Monday, February 28, 2011

Diana: Part 2

At this point, Diana and I are now in the social room, alone. She is strapped down to her chair for her safety and mine. Donnie is outside the room with the guard.

Me: So, here I am. Just me. Why do you want to talk to me alone?

Diana: You can drop the act now, Lucien.

Me: How did you know my first name?

Diana: I know a lot about you. I know that Drage isnt your last name. I know about Kay. I know about your little girlfriend. I know what you are trying to do. I know.......

Me: I get it. You know all about me. But how? Who are you working for? Slenderman, or Redlight?

Diana: Smart little boy. But that doesnt matter here. What matters is what you are doing: trying to discover the secrets behind Mr. Suit.

Me: That is right. I need to know everything you can tell me about him.

Diana: Well, first off, let me say this: you do NOT know what you are getting into here. You have already seen firsthand what happens when he is confronted. What makes you think that you can survive? What makes you any different from, say, Robert, or Zeke? What if you're destined to end up like Zero and Fizz?

Me: It doesn't matter what happens to me. My job is to try and protect others for as long as I can. Whether I end up like Zeke or Zero, it matters not.

Diana: And that's the kind of attitude that will get you killed, just like Zero.

Me: Then so be it. Now you had better start answering my questions.

Diana: Ok, fine. What can I tell you about Him that you don't already know? You read all those other blogs of the people who are fighting and running and saving others. You know who he goes after, you know what he looks like, you know about his army.

Me: In other words, you are still of no help to me.

Diana: Not quite. I can tell you more about that lake of yours.

Me: The lake? What about it? Why is it so important? Why were all of you missing persons found there, dead or alive?

Diana: Think about it. Why were lakes always important in the so-called "legends" and "folklore" of the past?

Me: They were often seen as seats of power for the mythological creatures. Guarded by fairies and other legendary beings and creatures.

Diana: Exactly.

Me: So what are you saying? Are you saying that He gains power from being by the lake?

Diana: I never said that. You don't listen. Such a simple-minded child.

Me: Then what are you saying, Diana?

Diana: The lakes were GUARDED. Did you ever think that maybe Mr. Suit was hiding something over at the lake?

Me: Hiding something? You mean there is something hidden in the lake that's important to Slenderman, or is it in the woods next to the lake?

Diana: Now that is something you need to discover for yourself. Afterall, if I tell you everything, that will ruin all of our fun.

Me: Is there anything else I should know right now?

Diana: Yes. That little boy, the current missing child. He will be found by the lake in one week. There is no need for him. He is too weak for our cause.

Me: Will he be alive?

Diana: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not going to tell.

Me: And I guess your master doesn't want you telling?

Diana: Of course not. Oh! And tell your cop friend that the only thing you got out of me was that the kidnapper is the same person, that the lake is the only real clue, and that if you two are not careful, you shall be in a lot of trouble.

Me: Let me guess: the trouble will be that we will both be killed by your master.

Diana: The cop? Maybe. You? No. As you have been told, there are big plans for you. Now leave. It is almost lunch time.

I leave the room, saying that we are finished. The guard goes in to get Diana, while Donnie and I leave. I explain to him what Diana told me, embellishing the details a little bit to satisfy his needs as a cop, but to protect him from knowing too much.

Once again, it seems to come to the lake. I obviously cannot go into the lake itself. So right now, the only logical decision is to go into the woods next to the lake. I've navigated them enough times, I will know how to get around and find my way back out. But when will I do this? Maybe I'll return this weekend, when Diana says that the boy will be found by the lake.

It also seems that whoever Diana's "Master" is, he knows a lot about me. He knows that I changed my last name, about my girlfriend. I won't be surprised if he knows..................well, that's for another night.

-Lucien Drage
Member of the Isabel Initiative
Fighter for the Cause
Survivor of The Threat
Defender of the Scared
Friend of the Free-willed
Brother to All

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