Sunday, January 9, 2011

Light Hearted

So, I was told that I should let people know about me, let people know the kind of guy I am before judging me and my reason for going after Slender Man.

Well, as I stated in my first post, my name is Lucien Drage. I am 25 and from a small town in New Jersey. I have two older siblings (yeah, i'm the baby of the family).

I work as a stablehand, taking care of horses. 22 of them. 11 Andelusians, 1 Friesan, and 10 regular quarter horses. I've always loved animals since I was young, and am glad that I can finally work with them.

I have some of the regular hobbies most people do: reading, watching tv/movies, hanging out with friends. I also like to sing and act, as well as attempt to write poetry and songs. No, I will not post my poetry here, it's just that terrible, lol.

I have a girlfriend. Together for 7 months now. She knows I have a blog, but I have not told her what it's about, nor will I give her the link. The less she knows, the better. I love her too much to drag her into this.

I do have one other hobby, not normal for most people, and that was, as I stated in my first post, researching the paranormal and supernatural. My old house was haunted, and me, my siblings and even my father knew it. My mother refused to believe it. My father and I had a nice view of a UFO one night coming home from fishing. My old job at a movie theater was haunted. My job in the stables is haunted too. Most of my family is sensitive to this stuff. Me and my siblings moreso than my parents. Heck, I've even gone exploring some of the famous spots found in the Weird NJ magazine. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to Slender Man immediately. I've always tried to explain things logically at first, but then when others can attest to the same things as me, at different times, I know I have to go above and beyond to find the truth.

And thats what I plan to do with this one.

I get my schedule for work later today. When I do, I can set up my first interview. Until then, my friends, be careful as we all work our way........

Into The Truth

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