Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunday Night, Part 1

I'm home, after quite a few days in the hospital. Kelley is with me. She isn't doing too well herself. I will explain that further along, but I guess I should tell what happened Sunday night when I left to go meet with Samantha.

I arrived at the lake a few minutes before 9pm, not sure where I was actually supposed to meet her. Normally during this weather, there would be people walking around the lake, but nobody was there. I started walking around until I got to the far end. At this end, there is a bit of a hill and a set of stairs, which lead up to a road. As I got to this hill, I saw two figures: one standing up and the other kind of kneeling down next to the first one. As I got closer, I could see the faces of both people: Samantha standing up and Kelley kneeling down. I got about maybe 10 to 15 feet from them when Samantha held up her hand, signalling me to stop.

Samantha: It certainly has been too long, Luke. You're still as handsome as ever.
Me: The name is Lucien now. And it didn't seem like you felt that way the last time I saw you. If I remember correctly, weren't you trying to kill me?
S: No, not kill you, subdue you. He wanted you, and I was chosen to fetch you for Him.
M: So, you admit you've been helping Him since then?
S: I have, and believe me, even with His help, I've had a hard time tracking you. Almost 2 years to find you again.
M: And this is why you kidnapped Kelley: to get me?
S: Exactly. In fact, I even have a little deal for you.
M: And just what would that be?
S: It's very simple. You come with me and serve Him, I let Kelley and your baby go, unharmed. Even with Him, I'm sure you don't want any harm to come to your child.
M: Sadly, you do have a point...

Kelley had been crying this entire time, and at this point, she lifted her head and looked at me.

Kelley: Lucien, whatever you do, don't listen to her. Don't give in to what this bitch wants!

Samantha takes the hand she signalled me to stop with and backhands Kelley across the face.

M: You bitch! I will fucking kill you for hurting my fiancee!
S: I take it this means you refuse my deal?
M: You're damn right I refuse your deal! I swear that I will kill you, Sam.
S: That is, if you can even get to me.

At this point, she brings her hand to her mouth and whistles. I hear whistles come back from different directions. I look around, and I see four more people come out of nowhere, all wearing masks over their face. She asked me to come alone, I should have expected her not to do the same.

S: I guess I'll have to bring you to Him the hard way.

The four proxies slowly started moving in towards me. As much as I know I can handle myself one on one, I cannot take four people at once, even when I was in my best physical shape. However, I couldn't just give in. I had to try.

The four move in closer, and I realize I have only one chance. I turn my attention to the proxy closest to me and I throw a punch at his stomach. I turn around to catch the second one about to punch me, but I manage to duck under it. As I grabbed his arm to try and throw him, I felt something hard catch me in the head. The third proxy had kicked straight at my head. I went down pretty fast. Guess that's due to the baseball bat I got caught with a few months ago. I feel myself getting woozy already, but I'm still trying to defend myself. I'm getting punched in the face, kicked in the stomach. Suddenly, I feel myself being picked up by the arms. Two of them are now holding me, the third is punching me in the stomach some more. After several punches, I fall to my knees, blood dripping from my mouth. Then, it happened.

One of the two proxies holding me grabs my right arm. I feel him pulling it back further and further. Then, he drops his elbow onto my arm so hard, I scream louder than I ever have. My arm is now bent the opposite way it should, and I have no feeling left in the rest of it. I'm grabbed and thrown in front of Samantha now.

S: It's a shame you had to be like this, Luke. It could have been so easy, and we would have made a great team. Guess I gotta take you in like this: a weakling that couldn't protect his fiancee.

Suddenly, the 4th proxy, who hadn't done anything this entire time, turns to the one who broke my arm and punches him in the face. He removes his mask and I see a face that didn't look familiar to me, and yet at the same time, it was.

I will post the 2nd part later today. Kelley is screaming, I need to go and comfort her.

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