Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My New Theory

So, today I actually spoke to both Sammie and Storm off of the blogs. Good conversationalists, the two of them. It makes me feel better when I can connect with them not just on the blog. Especially Storm. I feel a very strong connection to her. It seems we've been through some similar things in the past, and I think that's what makes our connection stronger.

Anyway, in talking to Sammie, I proposed a theory to her, that I vaguely alluded to in a post a few days ago. She does believe it could be a possibility.

What if it's possible that not only people are being used as proxies, but animals as well? I began thinking about that after the horse stomped on my toes this past weekend. In a matter of three weeks, three different horses, ones that I never had problems with in the past, all attacked me in some way, with no justification for it. I didn't startle them, I kept my hand on them to let them know I was there. These attacks were simply unprovoked. What if Slenderman, who I have established already knows where I work, is able to take control of the horses, making them his proxies, and use them to attack me?

When you think about it, it kinda makes sense. If I get attacked and injured by a horse at my job, it basically gets written off as an animal attack. They can't exactly arrest the horse. Unless proven to be too much of a threat, nothing would happen to the horse. Whereas if a human proxy attacks me, if I can get him down, the cops can arrest him and send him to jail or something.

So if a horse can be used as a proxy, what other animals can be used?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?


  1. What kind of animal could he taint? I don't think they like being near him much... my dog starts barking frantically and bristling at nothing when shit starts up.

    ...It was nice talking to you too, Lucien. Again, thanks.

  2. @Storm: We don't usually react well to being near it either, but that doesn't stop it from hallowing us out.

    Lucien, that makes as much sense as anything else we're guessing at lately.