Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I did it

Updating in the car

Driving to the hospital now

Can't see straight

Lots of blood loss, damn that knife

But it doesn't matter

I told you Nebula...............I didn't abandon her.

I told you Vindicta................I would save her.

I may not be a great man, but I can say today was a success.

Darby, this one is for you.

I got her.

I got Sammie.

There it is, the P


  1. You better start answering your god damn phone or I am calling the cops to track you down at every hospital in the tristate area.

  2. She's not SAFE, Lucien. She's just being medically tended. Soon, she'll be released, and then she'll return to us. Just you watch, boy.

  3. Hell yeah, Lucien. hell yeah.

    Also, Vindicta, that's what Nebula said last time. And yet, here we are. :D