Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And so, It Begins

My name? Lucien.

Age? 25.

Location? New Jersey.

My job?

I do my own research into the paranormal and supernatural. More importantly, into the events that have happened to myself, or those close to me.

There are many things out there in this world that we cannot explain by science and logic alone. Sometimes we have to go to the illogical, the mystical, to get the answers we seek. Sometimes, these answers are not meant for us to know. Sometimes, we don't even want to know the answers. But deep down in our hearts, we have a yearning for the truth. And that is why I am here: to find the truth.

And what truth is it that I aim to find now?

I am not the first to begin my investigation on this story, I will definitely not be the last. But I hope that I can find answers for those of you out there who wish to know the truth.

My investigation, for those of you who are still with me, is to find out the truth about a particular person/monster/unidentified thing. It has been talked about for over a year now, and yet, we are still unsure of what we are dealing with, despite many investigations.

I am talking about.........

The Slender Man.

Join me, if you will. Join me as I begin my local investigation into the Slender Man myth, to see if I can find out what exactly it is, to let the world know the truth.

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