Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Dream

Well, not exactly a dream, per se. I was sleeping when it happened. But it wasn't a dream. It was a memory. It was me reliving that proxy attacking me last night. I woke up from the dream with my leg in throbbing pain. Damn him for hitting the spot where I was kicked. I'm limping again, moreso than after I actually was kicked. Thank you, cane-sword, for both being there to help me walk, and to help me defend myself.

The part of the dream/memory that kept replaying in my head throughout the day was when the proxy spoke to me. The only word I managed to understand of what he said was Slenderman. Everything else he said (which seemed like only a few words) was in another language. I am around people who speak different languages, so I can tell you what languages it definitely wasn't. It wasn't Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, or Greek. Obviously, that doesn't narrow it down all that much, because there are so many other languages out there. But it is a start. Yet, at the same time, the language seemed extremely familar to me. Deja vu, huh? If I have another encounter with a proxy, hopefully it will be an English speaking one so I can actually understand what he says. Of course, I don't want to encounter another proxy, at least not until I'm healed up.

So today, after work, I decided that, despite my limping and pain, I would begin my training with one of my weapons: the throwing knives. I only have three right now, but I plan on getting a bunch more (btw, the reason I do have the weapons I do, I was preparing myself for the zombie apocalypse, lol). I managed to get an archery target to set up in my backyard (I want to learn how to use the bow and arrow eventually), and today, my goal with the knives was to work on my accuracy. Well, first was to try and throw the knives so that way the blade stayed even and would actually pierce whatever it hit. It took me about an hour before I could throw the knives properly. I then began throwing them, trying to hit the center of the target, which I was unsuccessful today. I will try again tomorrow, either before or after work.

Here is the list of weapons I have, in the order in which I will be training with them.

Throwing Knives
Sword (katana, broad sword and cane-sword)
Mace (the traditional clerical mace, not the spray stuff)

Eventually, I will also get ahold of a spear, an axe, bow and arrows, and I will begin training my physical body as well once my injury heals up.

Well, I better go ice my leg, try to let it rest up. If any of you guys have other ideas for weapons I should train with, please, by all means, suggest them. However, there is one weapon I refuse to touch, and that's any sort of gun. I will never use them.

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