Thursday, January 6, 2011

The First Sign

He is already following me.

He knows where I work.

I didn't exactly see him, but I saw what I think maybe considered my first sign of him.

To clarify, I work in a stable with 22 horses. I work with a bunch of other people who work in my area as well. I was stepping outside to go get the food for the horses, and I noticed something on the door. None of my other co-workers had used this door today.

I took the picture with my cell phone. Sadly, there is no flash on the phone, and the lighting near this door isn't that great. But once I used the auto-enhance feature on my computer to try and make it clearer, you can see what I saw.

Tell me that it doesn't look like a handprint. The door was black, and the mark on the door was white. The only way that mark was made by one of my coworkers would be if they had white paint on their hand. Even so, that looks like somebody simply placed their hand on the door, not sliding their hand down it. I'm not an expert, but most normal people do not have a hand that big.

He knows where I work, which is a start. I won't be surprised if he knows where I live.

I've contacted the person who told me all about Slender Man. We just need to work out a day for us to meet for the interview, due to our two very different work schedules.

I will keep everybody posted on anything strange I see or hear, as I continue to dive.........

Into The Truth

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