Friday, February 4, 2011

A Touch of Bad News

So, things are going haywire all over the place. Ava and Reach ventured into the quarry. They got separated. Ava is scared. I'm scared we may lose her.

Milo from TribeTwelve posted his Thanksgiving footage. Oh my god. It's going crazy for him there.

Haven't heard from J of Marble Hornets in awhile. I hope he's somewhere safe.

Holly had a blog post that was in code, she doesn't remember posting it. We haven't been able to translate it.

Darby is...........well, Darby.

My girlfriend is still coughing, having dreams about the tall, faceless minister.

And now, apparently I'm coughing too. In my sleep.

I woke up yesterday, and my mom came up to me.

Mom: Are you getting sick again?
Me: No, I just finished getting over being sick from December.
Mom: Are you sure? I heard you coughing a lot while you were sleeping.
Me: -kinda surprised- Really? I would have woken up if I was coughing.
Mom: Well, it woke me up a few times. And it's not the first time either. You've always coughed a lot in your sleep, sick or not. Since you were in high school.

I got scared by that. I cough when I'm sick, and that's normally it. If I cough in my sleep, I wake up from it. But I've been coughing in my sleep since HS, and not remembered it? Thats a little scary. Especially since this past weekend.

Dream update, good and bad: I copied down more of the book in my dream. Summary = Whoever this Guardian is, he will be the one to unite people to take down what is called "The Threat" and his army. He has to be exposed to The Threat before being able to do so. This could reference becoming Hallowed and coming back. The next section talks about The Threat and his army. They are referenced as Agents that either willingly go with him or are seduced into his control. There is also the reference of those who know are more likely to be targets. That was the last I got. Then something else happened.

The other night, I went into my dream to try and get more. The door to the study was sealed shut. I broke the door in, and the study was destroyed. It looked like it had been in a fire. I searched frantically and found the book, but all the pages were completely burnt. The book is gone, so I dont know if I can get anymore information from it.

Oh god, while typing this, I'm almost in tears, worrying about Ava. I pray you are safe and come back to us. I don't need anybody dying on me. Not now.

Please Ava. Don't die.


  1. Hm.

    I wonder.

    Is it possible for a dream to be interfered with by an outside source?

    Seems like the case here. Otherwise I have no clue on why you would dream about the study burning in the first place.

    Not to mention you coughing in your sleep...since your girlfriend is suffering from the same conditions and dreaming about Slender Man, I might be as bold as to say he has something to do about this.

    Maybe he doesn't want you read the rest of this book?

  2. It is a possibility. Though I've not known of it happening before, I wouldn't doubt His abilities. As for the book, perhaps so. I can normally control my dreams, and I'd attempt to go back to find the book before it was burned, but I dont doubt that He would find a way to stop me.