Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dream Changed

I had the same dream again last night. I never have the same dream more than once, let alone three days in a row. However, something changed this time in the dream.

In the very last time that this woman tried to escape from us, I managed to reach up a hand and grab her, pulling her down to the ground. She didn't fight me, she just laid there. I turned her onto her back, kinda sat on her to keep her down on the ground. I looked at her and I just asked, "Who is it that's first? Who do I have to save first?" Her mouth opened, as if to reply to my question, but she didn't. She did something else completely different.

Her face began to rearrange itself. The eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, hair, everything about the head began to change, as if to become whoever it was I'm looking for. But before the transformation was complete, before I was able to recognize who she was becoming, she got pulled away from me by..........something. I turned around to see what pulled her away, but I woke up before I did.

Starting to get a little worried, but maybe I'm just overimagining things. I've always had strange dreams since I was a kid. Still, I'm keeping my tabs, like I promised I would.

Spending time with my girlfriend tonight, that should take my mind off of things.

Also, TribeTwelve posted a new video today. Noah contacted Milo's step-father. He recorded the phone conversation on camera. Maybe I'll do that with my first interview.

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