Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I had no luck the other day, trying to get out of the village. Same problem no matter what: I leave, no matter what direction, and I come right back to where I left. The last time I came back, though, something strange happened. Actually, two things.

First, I sat down outside of the church, and I felt something in my back pocket. I reached into it, and I couldn't believe what I found. It was the black half mask that kept following me around several months ago. I never packed it with me, nor did I carry it with me at all during this. I'm not sure what kind of sign this is, but I'm taking advantage of it. I put the mask on, so that if I ran into other proxies, I wouldn't be discovered.

Right after I did this, a group of three proxie came from inside the church. They stopped right next to me, looked me up and down, and then the tallest of the three spoke. "You aren't one of them, are you?"

I looked shocked, and nodded my head. The second, a female, said, "Listen, you can still get out of here, before anything else happens. We can take you out of here. Just follow us, and don't say a word."

I did as she said, and I followed them into the church. We went down a set of stairs into the basement, and we came to a wall with giant curtains over it. The third proxy moved the curtains, and there was a tunnel hidden behind it. "Follow this, it will take you back to Frankfurt."

"Thank you," I said, with a little bit of hope and happiness in my voice. "But why are you three doing this?"

The first proxy removed his mask, and I could not believe my eyes.

It was Donnie.

"Because we are not like them. At least, I'm not."

The female spoke again. "We hear His voice in our heads, but He doesn't have us yet. We want to help you get out, so you don't give in."

"But what about the proxies that I killed while I've been here?"

The third replied, "You only killed the one you call Sam. Everything else you believe you did, it was all part of His game. He wanted to break you, make you His next favorite. But you managed to break his influence when you broke down and cried. He is really angry, and He will not give up until he gets you. Get out of here now, while you can."

Donnie looked at me, "And I'm coming with you. There are things I've learned here that I need to tell you."

I looked at the other two people and said thank you. I wished them luck and prayed they didn't fully turn, and Donnie led the way into the tunnel.

We got back to Frankfurt about 20 minutes ago, and he booked us a flight back to the United States. I will post again once we return, along with what Donnie has to tell me.

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  1. Fuck yeah! I knew putting on a mask would help somehow! You're out, Lucien! Free!

    Ahem... Well, even if you are free, and you have Donnie back, be wary, especially since the two faux-proxies said the The Duke is angry with you.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, Lucien.