Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Time

It's almost 9pm. I have to leave and meet Sam at the park, try to get Kelley and my baby back. I don't know what's going to happen, if I'll even return from this night. All I know is that one way or another, I'm saving Kelley and the baby.

This is probably farewell, so I'll have to say my good-byes to everybody.

Kay, we have both been through our fair amount of shit lately, and I hope that you and the other two Sages are able to take care of things. Afterall, you three are special, at least according to Maduin. Why else would he have named you the new Sages? Just be careful.

Dr. Cairo, I'm glad that you were found safely, and I hope that we can still trust you. Personally, I think Benefactor was lying about things, just trying to throw us off of following you and helping you.

Sammie, you've been a true friend throughout my troubles, and I hope you considered me the same. You've survived a lot, and I know you will continue to survive. Just stay strong, keep running, and don't forget me.

Tony and Cathy, I pray that you can find Cynthia and save her before it's too late. You two work well together, perhaps its time to reconcile your differences and see if you can be a family again, once you rescue your daughter.

Steph and Rebecca, I know we really didnt communicate much, but you were friends and lights in the dark when I needed it. Thank you, and I hope everything works well on your side.

Celie, you have certainly been through troubles but kept coming out stronger. Don't be afraid to ask for help, even if it's from some unlikely people. I guess I'll never get a chance to come see The Grey Haven.

Darby, I never got that explanation from you about what happened. I'm sure it was for a good reason though.

Zeke, you better take care of Celie. I know you can handle yourself, but don't throw her into any danger you would normally put yourself in.

Scott, I hope you survive the games you are playing. You are one of many who need to keep fighting for us. Your records will be of use to everybody.

Storm, another true friend. It's a shame what has happened to you. You got lost in the dark, I hope you find your way back to the light.

Maurice, your story has only just begun, and I won't be around to see the final curtain. I hope that it drops on a positive note.

The Mad Ventriloquist, your strange way of communicating intrigued me. I felt that we could become friends. Maybe we will, in another life.

Rev Loon, another new friend. Thank you for trying to help me figure out the messages I received. It means a lot to see that people will still help strangers in this cruel world.

To all the others who have read this, or may read this in the future, I wish you all the best of luck in your fights/escapes from our enemy.

Well, it's time.

Farewell, my friends.

-Lucien Drage
Leader of the Isabel Initiative and the Keeper Alliance
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

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  1. Fragger, Lucien, I really hope this isn't goodbye.

    On that note, I'm pretty sure it'd be impossible to forget you. You're a great friend.

    Good luck with this, and please stay safe.