Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Night, Part 3

Well, Kelley is asleep, but I'm sure she'll be up again soon. So, to finish my story, here is what happened the rest of the time in the hospital.

Tuesday morning, I was able to get out of my hospital bed. The doctors examined me over one more time and said I was cleared to go back home, but I would be unable to work for at least a month, in order to recover from the broken arm and the concussion I received. I asked them where Kelley was, and they told me what room to go to. They also said, however, that I needed to be careful while I was in there. Not sure why they said that, but I had to see her.

I found her room one floor above me. She was sleeping, and the nurse was changing her IV. I asked the nurse how she was doing.

Nurse: She is recovering, she'll need to stay here another day or two though.
Me: And how is our baby?
Nurse: You might want to take a seat.
Me: (I do as she says and sit down) What's wrong? What happened to our baby?
Nurse: Well, when she was brought in, she had been stabbed in the stomach. She was immediately brought in for surgery.
Me: Go on.
Nurse: As you can see, we were able to save her. However...
Me: What do you mean, 'however'?
Nurse: The stab wound went straight through into her amniotic sac and pierced the baby's head. There was no way to save the child. I'm sorry.

I gasped for air and started tearing up. I couldn't believe it. The nurse finished setting up the IV and left. I sat down in the chair next to Kelley's bed, gently held her hand and laid my head back. I began crying like a child, but I couldn't help it. I...we just lost our child. I'm still crying as I type this now. I don't think anybody could prepare for something like this.

Thursday night, Kelley was released from the hospital. I called my parents, explained to them that we were attacked on Sunday and were finally coming out of the hospital. I asked them if Kelley could stay with us for awhile, telling them that I had to be there to be her support after such an ordeal. They were so happy to say yes, insisting that I was doing the right thing by staying with her during her recovery.

So that's everything that happened. Kelley losing the baby is the reason she's constantly screaming and crying all night. I've been crying since I found out too, but I try to stay strong around her. I don't want to make her condition worse. Monday, I'm gonna take her out to talk to a psychiatrist, see if that can help her get through this. I will probably talk to the psychiatrist too, I probably need it, though not as much as Kelley.

Gonna try and get some sleep, though I'll probably wake up to tend to Kelley. Good night all.

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