Sunday, February 13, 2011


I leave on the weekend as I always do, and this fucking happens?


My sister is fucking missing!

I normally call her Sunday mornings to see if anything has happened. Its how I keep in touch with the other Runners and Fighters when I am away on the weekend. But something was wrong this morning.

The phone went straight to voicemail.

That never happens.

I tried texting her.

No reply.
I got out of work at 7pm and rushed home. I immediately went onto the blogs to see what was going on. I read her last two posts. Something happened to her, I knew it. I ran out of the house and drove over to her place.

I got to her house at about 8pm. The front door was locked, so I ran to the side door.


I carefully looked inside, making sure there was nobody else around. I had my claw with me (I still never leave without it), and I had it in my hand. I carefully looked around, but I saw nothing.

And when I say nothing, I mean, NOTHING was out of place.

The place wasn't trashed. Nothing was thrown about.

The only thing I noticed that seemed a little odd was that the computer was on. No webpages or files or programs were open. Just the desktop.

No clues as to what may have happened or where she is.

I failed as her brother.

She is missing. I have no idea where she is, and I didn't protect her.

I am a terrible brother.

I failed..................


  1. We'll help in any way we can.

  2. I'm ok. Sorry I scared you sweetie, my phone died while I was gone. A lot happened, just give me a call ok?