Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little More

I had the dream again about the book. I walked into the study, saw myself sitting at the desk. He says to me "Back already? Want to give it another shot?" I say, "I need to, if I'm going to find out what this means." He moves and I take my seat at the desk. I take a look at the book again. The cover is different this time. The Operator symbol has disappeared. In it's place is now a triquetra. I look at myself and ask, "Did you change the cover of the book?" He responds, "If you see the new symbol, it means you are learning. Keep trying to read." I dont question him as to what it is I am learning, so I open the book and try to read again. The line "A Guardian must come forward" is still crystal clear, but now there is more to it. "A Guardian must come forward in times of need. He will not be alone. Others shall join him in his quest." After that, the rest of the writing is impossible to comprehend again.

In the past, I have had somewhat prophetic dreams, dreams I've been able to make sense out of, no matter how weird they are, but this time, I can't seem to make any sense of it. A part of me thinks it may be related to the Core Theory (thank you Sammie and Kay for providing me links to information on it), but another part of me says it's something completely different. Who knows what it means?

I've spoken to the one who first told me about Slenderman. Due to all of this snow, it's nearly impossible for us to meet right now. Hopefully, we'll be able to set something up soon. I hate having to put off the interview because of snow, work, or other things.

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