Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Strikes Again

Well, he found me, again. I decided I would start taking my camera with me everywhere I go, in case I find another note, or I discover something else, or if I end up dealing with a proxy or Slendy himself. I am glad I did. I found another note on my car tonight, this time I was getting out of work when I found it.

And again, here are the pictures to make it a little clearer.

Whether it was Slenderman himself, or one of his proxies, the fact that it says "AGAIN" states that whoever put the note on my car tonight, was the same person as last night. As I said in my video, I was at work, and there were a lot of customers and employees there, so there is no way for me to determine who put the note on my car (there are security cameras, but none that face where my car was parked).

Since I am posting this, it obviously means I didn't deal with any proxies.

In other news, my girlfriend's condition. She went back to the hospital, because of more pain similar to the pain on Tuesday night. Instead of an infection, now the doctors are saying it's simply a virus. Some help they are. Don't even know what's wrong with her. And they still can't determine why she is coughing so much.

I'm keeping a close eye on her as I continue to look into who is putting notes on my car.


  1. Just so you know, it's more than likely a proxy. According to most, Slender Man can't write.

  2. It's true, he can't. Personal experience.