Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And It Gets Weirder

Before I go into the weirdness, some good news.

It's snowing here.

I know, most of you would say its not good. But it is for me, for one reason. Yes, I'm still injured, and I'm the only person home to do the shoveling today. However, with trying to walk on the leg without the cane, and being in the cold snow, I'm combining physical therapy and regular muscle healing. Perhaps this will help me speed up the healing process, and get to some real training.

Now, the weirdness.

I told Storm about this, and now the rest of you will know. I had another dream last night. This one has to be one of the strangest ones yet. After I'm done, you can judge for yourself.

In the dream, I was watching myself. Like, I was me, but i was watching me. The me I was watching, he was sitting at a desk in what appeared to be like a giant study/library. One of those you'd imagine in a rich person's house (kinda makes me think that maybe this was the mansion I was in during my first dream I posted about). He was writing something. When he was done, he closed the book he was writing in, turned around and saw me. He looked at me and simply said, "I think you should take a look at this." So I go to sit in the seat he was in, and I look at the book. The cover is simply black, but in white paint or something, was the operator symbol. I didn't want to look in the book at this point, but I felt like i needed to, so I opened the book to the first page. I could see the writing, it was clear as day and in english, yet for some reason i could not read or comprehend it. I turn around to myself and ask "what does it mean?" he replies to me, "if you can't read it yet, it means you're not ready." I look back at the book one more time, and only one sentence is clear to me. "A Guardian must come forward."

After explaining this to Storm, she informed me about Robert Sage and The Core Theory, saying that the title of Guardian may be one of the roles to be taken on during the fight against Slenderman. Unfortunately, most of his blog (which I am now subscribed to) was deleted by redlight. And apparently, he had his memory wiped/stolen, so I dont think I can really ask him about the Core Theory. So, I ask, if any of you out there can explain in greater detail about the Core Theory, I would appreciate it.


  1. There are some posts saved. I'll get you the link and IM it to you?