Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alcohol = Truth Serum

Got a phone call last night from Donnie. He was heading out to a bar in my town and he asked me if I wanted to join him, his treat. Afterall, he makes over 4x the amount of money I make in a year. I don't really go out much, and I don't even really drink anymore, but I decided to take him up on his offer. Afterall, who can resist free drinks?

So, I met up with him at the new bar in my town, Whiskey Pete's. Small place, changed ownership a few times in the past 3, 4 years. Always been a bar, though. We got there at around 9pm. We didnt actually leave until about 1am. Thankfully, it's only about 6 blocks away from my house, so I didn't have to drive. I had about 4 beers and 2 shots. Donnie had 6 beers and 4 shots. I was a bit tipsy, but Donnie was pretty gone. We talked about a lot of things during the night: his father, my father, growing up in town, where our lives wanted to go, etc...

Then we started talking about the missing persons's cases. He constantly mentioned about how the kids his father saved and the kids he's found seemed to be connected, but he couldn't figure out how, considering the cases were more than 20 years apart. But then he started talking about something else. Mind you, this was kinda drunken talk, so I'm typing it up as sober-sounding as possible.

Donnie: So, I had an interesting conversation yesterday with somebody.

Me: Really? With who?

Donnie: Remember how I told you some of the kids my father saved were mentally unstable and had to be committed?

Me: Yeah.

Donnie: Well, I went to go talk to one of them. Her name is Diana, and she was the first one my father saved.

Me: Is she really that bad, that she has to be locked up?

Donnie: 25 years, and her mentality has never changed. She's gone to several different hospitals, but none have been able to help her. They have her at Greystone now. Poor girl. Always drawing, writing, talking about the suited master.

Me: Wait, what do you mean drawing, writing, and "suited master?"

Donnie: Just like the kids from my father's day, and the cases I have handled, Diana continues to draw pictures of a tall man with no face and several arms. She writes with the drawings, things like "He's still coming" or "My Master Calls For Me." And she talks about her master, the man in the suit, the tall one, so many different names for him.

Me: Why were you talking to her anyway?

Donnie: The truth is, another kid went missing this past weekend. I went to his parents house, and they showed me drawings, they looked exactly like the ones from the kids my dad rescued. I wanted to question Diana because maybe she'd know if they are connected.

Me: Why not question the ones NOT locked up?

Donnie: They are trying to live normal, healthy lives. Why would I bring up that terrible past on them?

Me: Good point. So, you really think these cases are all connected?

Donnie: They have to be. I mean, despite the time between them, everything about them is extraordinarly similar. But how can one person do the exact same thing over the course of 30 years, not change location, not get caught? I just don't get it.

Me: Maybe the person is immortal? Hehehe, just kidding. Maybe it's a family of people, continuing with each generation.

Donnie: But how do you explain the no face on this person?

Me: That is a mystery. Perhaps Diana has more answers to this than she is giving you.

Donnie: That is a good possibility. You know, if you want, I can take you with me to see her. I would like to question her more about everything.

Me: Really? You can do that?

Donnie: Of course I can. I am the chief of police in town. We'll just say you're coming along as part of your "training" to become a cop. They'll believe me.

Me: Donnie, this is why you're the best of the best. You're always able to help people out.

I called Donnie about a half hour ago, and he confirmed with me that he remembered our conversation last night and that he can take me with him to speak to Diana. We are going early tomorrow morning, since we both work at night. Hopefully, I can get some more answers here.

-Lucien Drage
Member of the Isabel Initiative
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

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