Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who Is Slender Man?

Well, I figure I would begin my investigation as to who or what the Slender Man is. I was introduced to the Slender Man mythos about a month ago by somebody close to me. She didn't tell me what it was, simply to look it up on Something Awful, as well as to look up Marble Hornets. Now, I understand that Slendy, as people have come to call him, was made up for the photoshop contest on Something Awful in 2009. He appears as an omen before something bad happens, usually a murder or a disappearance. But since the myth was created, many people have come out of the woodwork, telling that Slendy is more than a myth, that they have seen him, before 2009, before the photoshop contest.

My original thought, before I saw all these other stories, was related to something I once read about: The Philip Poltergeist. This was an experiment done awhile ago, to try and prove that poltergeists are man made, and by pure brain power and concentration, something can be made real. A group of people actually managed to manifest a poltergeist named Philip, using the information they fed to it. Others were witness to it. This proves how powerful the human mind can really be.

However, once i read the stories of people seeing Slendy before the photoshop contest tells me that's not the case. In fact, he has been spotted for hundreds of years.

So what do we know about him? He often appears as a very tall man, usually described as within the 6 to 7 foot range, maybe even taller. He is always seen wearing black formalwear of that time period (for our current era, a black suit). He has no hair, very long arms, and supposedly has no face. The arms can extend and become longer, becoming tentacle-like, and he can grow more tentacles. So far, from what I have read, the most he has had was 10, and the more he has, the more dangerous he is to the person seeing him.

As of now, we know that he cannot be stopped by conventional means. We also know that his targets are usually people who are very young (the mind of a youth is much more open than an adult, making them more susceptible to seeing something that isn't completely there), or people who are older but may have seen him/been stalked by him when they were young (he apparently doesn't like victims to get away). Thanks to the blog of a Mr. Zeke Strahm, I have learned a few more things: 1. Zeke repressed his memories of Slendy when he was a kid, and Slendy never bothered him again until he started reading about him during his cases. Therefore, if you push away what you know of Slender Man, make yourself forget all about it, it wont come after you. 2. And this isn't just from Zeke's blog, but from Marble Hornets, In My Head and others, the more you know about him, the more likely you are to become a victim/target of him.

That's exactly what I want.

I want to become the next target.

Everybody that's faced him have always been a little more closed-minded about him and other things similar to him. They have always denied the existance until they had no choice but to accept the truth.

I already know he's there. Whether he is really a monster, or just a person/group of people that enjoy mentally screwing with people's heads. he is there.

And I will find out the truth.

I'm going to start to gather a little more information on Slender Man. And I know exactly where to start my investigation. I have to start with the person who told me about the Slender Man to begin with. What was the reason for telling me about Slender Man? A few possibilities. 1. She is, as Conaghan was in Zeke's experience, a messenger for the Slender Man to get to me. 2. She knows that I like to explore into things like this, and figured this would be something I could do for fun. 3. She said that the story scared her, thought that it might scare me too. 4. She feels I may be the one who will finally figure out the truth.

Either way, I must start with her. See what she knows about Slender Man, besides the links online. I will attempt to get video of the interview with her as well, and if I do, the interview will be posted on youtube. When I do so, I will place the link to the video here. Until then, I take my leave of you and go off......

Into The Truth


  1. you want to become a target?

    how suicidal are you?

    let me see, I think I've heard of four or five people who willingly wanted this thing after them, guess how many have had happy endings?

  2. Not suicidal at all, my friend. In fact, I am very sane and happy with my life. I just feel that I may be able to help others out there, and if I don't allow myself to be targeted, then I can do nothing for those out there who are afraid.

  3. Will and Zero said the same thing. One of them's alive at least, so that's a 50% chance so far.

  4. Well, I thank you for your somewhat optimistic outlook. If you know of anybody looking for help, or you think they may be of assistance to my cause, please, send them my way.