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Reveal: Lobo and Donnie

Each of the three men who were with me said they had something to share with me. Agent Lobo and Donnie wanted to talk to me before I spoke with the Count. They said he wasn't going anywhere now, so I didn't have to worry about tracking him down again.

Me: Ok, something needs to be explained now. Why was I whacked in the head with a baseball bat, and why did you stab Fitzsimmons in the back?
Donnie: There were more FBI agents on their way to our location, we needed to knock you out so we could transport you safely without being found out.
Me: More agents? And you couldn't have just asked me to hide in the trunk or something?
Lobo: We had Fitzsimmons body in the trunk, and you were in the backseat. We temporarily disguised you so you wouldn't be recognized. As for Fitzsimmons, well, you deserve to know the truth. Afterall, that's what your blog is about, isn't it? Delving "into the truth"?
Me: Ha, ha.
Lobo: The truth is, the three of us: me, Donnie, and the Count, we are all on the same side. There is a large group of us all over the world. For about 70 or so years, we have been researching Slenderman, trying to trace his origin, find a weakness, just get any sort of information on him that we could. Our grandparents were the first generation to start doing so, led by the Count.
Me: So, what exactly are you guys: The Keepers or something?
Donnie: Similar to that. We are called the SIA, or the Slenderman Intelligence Agency. We try not to make any direct contact with what we have come to call as The Threat. We just do everything we can in order to gain intelligence on him. Afterwards, we seek out those who do have or seek direct contact, try to guide them on the right path and relay whatever information we have on them. We do this in hopes of finding somebody who may finally destroy him.
Me: What made me so special, then? That both of you, and the Count came after me?
Lobo: That, you need to ask The Count about directly, why he wanted you. After what we've seen, you are extremely intelligent, constantly seeking a way to end The Threat, and have done quite enough research through what you have been given to learn things on your own. We could definitely use somebody like you in the SIA.
Me: So I take it you're part of them as well?
Lobo: Yes, and there are a few others as well. We keep ourselves well hidden in different government agencies. They are the best places to gather information that they don't want the general public to see. Afterall, even though it's not directly related to our target, how do you think that most of the general public found out some of the truths behind The Wyoming Hijacking?
Me: (I nod to him at this point, look directly at Donnie) So you're part of this SIA? You knew the Count, and never said anything to me?
Donnie: I had to keep quiet. We couldn't risk our group being discovered. Then again, we never settle in the same area for too long. We have HQs all across the world, linked by a very well-protected internet server. We have men on the clock making sure it can't be hacked into by anybody, and they are constantly updating everything to make sure we are always at top security level.
Me: Are there any others that you have contacted? I mean, others like me: runners and fighters?
Donnie: None as of yet, though there are a few we would like to reach out to.
Me: Can you at least tell me that? So that perhaps I might be able to help contact them for you?
Donnie: There are only a few that really caught our eye: Dr Cairo Zelphest, Celeste McLachlan, and the one known as M.
Me: What about Zeke Strahm, since he is quite connected with Celeste?
Lobo: We would love to have him with us, but he is too independent. He would disregard us and continue to work on his own.
Me: So, you're mainly on intel. I guess that means you have no connection with the PTC?
Lobo: Those trigger-happy weirdos? Not at all. Granted, I respect all they did in trying to gather information on them, but at the same time, they weren't as secure as they thought. We had a guy in there as well, sending us everything they learned. We wouldn't have minded working with them: us as the intel and them as the muscle. But it seems that they are no longer around, so I guess we're the only one now.
Donnie: That's everything we can tell you. The rest you need to know, you'll learn from The Count.

So, the SIA. They have been interested in having me join them. This is why the chase and everything. To see if I was, in a manner of speaking, "worthy" of joining them. But why did they want me, specifically?

Next post: what The Count has to tell me.

Lucien Drage

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