Friday, March 11, 2011

What Did I Do?

I didn't make that last post. At least, not all of it. I was starting to write up the post, talking about the good and bad coming along with getting older, I was even going to talk about how I planned to celebrate my birthday.

I never finished typing it.

I did go out tonight with my friends, but the time between when I started typing the post and when I left my house, it's a blank. Jess, thank you for decoding that for me. Zed, thank you for your kind words. And you too, Steph. I guess even I need a reminder at times that what I do is not in vain.

But what was with that code? I mean, was that actually me typing it, and I'm slowly being Hollowed? Or could it have been saved as a draft, somebody else got into my account and typed it?

Either way, password is changed.

Just getting a little nervous, what with this happening, the response to my one video on youtube, losing Sammie, everything.

Guess it's taking a harder toll on me than I thought.

Although, there may be a ray of hope, which is something we need more of.

If you aren't familiar yet, Kay of A Wand and A Prayer is my sister, and she has made a very intriguing discovery. If what she's found is real, the tides may slowly be turning for us.


He may still be alive.

-Lucien Drage
Member of the Isabel Initiative
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All


  1. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Stay safe.

  2. I wouldn't worry about the code, it was almost a plea for help with your mental health not the kind of thing a proxie would write.

  3. hello lucien brother to kay
    my respects to you