Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diana, Part 1

So, it was indeed a long 3 days. Yesterday and today mostly because of work, 10 1/2 hour and 7 hour shifts respectively. Friday, however, was the noteworthy day.

Donnie took me out to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital around 10am on Friday. It is about an hour drive from our town. When we got there, Donnie told me just to follow his lead and not say anything unless i was asked something simple like "How are you today?" We went into what was almost like a small social room. We were told to stay there while they went to "retrieve the patient." It was about 15 minutes before they brought her in. Now, when I say they brought her in, it was almost like out of a movie. Three security guards escorted her into the room, and after they brought her in, they actually handcuffed her to her seat. They wanted to make sure she didn't attempt to attack Donnie or myself. The three guards left, but one stayed just outside the door, in case he was needed to take Diana out.

Diana, born on June 5, 1975. "Kidnapped" on January 27, 1981. Recovered on May 24, 1981, at the lake that I have referred to. Been in and out of psychiatric hospitals since she was 12. The following is the conversation between Donnie and Diana. I wrote it all down because I knew they would not allow video cameras in the hospital, and it would make things more suspicious for me, a "rookie cop," to be filming everything.

Donnie: Diana, I thank you for choosing to meet with me. This is Officer Drage, a junior cop here for some on the job training. I hope you don't mind.

Diana: I don't mind. I very rarely have company, the more the merrier I say.

Donnie: Well, I don't want to carry on with useless conversation. Let's get to business. Another child has gone missing.

Diana: Well, isn't that a terrible shame. How many is that now since my time? 20, 30?

Donnie: The number doesn't matter. What matters is we think this child is connected to your case.

Diana: And how is that?

Donnie: Apparently, this young boy was drawing and writing things very similar to you. (He takes out the drawings and lays them out on the table in front of Diana)

Diana: My, my, my. These are remarkable. This child should be an artist.

Donnie: Well, he's missing now. Notice the resemblance between these drawings and the ones you've drawn?

Diana: Not really. Mine look nothing like those. My artwork is terrible.

Donnie: You know what I mean. The man in these drawings. The man with multiple arms. The messages. He Found Me. He Sees Me. I Am His. Those are nearly identical to yours.

Diana: This is very true. But there are subtle differences between them.

Donnie: And what differences are those?

Diana: Well, his was written in blue pen. Mine were written and drawn in black.

Donnie: I had a feeling that you weren't gonna be helpful. I guess I assumed otherwise.

Diana: Oh, I can tell you about The Tall Man in the Suit.

Donnie: You can? The man who kidnapped you?

Diana: And all the others. But I have one request.

Donnie: And what would that be, to get you out of here?

Diana: No, of course not. I may be clinically insane, but I'm not crazy, you know.

Donnie: Then what is your request?

Diana: I wish to speak to Officer Drage there. Just him. I want you to leave the room and allow the two of us to speak, alone.

Donnie: Let me speak with him, see what he says.

We step out of the room at that point, and Donnie asks me if I'm willing to speak to her alone. I tell him, with nearly no hesitation, that I will do it. Afterall, if we can get information from her this way, we might as well do it. My only concern, however, is this: why does she want to speak to me, alone?

Part 2 coming tomorrow night.

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