Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I haven't posted since Sunday night, and there is a good reason.

I've been curling up in my room, hiding.

First off, my first confession.

The truth is, when I was first introduced to the world of Slenderman, I honestly thought it was kinda dumb. I made this blog as a joke, expecting to perhaps get a few trolls to entertain me. But then everything started happening: my dreams, my girlfriend having dreams, her coughing fits (which she still has), the notes on my car, the proxy attack, and most recently, an attack from You-Know-Who Himself. It became so real, and for the first time in my life, I can honestly and truly say I'm scared for myself. I was lucky to survive the attack, but what about next time? What if I have to deal with multiple proxies at once? What if Slenderman decides to use more tentacles next time in his attack on me? All of this makes me want to give up.

But this leads me to my second confession. I now have her permission to do this. I am revealing the identity of the person who introduced me to Slenderman in the first place. Her name is Kay. She has her own blog, titled A Wand and A Prayer.

She is my sister.

She didn't want to be revealed, mainly due to not wanting unnecessary attention brought upon her while preparing for her experiments. I granted her this, and waited until she would have been ready to interview with me for my blog. But this weekend, something went terribly wrong. She encountered Slenderman as well. He escaped while she conducted her experiment, but left a proxy in His place. Needless to say, she survived her encounter, but at a terrible cost to her body.

I went to visit her last night. I cannot even begin to describe her condition. I've seen her in bad shape before, but this was nothing short of painful to look at. I cried when I found out she was attacked, and cried again when I saw her. I immediately felt so useless. I know that I am the youngest of the three kids, I know that she is the oldest, but I am the only boy. I still feel it's my job to protect my sisters, and with this happening, I failed.

As scared as I am, as much of a fraidy cat I'm turning into, I cannot give up. I have to take care of my sister, even though she'll probably be looking out for me just as much. I take a look down at my arm and see the scar Slenderman left on me. It still burns a little bit, but it's healing. I look at it, and I realize something: I actually survived a direct encounter with him. Sure, it was by dumb luck, but I did survive. That has to count for something.

I'm lending Kay my cane-sword for now. She needs it more than I do. Both for walking, and for defense. I can manage without it. I have other weapons.

I spoke to Darby earlier. He asked me to give a message to his friends here. He promises that he will return to us. He isn't sure when, but he will come back. He needs to test something. Darby, if you read this, again, I wish you the best of luck.

@Storm, thank you for listening to me earlier. You surely are a great person. Remember, all of us are afraid at one point.
@Kay, take as long as you need with the cane. I'll survive.
@Sammie, take comfort in that you have friends that care about you, and we are here for you during anything you may endure.
@Anybody else who reads this, make sure to stay as safe as you can be. He is out there still. Never assume you are safe, because once you are complacent, it's easier for Him to get you. If any of you are interested in keeping in touch off the blog, please let me know how to in a comment. I want to be able to stay in touch outside the blog too.



  1. My knee will be better in no time hon. You'll probably get your cane back by the weekend. And just keep in mind that if anything is wrong with this situation is that i got you into this. Big sisters aren't supposed to get their little brothers stalked by cosmic horrors.


  2. It's alright. You're already doing good by being a good brother. Kay, if you're reading this you are one lucky person. :]

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't believe in his existence either, if it were not for the fact my friend never even heard of him before she saw him. And then seeing all of these people...

    I've checked out Kay's blog. Magic...as much as I don't believe in it, it's nice to see that there are things other than running and the Operator Symbol that will help ward him off. Too bad my friend's father wouldn't approve. Regardless, I will take your advice try to build up some foundations against him. Even though my friend will get angry, it's for her own good.

    If you have any advice, you can contact me at flowerbuddies@gmail.com

  3. @Rebecca Betcha a little while ago you didn't believe in a faceless tentacled horror either.