Sunday, January 30, 2011

As Promised, The Pictures

The Operator Symbol

Operator Symbol and Burn Scar

The Hilt of the Cane-Sword

The Cane-Sword, Unsheathed

The Claw

The Cover of the Book


  1. Goodness, that looks like it hurts. I'm glad you managed to fend that creature off before it could do too much damage.

    So that's the infamous "Claw"? Who would've thought that such a little thing could scare him off. :]

    The cover of the book is's not just any old book that's for sure. Did you know it was in your room this entire time?

  2. I still feel it burning in my skin. Yeah, I'm glad and lucky I could too.

    The claw, yeah. Something small and simple. I dont think it was the claw that scared him off. I believe it was the Operator symbol I carved into my skin that saved me. It was awkward doing so with it, but I had to do something. There are reports of the symbol either summoning Him or protecting one's self from Him. He was already there, so I hoped it would protect me from Him. Thankfully, it did.

    I did know I had it. It was a gift from my ex girlfriend almost 6 years ago. It took me a day before I realized the connection between the dream and the book, so I looked for it immediately. I may have to ask her about the symbol, and perhaps if she has any knowledge about The Guardian.

  3. just started reading this blog but that symbol almost looks like a Fleur-de-lis