Monday, October 24, 2011

Reached My Decision

I've taken a decent amount of time to think over everything that Lobo, Donnie, and The Count have told me. The main thing was the choice of trying to prove the theory true, or simply forgetting it and doing my own thing still. I had to think over everything I've been through as well in the past nine months.

Nine months ago, I was in a happy relationship. I learned about this thing called Slenderman, and I wanted to go out and prove whether He was real or simply a story. Immediately, I started having strange dreams, finding notes in my car, and my girlfriend getting sick. I was even attacked by both Slenderman and a proxy.

Eight months ago, I had a dream that would later prove to be almost prophetic in nature. I got in touch with Donnie for the first time to start investigating people who survived being taken by Him when they were kids. I was attacked by another proxy, who seemed to be trying to stop me from investigating the lake near me. I spoke with Diana, who still seemed to be under His control.

Seven months ago, I saved a fellow runner from a proxy, though she still was somewhat under His control. She regained enough to leave for me and my sister's protection. Somebody started responding to my youtube videos that I uploaded. One of my videos became distorted. I also found the black half-mask for the first time on my face. I was chased through NYC by His tentacles. I received my first contact from The Count. I made my confession of who I really am, and my dark past with my ex.

Six months ago, I continued having strange dreams, and worked on figuring out the clues left for me by The Count. Donnie tells me that the FBI have taken over all the missing person cases in town.

Five months ago, Diana was killed, so I could no longer access her for information. I determined from The Count's clue that I somehow entered The Path of Black Leaves as a child and survived being in there. Donnie faked his death to escape the FBI's grasp. I received his files on the Slenderman cases he has investigated. My girlfriend found out she was pregnant, and I proposed to her. She said yes. The person responding to my youtube videos has stalked my fiancee and kidnapped her.

Four months ago, I learn it was my ex fiancee from a few years ago that kidnapped her. I confront Sam (the ex) to save Kelley (the fiancee). Kelley is stabbed and has a miscarriage, and The Count saves us from being killed, though Sam escapes. I finally figure out who The Count is, but Kelley discovers that I've been hiding the entire Slenderman situation from her.

Three months ago, Kelley killed herself. The FBI begins coming after me, so I leave home. I first travel to New York and discover there was another man with the same name as me. There are a number of similarities between me and him, but only the presence of The Count in our lives truly links us.

Two months ago, escape the grasp of the FBI again. Discover I have lost time and find a video on my camera I did not record. Encountered Dr. Cairo Zelphest who managed to find out where a surviving member of the original Lucien's family lived. Travelled down south to Georgia, lost the FBI after driving through the hurricane.

One month ago, reconnected with an ex girlfriend, Brittany, who said she would travel with me. Met Lucien's sister, who told me the idea of a constant was true. Gave me hers, but was attacked by Him and killed immediately after. Received a false clue that took me and Brittany to The Black Forest. We discussed settling down together after getting out of the forest. Found a village of proxies that both Brittany and I had dreamed about. Encountered Sam again, who killed Brittany. I responded by temporarily going insane. I killed Sam, imagined I killed several other proxies.

This final month, encountered Donnie in the forest, who helped me escape and explained why he faked his death. Headed back home after receiving a farewell message from Brittany. Attacked by the FBI again, knocked unconscious. Find out Lobo of the FBI was undercover. Learn of the SIA, a somewhat origin story of proxies, and of the theory that could turn the tide.

And now, my decision. I have thought it over very carefully, and I have determined that there is only one choice.

In one week, after I say my goodbyes to everybody, I am entering The Path of Black Leaves with my constant. I will try to prove the theory true.

I mean, what can happen? Either I prove it true and I survive, or it is false and I die. One choice can help us all, the other means I'll finally escape the pain and memories I feel. Seems to be a win/win situation to me. But I have to do this.

I guess this is kinda what being a hero is about: determining the right thing to do, no matter the outcome.

Lucien Drage

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  1. It's your god damn funeral.
    For god's sake. //Please//. Don't do this, find out another way, anything. But...
    Don't just throw your life away.